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Minimal Social Network System

Share your success story with Nutrition App and make it established.

Minimal Social Network System

This particular feature will help the app to get well-established amongst the user community by making complete use of the social media platform and also plays a vital role amongst the users (patients) in helping them to share their achievements and experience with their contacts and friends circle.
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Daily Achievements

Once the user have accomplished all their assigned tasks related to their workout plans and dietary plans they will receive a congratulation message from the application, the user can share this concerned message with their friends community and the details regarding the tasks they have achieved in following their tailor-made work-out session and diet plans. Get a best in class Fitness App to monitor daily health progress of your patients.

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Goal Achievements

It is a long-term plan scheduled individually for all the patients according to their health condition and medication (if taken) that they need to burn out certain amount of calories and continuously follow the prescribed diet to successfully till their scheduled time limit gets completed (either 3 months or 6 months or 1 year) that varies according to individual. Post completing the goal successfully the patient can share their accomplishment in their social network tagging the achievements made all these days.

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Share the Achievements

Here the user or patient can share their achievements with their peer user or their friends community using the social media sharing option. Let it be a minor or huge accomplishment the user has the license to share it in the social media platform through the mobile app interface. We are the most promising Nutrition Android App Development Company who deliver on-time application that helps healthcare organizations to deliver uninterrupted services.

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Commenting System

Similar to the in-built mobile app commenting system, we have also integrated the feature of social media commenting system in the nutrition app we deliver that opens the gate for any social media user who is a mutual friend with the patient can go for a comment. This helps as a boosting factor for the patient and encourages them to take further more active participation.

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Earning likes is a favourite trigger for anyone to involve in their committed activity as dense as possible and we make sure that the patients using our nutrition app will get as much as likes from their friends circle in social media.

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Share your story

A dedicated space for the patients to speak their heart out regarding their experience in using the nutrition app, it is a virtual word of mouth marketing for the mobile application that helps to acquire more number of user base.

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The user is also provided with an additional feature of social media notification where now they can avail notification even from their social media account whenever they have got logged in and it creates an opportunity to not miss out any session.

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Ranking System

Sharing the ranking system created based on points gathered (points are given based on work accomplishment efficiency) in their regular task on social media helps them to get productive suggestion and valid feedbacks to perform even better in their upcoming schedules for the patients.

Offline Mode

Most of the database belongs to the nutrition app we developed will get stored in the cloud and the remaining important data will be stored within the app (like patient info,medical history etc.) this helps the patient especially to access the app even in the offline mode and practice their workout sessions and utilize other functionalities seamlessly. We deliver impressive Fitness Mobile Application that helps you to monitor your patient’s activities anytime with the help of wearable integration.