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Loopback is a highly extensible framework based on Node.js. In recent days loopback is gaining more market share in web application development. We are having experts in loopback to develop & maintain your dream web applications. We provide best Loopback 3.0 web development service.

Advantages of Loopback

End to end dynamic rest API’s

Android, iOS & Angular SDK to develop client apps

Addon thirty party components

Fast development

Highly secured

Loopback Architecture

Features of Loopback

REST API Creation

“Creating REST APIs from Database and models will take huge time” – This sentence will be a past. With loopback REST APIs can be created and dynamically managed easily and will require very less time. So, the entire application development will be completed in 30% less time when compared to other frameworks. we are the experts in Loopback and Angular Js web application development.

Migrating your existing web application

Do you want to migrate an existing web application which is developed in .NET framework or PHP with databases like MYSQL, Oracle or other databases? We can do the application migration from your existing platform to the latest loopback solution without any data loss. By this way your business can be highly extensible to any extent.

Isomorphic loopback

For special web applications loopback needs to run in client side and referred as isomorphic loopback, because it use the same API which is sued by Loopback server framework. We are having experts to work in isomorphic loopback & Browserify. If your application requires offline activates and online sync then isomorphic loopback will help you.


Loopback provides efficient iOS SDK native iOS API that enables iOS app to interact with Loopback Application.We are the best Loopback web development company in Chennai, India

Loopback client SDK

Loopback provides rich Angular Js SDK so, that the entire web application development with Loopback & Angular Js is completely robust. The Loopback Angular Js SDK seamlessly integrates with the frontend.


Web application using Loopback 3.0

Frontend angular Js integration with Loopback Models

Migration of Express to loopback framework

Browser based application development with Loopback

Supported Databases

other popular databases

why istudio

We, at iStudio Technologies, have a Loopback and Angular Js web application development experts in Chennai as well as diligent approach towards all projects that come our way, big or small. Our developers and designers are well-versed in how custom web designing works and strive to ensure deadline-oriented top quality results. Our developers use the best tools and technologies for providing the best solution. We are dedicated to the projects that we take. Our ultimate aim is to satisfy our customers and offer robust application. Our experts have immense knowledge and expertise in this field. Take a look at the advantages that you can avail of our services. iStudio Technologies is Top Loopback web application development company provide best solutions for clients.

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