Enterprise Mobile App Integration Services

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App Integration across Channels and Touch Points
Buoyant App Integration
Enhanced User Experience
DIY Services

Mobile App Integration Company

Mobile App Integration Company providing end-to-end app integration

We are the best mobile app integration company, who cater seamless benefits to your IT infrastructure by implementing our mobile app integration services.We follow the most innovative approach in deploying our integrated mobility solutions into your enterprise which brings out real work efficiency.Enterprise mobile app solution provided by us helps in creating the most efficient service framework and easy to handle user interface that eventually contributes towards overall productivity.


Enterprise Mobile App Integration Services

Providing flawless enterprise mobile app integration

We bring in complete and real process automation by integrating all your enterprise applications with the mobile application developed from our side. Our enterprise mobility solution highly contributes to the productivity enhancement of your business. We assure immediate result in an exponential way by integrating the most basic level of your enterprise operational systems with the advanced trio technologies like IoT,Cloud and Mobile

App Integration across Channels and Touch Points

We have vast experience in providing enterprise mobile app integration for diversified industrial players for years. Since its inception, we are providing mobile app integration service by using different combinations with multiple channels and touch points as well. Once we completely get into your technology stack, we make sure that the entire integration activity takes place without any flaw.

Buoyant App Integration

We are the custom mobile app integration company, who follows the most unique practice in framing specified strategy for application integration service for your mobile app. We live up with the trend by implementing advanced models like DevOps that reduces the overall time taken for getting live by keeping your process in synchronization as per the need.

Enhanced User Experience

Our comprehensive experience in providing enterprise mobile app integration services help us to assemble all the related trending applications and enterprise systems under a single roof in a fair platform to make all stakeholders get connected and avail the most uninterrupted app integration service which converts your multi-channel platform to Omni-channel.

DIY Services

We are the innovative mobile app integration company, who keeps on updating with technologies and business practices as well. Being a unique and promising mobile app service provider, we try out some different approaches to set trend in the arena of mobile app development.

Three-tier Approach for Enterprise Mobile App Integration

We follow well-proven approach to provide better enterprise mobile app integration services

We are a high-end mobile app integration company, who follows the most successful, time-tested strategy to implement our services using structured three-tier model.

Point-to-Point approach

According to this approach, we connect the entire applications of the enterprise at a single point using one link. This approach simplifies the infrastructure of the integrated mobile app with minimal scalability.


Here we used to connect both the databases and applications together using separate engines that take the responsibility of receiving and managing notifications from different channels.

ESB solutions

We will be using an Enterprise Bus System (ESB) in the third approach which provides multilayered solutions for enterprises. Under this ESB approach, we will be integrating several complex business applications under one roof.

Why choose iStudio for Mobile App Integration

We are the leading mobile app integration company, delivers numerous benefits to our clients using integrated mobile app services for enterprises.

Productivity Transparency

Providing complete productivity transparency in your enterprise system is the core objective of mobility solutions delivered by iStudio Technologies. Implementing our mobility solutions helps you to track the productivity rate of every individual team and even members of your team that contribute towards overall growth.

Real-time Actionable data

Integrated mobile app services provided by iStudio Technologies brings in complete automation in managing the workflow of your organization. For instance we help you to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign which is completely automated that generates you rich client resource frequently.

Progress Transparency

The progress of any project can be tracked using our enterprise mobility solutions. Embracing our mobility service helps you to find out the exact stage of your project and assists you to complete it within the stipulated time.

Process Transparency

Tracking and continuously monitoring the performance of a mighty project will be a hectic task without the assistance of proper mobility solution for enterprises. Adopting our mobility solutions helps you to fix this particular issue and get to know the crew details of the project and also their responsibilities.

Issue Tracking

The occurrence of issues will be part of project flow, and it has to be fixed immediately to avoid further chaos and process slowdown. By integrating our enterprise mobility solutions, you can easily track out and fix any technical issues bothering the progress of your project.

Cost Savings

Incorporating mobility solutions provided by iStudio Technologies into your enterprise delivers various seamless cost saving benefits like process automation, improved security, intuitive software, and most importantly it helps to maintain a better client relationship.

Overall Business Enhancement

Deployment of our enhanced enterprise mobility solution helps in several ways like system cloud integration, increased profitability, avoids paperwork, elevates user satisfaction level, and contributes to employee empowerment.