Issue Handling Software

Software Notifies Issues on Spot

Issue Handling Software

A superlative mobile app, embedded software that handles any issue related query, raised in and around the facility management system and
helps for seamless operation of the concerned premises.

How does it operates

Issue Name

A short and meaningful name gets predetermined for the occurring issue-based on the machine or infrastructural asset involved; the name is a kind of code word that helps the concerned technician to understand the situation.

Issue ID

A working premise or a plant would certainly hold multiple infrastructural accessories and machines with it that might get failed or shutdown anytime, generating a separate ID name would do the favor for it; our issue management software retrieves the exact ID name and synchronizes in the dashboard to highlight the issue and get things sorted out.

Asset Name

Notifies which infrastructural asset or plant machine is facing with the issue that helps the concerned supervisor to raise the issue request immediately and also provide timely treatment by the respective technician.

Issue Description

A crisp yet detailed description given that withholds the complete information regarding the issue request faced by and asset or plant machinery the description template got framed in keeping the mobile app in mind to avoid a clumsy look in the handy device.


Categorizing the asset or machine which faces the issue is essential here to schedule the automated preventive maintenance task properly. Further, it simplifies the issue handling process for any technician to address and rectify the problem on time.

Contact Person

Every plant and every section and every unit handled by a separate technician individually hence making the work allocation process simpler and easier to carry out. Our advanced issue handling software will allocate the problematic asset to the concerned technician and if the person is on leave then the right substitute will be intimated as well.


Every asset doesn't have the same priority in getting treated with its issue, hence, priority does vary and depending upon the seriousness of the asset the service first provided to the longing one.


Images are highly important in this picture driven digital business world, the specific part that suffers from the issue is captured and stored in the database through mobile app and the same gets transmitted to the concerned technician to carry out the issue handling process flawlessly.

Additional Functionalities

Issue Tracking

There are two different approaches with handling the issues in your working premises or factory, one is, the stereotypical approach of scheduling regular maintenance task for all the machines, the other one is moving on the smart way. The advent of AI has certainly brought in several unimaginable benefits to the business arena, and prediction is one amongst them.
By deploying our advanced AI-powered issue tracking software, now industries, and business organizations can easily predict the health status of their machines and infrastructural assets and then carry out a well-planned and timely maintenance activity that saves both employed human resources and money.

Help Desk

In this digitized era, every technology-driven solutions got assisted by a helpdesk, people exist out there in helpdesk will provide technical support and guide the users to solve the timely queries and disputes they face in their routine work life regarding the product/service/solution they avail.
The helpdesk service we deliver is completely automated and doesn't involve any human interference who support in the name of customer support executive, it handles even complicated tasks with ease due to the advanced programming techniques deployed in it. The bots we install in your system is a perfect replacement to humans that resolves your queries 24*7.

Space Management

Handling the given space is a tedious task for any organization or factory, space management doesn't work well with the majority of the businesses runs out there, hence they need the guidance of a particular third-party or software that can provide them with better insight to handle their space in a more productive way.
Our enhanced AI-driven space management system is a lucrative integral part of our facility management software that plans, schedules and executes the perfect handling of your business space making room for all the involved equipment and machines by placing them in the best professional chronology to run the business successfully.