Google introduce the new feature for Google Ad words. This feature allows the website call conversion for the advertiser. This feature allows the advertiser to tracks the calls when the users click the advertisement of the website.

How adwords helps to drive business people?

By using the internet the business people gets more leads and increases the sale of the business. Through internet Advertisement the advertiser can advertise their business. Here the Google set the code snippet dynamically for the ad words. The Google forward the number on the website when user clicks on the ads. Here conversation start tracking when the user dials the number or in the phone. But Google forward a unique number up to 90 days. We can assign the different values for specific pages on their sites so it is more flexible to the advertiser to take reports of the visitors.

But this feature doesn’t allow seeing the user actual sale. The tracking of calls can be used to conjunction of other call tracking solution as well as ad words click to call.