DNN web development

DotNetNuke Development

iStudio Technologies Chennai has been into DotNetNuke development ever since our very inception in 2008. Over the past 6 years, we have been doing consulting work in this sphere and have practically touched every corner of it. Some of the stuff that we have worked on consists of wireframes, sites, site-maps, etc, to name some. Besides, we also have a very experienced development team, which has designed and implanted all kinds of DotNetNuke themes and skins, thus proving our creative front on the subject.

Why choose DotNetNuke with iStudio Technologies Chennai?

To say, iStudio Technologies Chennai has always been about business and meeting customer satisfaction. This has always been our core concept and goal when serving our clients.

Besides, on the technical front, we have some of the best developers in DotNetNuke in Chennai. We have been in the field for a very long time and have built and supported a large number of DotNetNuke websites for our rich client base. Not only do we go about creating new DNN sites, but also, we carry out maintenance and upgrading work for clients as well.

What do we do?


No one successfully builds a DotNetNuke website overnight! It has to be perfected along every inch of the way. This is practically what we have been doing at iStudio Technologies over the last many years.

Our development team has worked on building sites on DotNetNuke for some big name industry players, as well as small sized businesses. We know how to build a great website that brings in more traffic that generates leads and converts to sales. Also, maintaining sites is a non-issue with us. Therefore, no matter what the job is, with iStudio Technologies, it is about putting our best foot forward and getting it close to perfection!

Development and Maintenance

iStudio Technologies Chennai isn’t just about websites, but also any kind of DotNetNuke development. We have a lot of experience in just about developing any kind of modules. While there are commonly available modules in the market, such as photo galleries, e-commerce platforms, blog systems, etc. it is certain that most businesses require custom module in DotNetNuke, built entirely to suit the type. Therefore, we are totally capable of building any customized DotNetNuke modules to suit your demands!

Another very important factor that iStudio Technologies will always do is regular maintenance and updates. We largely believe that your website and modules should always continue to get better with time. This is basically why it is very important to implement newer design trends and features into your website. Besides this, security is also something that we are equally concerned about, and always look to incorporate it into our DotNetNuke development schemes. Similarly, regular updates also help to a great extent in this sphere.

For any kind of DotNetNuke development work in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is easily the best bet for you. Our expert developers are always right on to the task and we meet all set deadlines as well. For any of your DotNetNuke development work, get in touch with us right away!