E-facility Management

Perfect Venue Management System

E-facility Management

Scheduling meetings, discussions and client visits have always been chaos for organizations due to the lack of pre-planning, by implementing our intelligent e-facility management software, now organizations can focus on their business development where the intelligent system we have deployed takes care of all the planned and unplanned meeting schedules.
Now you can pre-plan all your meetings and appointments seamlessly with the help of our advanced e-facility management system.

Striking Features of Meeting Hall Booking System

Easily Manage Meetings

Scheduling appointments and meetings are no more a tedious task, and it doesn't require any human involvement anymore with the advent of our e-facility management system the conference and meeting halls get booked based on appointments, and even the unplanned client visit get tackled with proper allocation made by the software.

Saved in your e-calendar

Our advanced e-facility management software retrieves your schedules and fixes proper appointment by notifying in your calendar. Now you don't want to remember all the meeting schedules, and all you need to do is to prepare for the presentation.


The software we have developed is a complete mobile app format that works well with your handy device, now you can fix, and schedule the meetings on the go, that also includes the unplanned meetings and client visits.

No Waiting Time

You don't want your visitors or your clients get irritated because of the space mismanagement, put an end now to the manual allocation system that happens last minute and embrace the highly beneficial facility management system that plans, executes and schedules systematically.

Better Communication

The meeting hall booking system we provide is an end-end integrative solution that ensures frictionless communication between the adopter and the client or visitor making a win-win environment of the whole.

Know Insights

Deployment of our venue management system helps the user to know the unknown about their premises it will keep you shell shocked and nullifies all your routine tasks related to visitor handling, appointment fixing and arranging meeting logistics.

End-End Features Explained

Easy Meeting Management

Book on your comfort

Based on the availability one can get allocated with the room in three different ways, where they can directly book a room, or send an initial request to get allocated for a specific room or just initiating the request to get allocated in any room.

Know Everything

The venue management system we provide gives complete information about the scheduled meetings like the exact space in your premises, date and time, participating members and agenda.

Unplanned Meeting

It doesn't matter if you got scheduled with the unplanned meetings or client visits to your working premises, our efficacious e-facility software helps with handling immediate schedules with ease with its intelligent system that makes it operates.

Time isn’t a constrain

Time is certainly not a constraint for an advanced system like e-facility software the one developed by iStudio Technologies, it is not just a scheduler instead, it is a proper timekeeper that manages two or more different operating business times of the world and schedules the perfect virtual meeting.

Client Handling

Seamless client handling assured with our venue management software that displays the complete information and schedules of the allied client in a separate dashboard to bring in the high range of clarity to the user.

Calendar Settings

Find your space

Our venue management software does the perfect navigation process that helps the user to find the best space in the premise to schedule their meeting or conference.

Time Slots

Have a look at the scheduled in-house and virtual meetings for the day, week or even the upcoming month which got perfectly slotted without any flaw in the calendar.


Our e-facility management system enables to do multi booking process that includes scheduling a meeting or multiple meetings at a time, setting reminders, including participants, creating virtual meetings and also synchronizing them with the digital calendar.

Change in Plan

If in case, the meeting gets postponed or cancelled, or space which is about get occupied taken by another team, then our automated venue management software immediately allocates a separate room or informs about the postponement and update the same in the calendar.

Exchange Room

Exchanging the rooms between two different teams also enabled in our e-facility management system, where one can conduct an intra-team meeting if the client collaboration gets postponed and the requirement for space might get varied, in that time there is a possibility to exchange the allotted space to carry out the desired schedule successfully.


Search your Room

Have you forgotten to book your space but still on the way for a meeting with the client, no issues, you can book the room on the go by using the mobile app feature of our e-facility management system.

Complete Information

Get to know the complete information about the allocated space for your conference or meeting in your handy device, conference scheduling software we deliver gets highly synchronized with the mobile app and delivers complete information in a structured way.

Modification Extended

Do you wish to start your meeting or conference in your flexible time, looking to extend the meeting schedule and cancel it at the last minute? No worries with the help of our mobile app for venue management system now you can do these operations anywhere and anytime.


We have developed a proactive e-facility management system that finds opportunities to serve better by implementing several features, and the navigator option is one amongst them, it helps the debutant of your team to reach out the meeting spot without the assistance of their peers using the in-built navigation system present in the app.

Extended- Features

Manage Visitors

No one needs their visitor to get waited or frustrated in the waiting hall to attend the meeting, now become a proactive planner and executor by being the favorite of your visitor or client by implementing our e-facility mobile app into your business.

Add visitors

Our intelligent venue management software narrow downs your frequent visitors and renowned clients and add them into your meeting list to ease down the scheduling process, now you can send a letter of notification via email or mobile app that helps your client or visitor to the scheduled meeting without fail either it is online or offline.

Client Navigation

The navigation system present in our meeting hall booking mobile app shows the perfect route for the client to arrive at the conference at the right time, despite the presence of several meeting venues the navigator perfectly pins the location and ensures zero chaos in bringing in the client.

Check in and Check out

Making things simple and best for the clients is the primary motto of this e-facility management system that involves a smooth and simple process of client check-in and checkout.

Client/Visitor Passes

Providing end-end support in enhancing the client's experience we bring in the facility of printing the visitor pass on the moment to save time.

Seamless Communication

By deploying our e-facility management system, organizations can now expect 100% friction-free communication with their client ranging from scheduling the meeting to closing the deal in the final session.