Visitor Management Software

Monitor visitors seamlessly using our software

Visitor Management Software

Manage your inflowing visitors to your professional premises effortlessly with the help of our visitor management system, by implementing our high-end software, enterprises and corporate parks can now work and handle their visitors more efficiently like never before and enhance their productivity as well.

End-End Visitor Management Software Features

For Reception

An efficient visitor management system starts here, where it completely controls and digitizes the operations of the reception and
iStudio Technologies does it to the fullest.

Visitor Handling

The visitor management software we deliver can handle n number of visitors and manage them easily by allocating every individual with the concerned staff to meet and reduces the wait time.


A matter of authenticity, the phone numbers is verified by generating OTP that helps the reception people to verify the inflow population easily.

Core Customization

Core customization is what we exhibit in our visitor management software; by verifying and matching the given phone number a self-generated form given to the visitor to fill in their complete details.


Our visitor handling system highly synchronizes with the system's camera that captures visitor's image, ID proof and other details and stores it securely in the database.

Logo Embedded

Bringing automation within the essential functionality of the software, iStudio Technologies ensures that your company's logo gets embedded in the form provided to the visitor.

Instant ID’s

No need to print the temporary ID cards too early, where our visitor management system ease up the process and helps to print the ids on spot.

Smart Visitor Management

Invite and Sign-in

Every company would have a specific set of frequent visitors and sending them a dedicated email would help in early and remote signup, our enhanced visitor management system performs remote signup, which helps in the easy entry of frequent visitor.

Repeated Visitors

Office premises and tech parks would certainly have repeated and revisiting people in hundreds per day we can easily tackle it by scheduling a separate managing section for re-visitors that simplifies the reception area formalities.

Automatic Sign out

The visitor doesn't need to wait for the reception people anymore to handover the temporary ID where our visitor handling software enables automated sign out feature that finishes off the sign-out process easily.

Separate Administration

Considering the sheer existence of different departments in the office premise a separate role-based administrative Login access is provided to the concerned user by our visitor management system.

Instant Notification

The concerned staff member gets an instant notification regarding their visitors' arrival in our mobile app feature, via SMS and also through email notification.

Extension Intimated

There might be situations where a visitor might need to overstay in your workplace, a scenario like that might happen and in that case, the concerned host handling the visitor will be intimated by your mobile app notification.

For Administration Process

Well-Maintained Database

Visitor management system rendered by iStudio Technologies seamlessly maintains the complete database of employees and their concerned visitors hence making the entire administration process simple and crystal clear.

Cloud Integration

Bringing the cloud technology is not that scary and complicated as you think when having a profound technology partner like us aside; we make cloud integration at its best for your enterprise system and ensure it operates in a highly synchronized way with the visitor management system.

Handling Multi-Location

Single dashboard multi-location handling is the USP of our visitor management software, all your branch offices and its employee; visitor details are monitored and accessed in a single dashboard.

Mobile App Integration

Mobile app integration is the striking feature of our visitor management system that brings in all the relevant features in your hand and helps to access it anywhere anytime by the concerned employee or admin.

Log and Notification

Holding a dedicated mobile app for visitor management software caters numerous benefits that include a digital log for employees to retrieve the required information remotely and also get the visitor information notified instantly on their arrival.

For Security

Workplace Security

No unauthorized entry, no security breaches restricted area and filtered visitor management is now possible with our advanced software that provides access only to the authenticated visitors.

Data Security

The implementation of cloud technology gets acknowledged here, where the entire data sets of your workplace get shielded like never before where even the intra department executives are not authorized to access to retrieve the irrelevant data.

How Our Visitor Management System Works?

  • Visitor Entry
  • Digital Check-in
  • Details Stored in Cloud
  • Concerned Employee/receiver gets notified
  • Meeting Scheduled
  • Visitor’s Feedback received
  • Visitor Checkout

Benefits of Visitor Management Software

  • Reception gets digitized
  • No need for paper work
  • Reduced wait time
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Workplace Efficacy
  • Work Premise Transparency
  • Reduced Spending
  • Highly Scalable