Medical Coding Solutions

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Medical Coding Solutions

Enterprise medical image

Being a profound medical coding service provider, we extended our technical wing to the maximum by embedding image processing technique on boards, in enterprise medical image solutions we implement the image processing method that helps healthcare institutions to take a step ahead with patient treating and improve with their overall work efficiency. With the help of image processing experts, we achieve this for our clients.

Payment related solutions

Dealing with legalities has always been a major constraint for patients, doctors and also for insurers at a certain point, our technology enhancement comes into the act here, where it performs the role of catalyst in helping out the insurer to streamline the legal process in synchronization with the concerned hospital and the patient as well. By outsourcing medical coding solution now the insurer and healthcare providers can get relaxed since we handle the critical part of payment delivery and make sure it happens on time every month without fail from the patients’ side. We take the sheer responsibility in making the payment process smooth and flexible for all the stake players involved.

Patient management

Customer satisfaction is the core reason behind the success of any business; health insurance is no exception in this case, where the ultimate goal of providing personalized, required and best service needs to be met at any cost. By implementing advanced medical coding system we transform the interactive part more successful in communicating with every single patient and providing them with exclusive service.

Value-based Payments

Customer experience and engagement has changed a lot in this decade, and especially people are looking out for some personnel touch in all the service and solution-based models. With the advent of high-end technologies like AI and machine learning, it is practically possible to provide a perfect value-based service in terms of healthcare insurance, so we make the insurers and healthcare professionals ready to adapt to value-based service say something like suggesting the right insurance scheme according to the treatment. Our advanced AI driven medical coding solution ensures that both the insurers and healthcare providers deliver value-based payment services that installs a confidence in the minds of patients that they are in the safe hands and their spending is worth the money.

Medical network

We perform perfect matchmaking by deploying our medical network solutions, here we connect like-minded insurers and healthcare providers to team up together and provide the best healthcare solutions to the patients, just by enrolling into our medical network solutions both payers and treaters will find similar matching professional profiles to work with, hence reducing the overall spending costs and bring in togetherness with efficiency improvement.

Communication oriented payment solutions

Today's patients don't just look out for timely intimation or reminder for their policies, they always search something extra and special and that is where our communication-oriented payment solution works. By integrating our communication-oriented payment solution payers can adapt to the current trends of handling end customers and come up with attractive approaches like customized policies. Bringing in uniqueness in all the sub-services of our custom medical coding solutions is our niche and one can find its sheer existence in the communication based payment solution of our medical coding service, were we deploy the highly interactive communication platform that encourages patients to take active participation.

Clinical decision making

Our clinical decision making brings in three different stakeholders into the act one is the insurance provider, the healthcare institute and the government as well. We used to create a trio-centric platform that makes all three players interact and decide at a single discussion hub in providing improved treatment every day. The role of government is minimal though but vital, for example, the government representatives might get involved in discussion something similar to the current pandemic situation to process the regulatory norms, assist healthcare professionals with equipment and vaccination and also support insurers with easing up their norms and making required changes in their schemes. Our speculative and custom medical coding solutions help healthcare institutes to make vital decisions in treating patients on a given complex situation. Clinical decision making is highly crucial despite the scenario and hence we make thorough ground work before coming up with a customized solution for the persisting situation.

Care Operations

A dedicated solution for the healthcare institutes and service providers by deploying our care operations solution now the healthcare institutes can predict the patient demand, do treatment forecasting and other predictive approaches to provide an enhanced treatment to the patients. Now hospitals can be prepared for an emergency and face it with confidence since they hold the predictive report which makes them ready to face the situation. Being an end-end solution, it tracks the patients' health and keeps notifies the same with the concerned healthcare expert to provide advanced treating service. By placing patient care upfront our AI driven custom medical coding solutions comes into the play were now the healthcare service providers can predict the emergency situation of their patients on an individual basis by continuously tracking their lifestyle and medication practices. Hence making the treatment providers completely fit to cater desired treatment at any time without chaos.

Value-based care enablement

We are the best medical coding service provider who comes up with a diversified range of solutions that can facilitate all the needs of insurance provider, healthcare provider, and also the patients. Being the successor of value-based payment solutions our value-based care services is an extensive approach that makes both the payers and the treatment providers to embed care in handling the patients. Our value-based care solution enhances the scope of strengthening the bond between the payer, healthcare provider and the patient trio and paves the way to reduced reimbursement related spending and increased revenue as well.

