Medical Coding Services

Enhanced end-end medical coding services
for healthcare institutes

Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding

Medical coding gets done at its best here we deploy the best medical coding team and the high medical coding standards that completely synchronizes with the healthcare world and ease up the job of medical practitioners to the maximum. We understand the conditions of the healthcare team we serve and hence deliver the required end-end medical coding service on demand. We provide the best medical billing software, that helps premium healthcare institutes and also individual healthcare professionals in adopting to global standards and convert the method of treating much easier.

Revenue Cycle Management

Millions of unresolved cases and billions of stagnated non acquired amounts do exist in the healthcare insurance market worldwide due to the impractical and unstructured approach in medical billing. Our medical billing team works parallelly with the insurance provider, the patient, and the medical expert as well to seamlessly process the billed amount and uplift the entire operations of revenue cycle management. We have well trained medical coding experts who possess profound expertise in creating standard medical codes that properly adhere with clinical standards and contribute to the upliftment of revenue cycle of healthcare centers and payers as well.

Demo and Charges

It is highly essential to provide the basic and other demographic details from the patient's side, any minor error in terms of authentication would result in delay or stoppage in payment of the insurance claim, we ensure that no patient would suffer that setback and hence take the responsibility of feeding in the entry charges and demographic details as a part of our revenue cycle management service in medical coding. By adopting our medical billing software services now healthcare institutes and insurers can precisely focus on their patient treating capability and business development activities respectively where we are here to focus on acquiring patient details with complete accuracy.

Insurance Verification

There are certain criteria to be met to avail the insurance that is mandatory according to the norms of the insurance provider, and at the same time, the concerned patient who avails the insurance scheme must have complete knowledge about it. Being a liaison, we bring in perfect equilibrium between the two players (insurer and insure) and ensure the eligibility criteria are and the patient possesses enough knowledge on the scheme.

Accounts Handling

Account pending or stagnated accounts will be the ruled out term here since our team knew very well about the past chaos happened due to the mismanagement of accounts and the sufferings of the clients who have not received their clearances. Our seamless account management system of medical coding ensures that there are zero claims left in the bank of the insurer and the patients receive them on time every time. We deliver the best end-end medical billing software that also comprises of account handling system were the entire payees account are manages properly hence there will be no left outs in terms of payments or reimbursement of insurance.

Posting received cash

Denial or absence of the concerned payment receiver (patient) gets immediately funded back to the insurer by our intelligent medical coding system, continuous monitoring of patient's activity and presence take place with our account management software that immediately intimates the concerned hospital and the insurer on the patient's demise in mid.

Enrollment Activities

Are you a renowned physician and you got stuck with your busy schedules and not having time to enroll with insurers? no worries, our credential enrollment process of medical coding takes complete care of your certifications, and other relevant document submissions and the entire processing activities, right from day one of enrollment until the entire credentials get submitted we provide complete assistance and make sure you got attached as an approved medical practitioner with the insurer. Being a renowned medical coding software service providing company, we help individual physicians and healthcare institutes to adhere the enrollment process with ease. By following our assistance now the healthcare space can get easily enrolled with the insurers that avails a perfect package of healthcare treatment to the patients.

Old AR Recovery

Every claim would get closed one day, and a big insurer would not remember all of those, and on the other hand, the payees might also avoid or ignore their schemes getting ended which result in a loss on both the sides. To improve the client engagement and generate higher revenue for the insurer our dedicated old AR recovery system gets deployed into the process and sends timely reminder in closing the schemes and also notifies the payees to collect their claims. Being the fine insurance assistor we are proud to be an advanced medical coding software provider, were our assistance get extend to an increased feet of continuously tracking every single insurance policies and sending timely reminders to the insurer regarding its closure.

Data Conversion

Are you facing the technical difficulty of losing your precious client data due to routine system maintenance activities? We can handle this issue our enhanced data recovery support does a proactive job in speedy retrieval of stored in data and transmits it immediately to the active system to carryout seamless operation. Handling data with care and resolving its hidden complexity is not a new job for us; with profound experience of data handling our medical coding software deliver high excellence in the process of data conversion.

Chart Audits and Code Reviews

Auditing the accounting charts and reviewing the medical codes generated at frequent intervals is necessary to carry out the entire process in a friction freeway, our seamless medical coding service takes care of all your auditing files, charts and accounts to make sure credits and debits get tallied and on the other hand, we also get involved in quality check and assurance of our self-generated medical coding to ensure the transcription takes place with 100% accuracy. Our best medical coding software services include chart auditing and code reviewing service that helps to reduce the workforce burden of both the insurer and the healthcare expert. We are well versed with the importance of analyzing the audits and codes that get generated in the activity of treating patient and hence we maintain par accuracy.

Onshore and offshore coding audits

We are an end-end medical coding service provider that encompasses both the onshore and offshore coding support, our medical coding and its related services are open for both onshore and offshore players and our team got well equipped with the talent of accustoming to the conditions of our clients. We deliver dedicated and customized medical coding services that perfectly suit the healthcare surroundings of our enrolled client.

HCC Medical coding

We are not just a medical coding and billing company, instead, we deploy some advanced techniques to deliver the best and unique service to the global healthcare arena that projects us as a pioneer and unique service provider. We deploy the concept of financial risk analysis and estimation to predict the future healthcare cost that could disrupt the insurance claims and its settlement either way. By adhering our best medical coding software services, the healthcare institutes and insurance providers can now able to forecast the spending over patients and the treating cost as well, this idea provides even a rough insight to patients in allocating their funds.

Hospital Coding

We can also provide a dedicated team of medical coding experts to clinics and multi-specialty hospitals depending on their need, we do analyze the system on which the hospital operates and go out with suggestions for our clients who run hospitals in creating the medical coding team in the best way possible. We also enhance their hospital management system by providing various advanced healthcare solutions that drive their growth.

HCPCS Coding

Insurers might get delayed with processing the payments to their clients due to various internal reasons like organizational issues, resource shortage and external reasons like regulatory compliance issues and also economic drifts of the nation, despite the situation we ensure the client receives their claims on time with the help of our HCPCS system, the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System got deployed to process the pending and pipelined payment without delay to the concerned user. Adopting our best medical coding software service will cater a friction less operating relationship between the insurer, healthcare provider and the patient trio by processing the payments and other reimbursement related stuff that got stuck in the pipeline.

Payer Specific Coding

We are known for our medical coding practice according to the industrial and global standards, but few insurance providers follow typical procedures to create the medical coding according to their organizational concept, being a flexible medical coding service provider we do adapt to the conditions and deliver the required coding structure as per our insurer clients’ standards. Our flexibility do exhibit in the way we provide our medical coding solution, by thoroughly studying the working functionality of both the involved insurer and treatment provider we can deliver required payer specific medical coding that coordinates with their operations.