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Adopt industry proven and successful prototyping process for your mobile app
Clickable Prototype
Graphic Mockup
Proof Of Concept
Design Communication
App Development Workflow
Improvising User Experience

Creating Mobile App Archetype and Schemes

Framing Structured Prototype and Strategy for Optimized Mobile app Solutions

In the process of creating a prototype and framing strategy for mobile app development, we get to involve in various activities to break down the complexities prevailing in prototype and strategy framing and complete the process in time. This process involves:



Before framing the mockup design, we used to sketch a basic outline of the concept of the mobile app development which is known as the wireframe. This wireframe contains only the logic existing behind app creation.

We at iStudio Technologies create the best mobile app wireframes which come out with total logic and complete concepts without a single skip. We recommend that it is the right time for clients to mention any changes or addition in the concept before carrying forward to mockup creation.

Clickable Prototype

The clickable prototypes are the previous stage of mobile app development which holds the complete designing modules but lacks functionality. The clickable prototype is aimed to induce every action of the user in the app like click, tap, select and navigate.

In iStudio Technologies, we get involved in unique mobile app development by creating a splendid clickable prototype. We strongly believe that the clickable prototype navigates the developer in the right direction and it is possible only by having great clarity on developing the mobile app.


Graphic Mockup


We are the quality mobile app development company in India, who strictly follows the procedure framed for developing the mobile application. After detailing the concept of wireframe and clickable prototype design we carry forward to create a proper mockup design.

Mockup design will be the skeletal representation of the mobile app which is about to get developed in the upcoming stages. We use this mockup design for final approval, and once if the client approves the sample design it is not feasible to carry out or add any other functionality.

Proof of Concept

Validating and verifying the true potential quality of a mobile app in present, and in mere future is said to be “proof of concept”. As a part of providing seamless mobile app development services, we used to test the feasibility of the mobile app by clearly evaluating its true potential.

In this phase, all the three key players (designers, developers and client) come to a mutual conclusion of creating the mobile app. We dwell ourselves deep down into various activities like market research, notifying key features, create scenarios and come up with new concepts.


Design Communication

Design communication is found to be the key driving factor in creating the mobile app; it holds the ultimate deciding authority in earning the initial interest of the users. To overcome this issue, we have a strong team of mobile app developers who have affluent knowledge in communicating the design framed and its inbuilt concept to the client properly.

The mobile app design needs to be communicated well to the client if it failed to meet the client requirement then it won’t acquire the thoughts on generic users. Holding this thought in mind, iStudio Technologies always caters the best mobile app development services by communicating the framed design in a calculative way.

App Development Workflow

After completing the designing process, we move ahead to the implementation part. Either it is Xcode or Android Studio we determine the tool based on the development platform. In iStudio Technologies, we segregate the entire development process into various sub modules and ensure that each one of them has a separate functional integration to maintain high quality.

The development process involves four main phases like analysis, implementation, testing and launching of the prototype. To avoid unnecessary errors we used to scan all these phases. There is a separate phase called the acceptance phase, where we used to revise the specifications and compare with the defined MVP.


Improvising User experience


Enhancing user experience is a separate approach which gets clicked only through trial and error approach. Before releasing the mobile app into the market, we used to test with our team of experts to know the quality of user experience it caters.

Our mobile app development experts are well-versed in understanding the user needs, and hence they can predict whether the developed application provides a better user experience.

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Our Prototype Building Process

Being the dedicated mobile app service provider, iStudio Technologies practices a structured and effective approach to building the prototype for mobile app development. We follow a proven five-step methodology to decode any complex ideation on creating the mobile app and simplifying the process of app development.

Empathizing Client Needs

Before initiating any mobile app development project, we gather all the required information to deliver quality service. As a potential customer, you deserve to be treated well by providing the best mobile app services to witness exponential business growth. Understanding your requirements also help us to build a flawless application that avoids repetition and assures delivery on time.

Converting Requirement to Mockup Design

Once we have gathered all the required information, and got clarity with your requirement we move on towards building the respective mockup design of your mobile application. This mockup will be the skeletal representation of your mobile app which has all the features that is present in a proper blueprint.

Share Design with Clients

Once we are done with framing the mockup design we share the same with our clients, we strongly believe that client’s input is mandatory and highly important in our mobile app development process. Hence, we share every step we take forward during mobile app creation.

Receive Client Feedbacks

We are always open up towards productive feedbacks from client side that would help us to deliver improved mobile app services. We reconsider the mockup design provided the inputs and need of the client is technically feasible and synchronize with the app development process.

Initiating Development

Post making some feasible changes in the presented mockup design and getting approval from client side, we carry forward towards mobile app development process, where will be converting all the design mockups and functionality prototypes into application features.

Quality Mobile App Prototyping Tools

Tools For Organized Mobile App

We expect that client must be aware of our entire app development process; hence we maintain 100% transparency in the entire development. We use the best prototyping tools to provide quality mobile app services for our clients.




Axure RP

Mobile App Prototyping Benefits

Seamless Mobile App Prototyping Benefits

Brief Outlook

The prototype model we deliver will give you enough clarity on the look and feel of your mobile app prior to its development.

Time Optimization

We assure that the time and money you invest in our mobile app service will yield you fruitful results.

Money Optimization

We assure that the time and money you invest in our mobile app service will yield you fruitful results.

Team of Experts

We possesses dedicated human resource for mobile app development, which has a proper mix of experienced analysts.

Highly Available

We are highly available and easily approachable team of mobile app developers, who can be contacted through any mode of communication.

Abundance in Creativity

You can witness zero scarcity in terms of creativity when it comes to mobile app creation; we follow different approaches.

Perfect Estimation

Following the detailed prototype for mobile app you will be receiving the exact time duration and cost to be spent before initiating the project.

Responsive to Core

The mobile app we develop will be working well with every device accustoming with every screen and pixel size.

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