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iStudio Technologies started a dedicated development wing for life sciences. We are concentrating on Computational biology systems which will solve the issues in drug discovery, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, immunology, data mining and bioinformatics infrastructure. We are having 10 years experience in development and doing research in latest web development technologies. Due to the evolution of latest hyper breed technologies many industry verticals exploded to great highs. When compared to other verticals life sciences are not exploded by IT solutions that much. Most of the IT solutions for bio informatics is basically data mining or IT infrastructure or custom software’s. We help bioinformatics startup companies to develop their unique product. We support educational institutions, research organization and universities for IT infrastructure, Custom application development etc. We provide you the best bio science development company in Chennai.

How we help Bio Science ?

Normally life science applications are developed in traditional technologies like java, .net etc., We develop applications using special frameworks like MEAN stack etc, where you can have unlimited possibilities, applications can be developed in a short duration, maintenance will be less when compared to traditional tech stack, IT infrastructure cost gets reduced. The new technologies are completely scalable and highly interoperable so, that the data can be exchanged between two different types of applications. We are top bio science development company in Chennai.


Developing custom web and mobile applications for life sciences by leveraging latest technologies which is highly scalable and interoperable
Developing smart solutions that will require a minimum IT infrastructure so, that more inventions will happen in Life Sciences. We provide you the best bio science developer in Chennai, India.


  • Genome annotation
  • Phylogenomics
  • Comparative genomics
  • Population genomics
  • Genome variant analysis
  • Genome editing
  • DNA structure analysis


  • DNA methylation
  • Histone modifications
  • Nucleosome positioning
  • Genome structure
  • Chromatin-state detection and characterization
  • DNA modification databases
  • Epigenome analysis
  • DNA methylation deconvolution
  • Imprinted gene data


  • Gene expression analysis
  • RNA modification analysis
  • RNA interference
  • Non-coding RNA analysis
  • RNA structure analysis


  • Protein sequence analysis
  • Protein comparison analysis
  • Protein structure analysis
  • PTM analysis


  • Metabolite enrichment analysis
  • Transcriptomic and metabolic data integration
  • Glycomics
  • Metabolite libraries
  • Spectral libraries

why istudio

We, at iStudio Technologies, have a professional as well as diligent approach towards all projects that come our way, big or small. Our developers and designers are well-versed in how custom web designing works and strive to ensure deadline-oriented, top quality results. We also provide comprehensive web solutions and help clients in widening their audience. Our developers pay close attention to the requirements and expectations of the clients and ensure that the final result is desirable to them. It is our collective industry experience and field knowledge that has made us a force to reckon with in the world of Bio Science development. We provide you to top Bio Science development service in Chennai, India









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Biological pathway analysis

  • Differential network
  • Gene network data
  • Metabolic pathways
  • Gene network interface
  • Protein-protein interaction data
  • Metabolic network data analysis
  • Gene regulatory network inference
  • Host pathogen interaction data
  • Signaling pathways​
  • Phosphorylation network data
  • Kinase-substrate relationship inference
  • Protein complex prediction
  • De novo network enrichment
  • Isoform-level network modeling
  • Cell cycle

Genotype-phenotype analysis

  • GWAS analysis
  • Linkage analysis
  • QTL mapping
  • eQTL mapping
  • Phenomics


  • Constraint based methods
  • 13c-fluxomics

Are You Looking For Bio Science development Service In Chennai ?

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