best seo tips for small businesses start ups



It is not ever easy to compete with the big branded companies in expensive marketing campaigns. They invest huge and it is not possible to spend that much for a Small Businesses & Start-up’s. The best way to compete with them in minimum budget is ranking your website with proper implementation of SEO strategies. To boost the online visibility for your small business, you need to be aware of some basic SEO tactic and techniques which are helpful to improve your website online presence. Here I provide a few SEO tips for small businesses & start-up’s to beat the industry giant’s in terms of Search Engine rankings.

Four Important Tips Small Businesses & Start-up’s to boost their ranking in Search Engine

Keyword Research

Choose the right keywords for your business by doing keyword Research before starting the SEO activities for your website. Don’t target the keywords which are highly competitive.

Hire the best SEO Company

Don’t be hurry in hiring the SEO Company which bids low to provide SEO Services to your small business. Do some research on the firm and understand their SEO strategies using to boost the ranking. Hire the SEO Company that using white hat techniques to improve search engine rankings to your website.


  • Don’t assume that SEO is a one-time activity and provides instant results to your webpage.
  • Don’t be hurry in results; the best SEO Strategies do not work overnight.
  • Search Engine Optimization is long term process and for best SEO Strategies, it may take few weeks or even months to provide admirable results. If you want better results with SEO, all you need is patience.

User-Friendly Website Design

Let us assume that your web page is listed on 1st of Search Engine Result Pages. If your website is not professional and looking good, you have a high bounce rate, but no repeat visits and also it is not helpful for sales conversion. The website is the only element for any business to show their presence in online. Make sure that your website is user friendly and well optimized for search engines. If not, go for Website Redesign services to make your website professional and beautiful.

Learn Basic SEO

It is not possible to hire an SEO Company by all small companies and start-ups in their budget. So learn the basics in SEO to improve your online presence and ranking. I provided Few SEO factors and their proper usage for better understanding of SEO.

  • Track your website frequently
  • The best SEO tools that can help you to track your small business website is Google Analytics. It clearly tells you, what is happening on your website, your website visitors and what is working and what’s not for your small business.
  • Optimize Title , URL & Meta Description of Every Page
  • There are many On-page SEO factors are there to improve website presence. Make sure that, Title of the web page is not exceeding more than 70 Characters. Use Targeted keyword in Title, URL and Meta Description and make sure that description is not exceed than 170 Characters.
  • Provide ” Unique and SEO Friendly Content in the Webpage. The preferred keyword density is 3-5% for 200 words.
  • Provide Internal Links and external links using significant keywords as anchor texts.
  • Finally, “Off-page activities like Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions, Press Release Submission, Social Book Marking submission, etc. To know more, click here.
  • Create a Blog for your small business and provide fresh and unique content in it, helps in ranking your website.
  • Create Social Media Profiles for your small business and maintain them with useful sharing’s.
  • Submit your website to Local directories and make sure that location of your business is available in all the web pages.