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Ionic mobile app framework is an open source software development kit (SDK) which specifically targets hybrid mobile app development. Created by Drifty Co. in 2013, it provides services as well as tools for the development of hybrid mobile apps by using web technologies such as Sass, CSS, and HTML5. The mobile apps are created by using these technologies prior to being distributed via native app stores. Ionic can be referred to as a frontend UI framework that deals with the look and feel of the mobile applications and gives the user an enhanced experience. iStudio Technologies has been providing the best service in this regards and hence we have been known in the market as the best ionic framework development company Chennai.
Technology Stack For Ionic Framework

Angular JS

This is a structural framework used for dynamic web apps. Data binding and dependency injection by Angular JS make it possible to eliminate a vast amount

Node JS

Built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, Node JS is a platform which helps in building of fast and better scalable network applications.


Formerly known as Phone Gap, Cordova is a platform which is used to build mobile applications using Java Script, CSS and HTML5.


Sass gives more flexibility and power and introduces mixins and customized variables to the core.

Why Ionic Framework?

In simple words, Ionic framework development companies in Chennai helps in bridging the gap between planning and development of an app. As the framework is already present, iStudio developers use their skills and creativity to design an app within the framework but give it a personal and distinct touch. Enterprises have found that Ionic is a great place to start app development. Along with allowing the developer to work with a stable framework, here are some other positive. Additionally, if the major aim is to build an app without spending too much time or financial resources on it, Ionic is the perfect framework. With this, you can spend more time focusing on the features, functionality and the design of the app which will draw users to it than creating different versions for different platforms.

Stability of Framework


Hybrid App Development




Saves time and money

Framework is Platform-Independent

Framework is Platform-Independent

Ionic framework development service in Chennai is capable of acknowledging the CSS equivalent specific to the platform and achieves a native look and feel on several operating systems. It also reduces the amount of code to be written by providing codes of HTML, CSS, and JS components optimized for mobile devices.

Default User Interface

The Ionic framework has several default JS and CSS components which cover a majority of the basic and essential things that have to be included in a typical mobile application. For instance, some of the things that are patent to any mobile app are sliding boxes, sliding menu, input buttons, navigation tabs etc.

Provides Cross Device App Development

If an excellent application is to be developed without spending too much time, effort and financial resources, Ionic apps framework is the best shot for developers. These apps can also be made to be compatible with several different mobile devices.

Benefits of Being Built on Angular JS

Ionic is developed on top of Angular JS framework. Basically, Angular JS is expanded with several things by Ionic to create exciting mobile applications. Since Ionic framework is compatible with Angular JS, the benefits of the latter can also be used.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Ionic and Angular!

  • Top Ionic framework development Company in Chennai helps in building a powerful SDK which is perfect for apps which require highly interactive and enhanced performance features. This framework provides a wide range of tools, services and necessary resources that make the development process for hybrid apps easier.
  • The use of Angular JS in app development allows developers to introduce UI elements that work towards making the app powerful. Also, Angular JS interacts easily with external data sources and backend web services.
  • Ionic can make the app hybrid which makes it easier of the user to continue using the same app when they migrate between iOS, Windows, Android or other platforms. This is an extremely beneficial feature for apps especially if they are business apps.
  • Angular JS with Ionic platform offers several scaling options. The operations are structured, the codes streamlined, and the ready to be used components offer simple integration and fast updates.
  • It also facilitates features such as data binding in UI update along with model update and also backend data update simultaneously. This allows the users to keep the data intact across different devices. The experience remains familiar even after transition. Thus, the feature helps save time and resources for the developers and enhances the experience of your app users.

Where We Have To Choose Ionic Framework?

The Ionic framework will fit right in when your plan is to create a native app complete with web standards. Regardless of whether you want the app to retain the native look and feel or have it customized so that it reflects your company or brand better, Ionic can be chosen in both cases. In recent years, Ionic, which started as nothing more than a regular framework has evolved constantly to offer several unique and attractive features. Analytical features, push notifications, instant app updates as soon as they are available on the app store are some examples. iStudio Technologies is best ionic framework development service provider in Chennai guide our clients to buld application in ionic framework. Additionally, if the major aim is to build an app without spending too much time or financial resources on it, Ionic is the perfect framework. With this, you can spend more time focusing on the features, functionality and the design of the app which will draw users to it than creating different versions for different platforms. In contrast to this, native apps take up a lot of time and have to be built differently as they do not have cross-platform flexibility.

Take a Look at Benefits of Hybrid Apps for Your Business

Offline Usability Features

This is especially beneficial for users who have poor connectivity and are watching their data usage. Hybrid apps store some information or data offline by using the device’s API.

Integration Features

Hybrid apps use the programming of the mobile device itself to help it stay in sync with other mobile applications. This is made possible through overlay or wrapper.

High Speed

It is a widely assumed fact that a hybrid app is faster than any native app. However, you might not know that it is even faster than mobile web apps due to several features. We are leading ionic framework development companies in Chennai.

Enhanced User Experience

When you use different computers to open different browsers, you may notice that sometimes the entire design undergoes a change. In fact, entire look might become complete unfamiliar on opening it on a computer that you don’t use regularly.


We at iStudio has best ionic developer in Chennai ensure that the app creators and developers who will be working on your project are carefully chosen. All our developers have vast industry experience and have shown impeccable dedication and passion for contributing to the fast evolving tech world. We realize the importance of exciting apps in making a business successful and try our best to give your users an app experience they will never forget. iStudio caters to a wide audience from India as well as internationally. The support of our loyal clients has helped us become one of the best known app developers in Chennai.

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