What is
twitter marketing

Twitter is a free micro blogging social networking service for family, friends and co-workers to stay connected through quick exchange of communications. It allows its members to send messages up to 140 characters called tweets; it may also contain links, pictures and videos.

Users can broadcast their own tweets or follow others tweets using them as platforms. Therefore, we can say that people join twitter to discover the happenings of the current world, to share information instantly and connect to businesses globally. iStudio Technologies has been able to establish itself as the best twitter management company in Chennai.

There are millions of people using twitter, even more joining everyday, more than 500 million tweets are being sent by the members daily. What better opportunity can one be offered to those who want their business to reach out to the global audience with interested customers? Twitter can be used to make meaningful contacts with relevant audience.

How Twitter Marketing
benefits business

In the world of social media, Twitter has become such a platform which cannot be given a miss. There is huge number of people who used to follow many known and unknown things on Twitter. In such condition, it really produces many ways that are beneficial to the businesses. Some of such benefits are:

Lead generation
Brand image
Trend research

Strategy for
twitter marketing

Even if you are one of the advanced users of Twitter, you are likely to miss out on the opportunities to engage if you don’t optimise the basic features of Twitter. So here are some Twitter marketing ideas you start using instantly.

Look for the Right Search Results

Make Sure the Videos and Images Show Up

Be Selective While Replying

Create and Share Organized Lists

Use the Favourite Option for Good Content

Track Tweet Engagement

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Look for the Right Search Results

The Twitter search is found to be a little confusing, which in turn makes it difficult to get the results they are looking for. Users have a misconception about how the Twitter search works; they think that all the tweets containing any of the several keywords they type in the search box will appear.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. It searches for tweets that consist of all of the search terms, as if an imperceptible and is added to the keywords. This can be avoided by using or search operator. By using or search operator on Twitter searches for one term or the other. We do this for various thing to tap in the market in the best way. This has truly helped us to remain the preferred social media service provider in Chennai.

Create and Share
organized lists

The lists of Twitter are a good way of filtering information and its main function is to bring people of same interest, characteristics and function under one group. Some good things about lists are:

They can be set to public or private so that you can screen your opponents using the private list and put on display your striking roster of brand promoters in a public list.

The list can also be shared with others to find followers or entice new people to your profile. It can easily be shared by copying the URL and pasting it onto a message with who you want to share or you could send out a public tweet.

Make Sure
Videos and Images Show Up

Pictures speak and adding an image or a video can definitely boost a retweet.

Videos showed a 28% boost in a study conducted by Twitter

Images showed a boost of 35% in the same study conducted

Although images and videos greatly impact your tweets it is vital that you know how to add them. You could use the following to ensure your tweets show up

A tweet using the Twitter app or the website only will allow the user to use the ‘Image Expand’ feature. An expanded image definitely attracts the user’s eye.

Some video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vine are integrated in Twitter and are a wonderful way to make the best of visual content to converse your message to the users.

A recent addition of GIF’s to your tweets is a wonderful way to get your message across. The feature is yet to be made available on tablets.

Use the Favourite Option for
Good Content

Make sure there is physical touch while using the favourite feature as many company use the bot way of doing it which favourites any tweet that is related to the company and at times end up favourite a wrong tweet.

This is a good way to acknowledge people and admire them mentioning about your company. You can simply favourite some tweets instead to answering every tweet.

Your account might be suspended for having too many favourites as Twitter forbids this moreover users constantly watch companies and a wrong move might lead you to a wrong turn.

Your account might be suspended for having too many favourites as Twitter forbids this moreover users constantly watch companies and a wrong move might lead you to a wrong turn.

Tweet Engagement

Twitter has made life so much easy for the advertising companies by adding the Twitter Analytics feature using which engagement can be measured all you need to do is sign up for Twitter ads. With the Twitter Analytics you can

  • Click on a particular tweet to access information about the number of clicks, favourites, expands, impressions, retweets and replies
  • Check the engagement of all the organic tweets
  • Share, compare or report performance to find out whether the tweets that contained images got more clicks or the ones with texts or if the serious tweets got better responses or the humorous ones.
  • Know the best tweet which can be sent and even the best words and the right time when the tweet needs to be sent.

Be Selective
While Replying

It is not necessary that you reply to all the tweets if you are company. All it does is increase the newsfeed and might make it irritating for others who could end up unfollowing you. There are two ways of dealing with such situation while replying:

Start your tweet or reply with @username to that it limits the number of people who can see the dialogue which is important if you are dealing with someone who has had bad experience with your services or products.

If you are acclaiming a product or thanking someone make sure the tweet is seen by the public hence restrict using the @username in the beginning and push it further down the sentence.

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