How Cross Browser Compatibility Helps You To Get More Traffic And Business?

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One of the lesser concerns that website owners have during testing their websites is the browser compatibility. They try to ensure that the website can be viewed properly on the major browsers and they believe it will be enough.

People Do Not Use Multiple Browsers

Most users pay little attention to the software version of the browser they are using. They simply want to be able to view the websites without any problem. These users will generally update their browsers only when they find that most websites are not being displayed properly. These people will rarely take the effort to open another browser simply to view a single website. In fact, it will be more common behavior for them to simply assume that the website is problematic and visit another website instead. This means that you are losing a valuable portion of your traffic. You can hire companies that deal in website creation in Chennai to ensure that your website does not face any browser compatibility issues.

The Variety of Browsers

A wide number of browsers are now available such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari etc. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox are updated automatically but other browsers need to be updated by the users manually. This has caused a number of users to be stuck with older browser versions. The updates can fail for a number of reasons or it is possible that the operating system itself is preventing the update of the browser. There are other users who are simply not bothered with the version of their browsers. This shows that you will have to account for a number of different browsers and their versions if you want to attract a lot of traffic to your website. A company dealing in website creation in Chennai can inform you about the possible browsers you need to pay attention to.

Major browsers only account for the half of the internet traffic

The major browsers that are used in the world are Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. However, these browsers are used only a little more than the half of the internet population. You will be losing out a lot of traffic because they are unable to view your website in their browsers. You can hire an agency which deals in website services in Chennai. They can test your website and find out whether it is possible to use your website in the more uncommon browsers. Users of these browsers will not visit your website and neither will they start talking about your website in social media channels.

The Ease of Compatibility in Different Browsers

The fact is that it quite easy to make your website compatible with a range of web browsers. If the website cannot be viewed in older versions then a simple change and modification to the CSS or JavaScript can eliminate the problem. These cannot always be rendered by the older versions in the correct manner. Agencies dealing in website creation in Chennai can complete the modifications necessary and then test the cross compatibility.

Another fact is that the rendering engine is the same for different browsers. The Chrome and Safari browsers are powered by Webkit. A website that is displayed correctly in Chrome will be displayed in the proper manner in Safari. However, it is possible a few modifications are necessary. Website services in Chennai can perform the necessary modifications for your website.

Do Not Forget Mobile Browsers

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are often used to view websites. This trend is on the rise as smartphones have become tremendously popular. Many owners forget to consider how good their website is being rendered on the various mobile devices. After all, there many different mobile devices with different software, different screen sizes and different capabilities. You website will need to look and work nicely on mobile devices at least. Website services in Chennai can be hired to ensure that your website is compatible with mobile devices.

The Important Browsers

Your website should be compatible with these browsers and their popular versions. Website services in Chennai can help you in making your website compatible and testing the compatibility.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera Mobile
  • Android OS
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