Search Engine Optimization is termed as the process through which organizations improve their website visibility in any browser. Companies follow various trending strategies to compete among their rivalries to grab the first rank of the browsing page.

Important Facts

  • More than 90% of the online visitors do not have the intention to buy
  • Slower loading rate of your website decreases online visitors up-to 7%
  • Visual description of your product will highly increase purchase rate
  • Websites have only 8 seconds to impress their visitors
  • Online lead generation highly depends on type of home page generation


Unique Selling Point

Once you have got into the action, you need to remember that there is a huge number of competitors out there in pulling you back. To stand as a extraordinary service provider you need to be unique. You have to convey the message regarding the service provided to your targeted customers in a crystal clear unique method. Websites with unique features has always stood out of the competition. Our SEO Experts in chennai gives the best web page optimization service in Chennai

Meta Descriptors and Title Tags

Meta descriptors and title tags are the catalyst which helps SEO in its functioning, by making the work of SEO much easier and simpler. Meta descriptors is the summarized form of content found below every link of a search page. It comprises of short description about the content within 320 words. Title tags are the reflection of search keywords given by users in any browsers. SEO optimizer or analyst must provide these meta descriptions and title tags as crisp as possible.

Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is one of the most successful and familiar approach to grab your customer’s attention. Study the pulse of your customer well and create content accordingly. As mentioned before visitors spend only 8 seconds in a website, framing a engaging content is highly mandatory. You need to convey about your services within the stipulated time to your customers in a more unique and precised manner. iStudio Technologies provides you the best SEO solution to your website which makes us the leading web SEO company in Chennai.

Website Renovation and CTA

Think about the impression registered in the mindset of the customers if they visit unchanged website. Definetley the online conversion rate for these websites get dripped down. Designers need to bring in some changes frequently in order to keep the site highly engaging, developers have one good target of call to action button creation. Optimizer must make the visitors to click the add to cart or buy button through SEO process.

Concentrate on Form Creation

Experts in online recommend to built a more crystal clear and rigid forms in order to maintain the focus of the website visitors. Online lead generation is highly dependent on the structure of user submission form created for the website. Visitors will definetley give up if the submission form contains more than 25 fields in it. We provides you he best SEO service in Chennai.