Risk adjustment analytics

We have depicted earlier about our excellence in providing risk-based management service that helps both the insurer and the healthcare service provider by intimating the forthcoming setback and prepare accordingly either in terms of scheme related issues or patient handling or any other legal disputes, as an extension our risk analytical adjustment solution will help the key players to get through the risk management process successfully by reshaping or converting certain principles and organizational schemes to serve better and create a long-lasting relationship with their stakeholders. By adhering our medical coding software development service the healthcare arena not just avoids the unnecessary transcription activity of code creation instead it also attain deep insights on forth coming risks and we suggest better plans to even adjust according to the situations by making changes in principles.

Dental network solutions

A dedicated system that digitizes and efficiently operates dental care service enabling premium stakeholders (insurers, health care service providers and patients) to interact, collaborate and get done with their job easily. Ahead of digitization the dental network solution we deliver is a completely automated process that avoids manual input and makes the workability of medical expert and payers much easy. Ranging from submitting the insurance form, selecting the suitable scheme, to adhering with insurer and healthcare provider, collaboration of healthcare provider and insurer and until claiming reimbursement all the operability is taken care under this network. Our exclusivity with dental coding solutions exhibits at its best by helping medical practitioners to easily adapt with the system and collaborate with insurance providers to deliver better treatment service to the patients. Our enhanced medical coding software development offers end-end service that includes finding the right stakeholder to minimizing their external workability and helping them to focus only on core operations.

Provider network optimization

Medical costs get structured in a different zone, and the health plans get structured in a different zone, both these players must work together to come up with a suitable plan and insurance scheme that caters maximum benefit to the patients. We bring the required amount of transparency that helps insurers to study and analyze the way healthcare arena works and estimates the treating cost and similarly provide enough room to a healthcare service provider to know about the practices involved in schemes framing by the payers. Hence it allows coming up with a best-treating solution for patients.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Helping out all the patients with suitable insurance is the primary goal of our eligibility and enrollment solution of medical coding, we make the assessment part of enrolled patients much easier for the healthcare as well as for the payers to come up with the best matching insurance scheme that is highly affordable according to patients' financial status and also synchronizes with their medical condition. On the other hand, our automated system makes the enrollment process much simpler and quicker for patients to carry on with their treating process. Ensuring the eligibility of the patients and enrolling them under the right scheme is a tedious task for insurer and hence the healthcare providers get delayed with their payment as well at some point. Outsourcing medical coding software development service to us will help the key service providers to allocate suitable medical insurance scheme according to the feasibility of the patient that also considers their diseases or illness here.

Healthcare Consulting

Achieving supremacy in delivering high-quality service in the healthcare industry is a huge challenge kept in front of the concerned medical expert teams and insurers as well, constantly innovating with high-end technologies, updating the regulatory norms and coordinating with the insurance providers and handling schemes is a tough job for any healthcare service provider and on the other hand, insurers are still facing difficulties in understanding the operability of healthcare industry and added with the complexity of handling insures’ as well. Hence our healthcare consulting solution comes to rescue where we ease down the process and help both insurers and healthcare institutes to know well about their peers. We deliver the best medical coding solutions that help both the insurers and the healthcare service providers to know each other better in terms of their working procedure, their norms, their principles and other related stuffs that help in providing enhanced treatment to the patients.

Clinical review

Healthcare providers don't have enough time and resource to convert all their patients' information to medical code and at the same time the insurers even if got equipped with proper medical coding team still needs the assistance of the physician to convert data into medical coding, hence there always exist a gap that might cause serious issues like loss of term plans, and submitting timely reimbursement as well. To overcome this issue we have designed the clinical review solutions that help to convert patients' data into medical coding easily.

Provider payment management

Making the payment process easy and feasible for all the involved stake players is our primary motto, hence our complete medical coding service is not bounded with relaxing the complexities it also focuses on easing up the payment process as well. We target on bringing up all the possible payments options and processing methods to streamline the entire healthcare service and assist the primary service providers in generating more revenue. Now the healthcare service providers can focus only on treating patients, and the insurers can focus on business development.

Pharmacy benefits and TPA

Pharmacy benefits are the uncovered part of medical coding service and we being a proficient medical coding service provider excels than our competitors by exhibiting excellence in our pharmacy benefit related services. Dedicatedly created for self-employed healthcare experts, the pharmacy benefits system provided by us keep tracking every single patient regarding their medicinal usage and ensures they are on the right path, proper follow up of prescribed medication will not just cure the disease on time, but also helps the insurer to close the process in time.