A backend framework of a website acts as its backbone catering to the highly demanded and major functionalities. This back-end framework holds several tools and scripting languages with it in the server-side programming as a part of web development environment. The success of a web application development framework lies in selecting a proper stack, gaining knowledge about server architecture and most importantly learning from databases and programming languages. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies uses the most advanced and effective web app framework to create the best website for clients.

The role of a developer is crucial in web application development framework where they frame the necessary logic which is highly required for the application to get built and then combines it with the dynamic front-end to run the application. As per the expert opinion frameworks like Node.js and python are the lead players in web application development framework environments. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies implement the most suitable web app framework for your website.

The back-end framework used to create an application is selected on few basic and important criteria like:

  • The developer needs to study and analyze well about some of the naming conventions and directory structures which are hard to break the code. A proper understanding is required to make sure there is no run-time error.
  • Majority of the backend frameworks possess libraries in order to prevent developers from getting into performing repetitive tasks. Anyway, choosing a flexible framework will be an opt choice in order to develop new controls through deploying previously framed library components.
  • A usual back-end framework is well taken care of a huge group of developers who are involved in tracking bugs, applying patches, and most importantly creating awareness among other developers. Moreover, an ideal framework gets easily vulnerable to hacking.
  • When discussing the back-end frameworks, framing documentation is a pre-requested one for adopting evangelists and power users in the early stage. Snippet codes and tutorial articles are the solid examples for supporting the frameworks to stand as a unique one.
  • Taking decision regarding application hosting on a server is vital before choosing any framework, as one must decide whether they have to go with a dedicated server or shared server. Ruby on Rails as an application can be hosted on a dedicated server, and at the same time, Zend is hosted on the shared server.
  • As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

Ruby on Rails

As a web-application framework, Rails was built using the Ruby programming language and run on the platform of Linux. Using this platform, the coders and developers related to it can easily frame the required application through carrying out required compiling and testing. Implementation of Model view controller (MVC) architecture is an added advantage which facilitates the developers to stick in with a piece of code at any part of the application in the relevant environment.
The changeover between the different stages of application development in Ruby Rails is carried out in a smoother way until the end of the life cycle process due to the presence of built-in security features in it. This web application framework makes use an effective set of plug-ins before releasing the application. Being the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies satisfies all the client needs using the most suitable web app framework for client’s website.



As a high-level web application framework, Django belongs to the Python group which provides a perfect and suitable database oriented websites for the users. Unlike Rails, this open source framework belongs to Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture, which is highly reusable and helps the components to get plug-in continuously. We at iStudio Technologies are the effective web development company in Chennai, caters the most awful service in-terms of web app framework.
Possessing optional interface Django helps the users to get permission that enables them to create, update and also to delete users easily. This particular web application framework git well –established due to its bundled applications, dynamic administrative interface and tools for generating Google sitemaps.


Another open source framework that works purely based on MVC architecture similar to Rails. This framework is based on PHP works exclusively for the backend web application development, highly capable of providing better connectivity combined with the backend. Laravel contains some well-equipped functionalities and command line tools in it. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies helps their clients to expand their business through providing quality web app framework.
Being a back-end framework Laravel was initially known as open source PHP framework. Through the assistance of some highly effective features like database migration, blade templating engine and intuitive interface, Laravel has become the most popular web application development framework. Laravel contains inbuilt utilities in order to access relational databases driven by a modular packaging system.


Phoenix (Elixir)

The back-end of Phoenix web application development framework was built through Erlang Virtual Machine (VM), which makes complete optimal use of resources. Handling a huge number of users is an easy task for this framework, and it is capable of doing it in a simultaneous way using its speed as a base. Phoenix follows the similar path of Rails and Django which works under the server-side MVC pattern. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies incorporates the best web app framework for your website.
Speed is the key element which drives the performance of this framework through decreasing the latency time at its minimum and improves the performance of various APIs. One such example of the quick working of Phoenix is it can run the JSON request in just 400ms as compared to that of Rails which takes 1.5-2 seconds. Moreover, the cost incurred in Phoenix is also less when compared to other frameworks.


This framework is a bit different from its peers and considered to be the most light-weighted Python- based web application framework that won’t be using any kind of tools or libraries in it. This is one of the most unique applications used to run web-based applications over embedded devices. Since the Flask is supported with Unicode and some extensive documentation, it highly helps through eliminating the work involved by programmers and project analysts. iStudio Technologies is the best website development company in Chennai, who caters the client requirement without any flaw.
The request dispatching process that is included in this framework offers a little bit of perk to the framework through delivering interoperability across the networks. The recent situation of the framework can be altered through using virtue code of extensions to insert required features in it. Some of the well-established applications that use this framework are Pinterest, LinkedIn, and its community webpage (Flask).



The Pyramid is the most common web app framework existing in the community that uses the most simplified set of functionalities in it. These common tools and functionalities are enough to frame a complete web app development which includes security mapping to URL code and database integration. This simple and small web app framework is highly user-friendly and well recommended for beginners to use. This high-speed web app framework will be tested under different conditions and avowals the extensively made document and highly available support. As the best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass client requirements through providing excellent web app framework service.


This web app framework is built based on the Node.JS application which is composed of very few numbers of features in it including the core features of Node.JS. This framework is highly recommended for creating a perfect dynamic mobile application where it can reduce the majority of the workload involved in creating a mobile application. Many established frameworks belong to Node.JS like Bottr and ItemsAPI were built using Express framework. Effective APIs can be created using Express framework with the help of several HTTP utility methods used in it. Being the best website designing and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is capable of framing perfect website using any updated web app framework.