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Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a website where you can post pretty much whatever you want… as long as it’s 140 characters or less. Celebrities, big companies and average every day people are on twitter. Some post contests, others posts their love lives while business owners post their products with selective hash tags to try to get an audience to recognize them. By following these small tips and tricks, you can not only conquer the twitter world, but you may just be able to score some big bucks from the way you are presenting your company in this crazy online community. When starting off on your twitter page, make sure you take full advantage of your Bio. Make sure you state every piece of important information in that piece like what your company is and what exactly are you trying to sell, or represent. If there is enough room also try to include an e-mail address that way if someone is interested, they can contact you. E-mailing on twitter isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

Having the people who support you in what your doing can be a huge asset to your business. By including family and friends and collaborators, you can not only get your word out that much faster but if your collaborators know the right people, you may just be able to get your foot in the door and really end up on top. When starting your own business you always want to start with who you know and then hire outside. The people you know you will have a stronger connection with, and you may be able to branch that off into something more beautiful then ever expected. Relationships tend to work out like that. Twitter allows you to favorite what someone else has posted or re-post what you have posted, otherwise called a retweet. You should never be afraid to ask for your fellow followers to favorite one of your tweets or even re-tweet one of your tweets. When someone else re-tweets there friends can see it and there friends friends can see it and it ends up being a chain reaction from there. You can have someone who lives halfway across the world see your page and decide that they want to buy your product. Being in fear will never get you what you want ALWAYS reach out for the moon and shoot for the stars!

Hashtags will soon become your best friend. A simple hashtag can go a very long way and seen in the right eyes of the right person, your company can soon shoot its way to the starts. When sending out a tweet to your fellow followers, be sure that you throw in a couple of those famous hashtags you came up with when creating your digital marketing business strategy. A simple # attracts twitter followers from just about anywhere and also allows them to search for your specific hashtag if needed. By using these following tips there is not a doubt in my mind that you will soon enough be successful in your business.