Mobile Application Development

What is ionic framework?

Ionic framework is an open source html 5 native feel mobile app development with CSS3 and java script. It supports ios and android. Ionic displays fantastic look and feel combined with jQuery and it uses angular.js to structure the application. Angular.js and ionic combines and plays an eccentric UI.

Mobile App development with angular.js and ionic framework

Angularjs is a framework used to create dynamic web apps and it can also be used to bind data. It is one of the best platforms to build mobile apps and it will interact well with back-end web services and external data sources.Structuring mobile apps with Angular grades high competent in solid code that will scale up as you pile on the features.

Why you need to use ionic framework for mobile app development?

While planning to develop a mobile application we need to consider a few parameters.
  • Fast application development
  • Beautiful & Attractive UI
  • Native support
  • Cross Platform support
  • Scalability
  • Auto update for revisions

If we need to develop a framework for a mobile application it will take huge time and expense. Here comes our hero “ionic framework”. One of the best and effective framework for mobile app development. Ionic framework is having huge facilities in both UI & functionality by built with popular frameworks like Saas, Angular JS, Less etc.,

Ionic framework -High performance Mobile App framework

Speed is very important in mobile app. Ionic is built to perform in accelerated pattern in mobile devices. Ionic framework is built with minimum DOM manipulation, zero jQuery, and more hardware accelerated transitions. This will help you to develop projects for all small devices like wearable devices. Surely, ionic framework will be the future of wearable devices applications, car infotainment systems, bike infotainment systems and house hold applications where display and hardware resources is minimum.

Angular JS & Ionic

Ionic framework use Angular JS to create a framework to built serious feature rich and robust applications. The core architecture of ionic framework is designed for mobile app development. Angular JS perfectly integrated with ionic.

Native Feel - Ionic Framework

Ionic framework is a most power full framework for developing native feel UI for your application with ease and in less time. Ionic framework is not a replacement for PhoneGap or other technology to built a mobile app. It is a front end UI framework for mobile applications. With Ionic framework you can develop hybrid mobile applications with HTML5, CSS3 & Angular JS.

Awesome design - Ionic Framework

Ionic framework is designed to display all the UI components that is required for the latest mobile app development trend with native look and feel. With ionic framework you can design an hybrid mobile app with tons of popular UI components, interactive paradigms, typography, and good base theme.

Ionic & SASS

Ionic is built with Sass on e of the reputed and matured CSS extension language in the design and development world. You can use all the functionalists in SASS or simple override the default properties. The default state looks like iOS but we can extend it to our own look and feel.