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Why does your business need mobile apps over websites?

The smart phone users are increasing day by day and it is difficult to imagine the shopping without a smartphone in the future. Globally there are more than 4 billion smartphone users in 2021 as per a study. Businesses are adapting to this new normal especially after Covid 19 compulsorily to thrive in the competitive world and reach the target customers. These days companies rely only on smartphone and social media to run their business.

Push notifications

Mobile apps are power tool of any business these days as they can help you be in connect with the customer 24×7. It helps you take your brand to them through push notifications and anytime the messages appear on the customer phone screen as a reminder, as an offer or as something that would interest the customer to visit your app and probably buy something. No man power wasted, everything happens in a blink of an eye. You can also schedule notification for different types of messages. These personalized notifications are the unique speciality of mobile apps and if you don’t have one for your business it is your loss.

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Extra features

Mobile app is a synonym to fun and these apps constantly can be updated to improve user experience and user engagement. Mobile phones have special features like GPS, camera, contact list, social media which help enhance your possibilities to reach your customers constantly and consistently. User has the convenience with scanning bar codes on your mobile app unlike websites. They can save product images and later look for it when they need them and buy. With this easy navigation user love mobile apps more compared to the websites.

More lead generation and conversion

E-commerce domain has totally influenced by mobile apps and they are thriving only through mobile apps especially after Covid 19. They not only give excellent user experience but also enable conversions fullfledged. This is because of the smart prediction-based selling through mobile apps which can predict user choices through past history of purchase and wish list products. Adding to that there is no login and logouts as in the website if the customer prefers, he can also choose OTPs instead of logging with a password which is safer than the traditional password entry. It is evident that the conversion rates are higher when compared to the websites.

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Mobile app content is much different than what your project on your website. App contents are usually short and to the point and as well as informative about the product alone. It takes only less time to read and understand about the product and what it does and what are benefits. It helps to create unique designs for mobile apps and feature the products in a more attractive way and customer personalization is optimum with mobile apps. The data is saved when the user is on the app and can be used for more and more personalization like featuring the products he would like based on recent purchase, shirt size based on the customer bought last time, etc can be done only through a mobile app.


Having said that, both websites and mobile apps are important for a business to ensure their online presence. It is always better to have a mobile app along with website owing to the growing popularity of smart phones.

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