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Expand Your Reach & Revenue with Multichannel eCommerce Software Development

Multichannel eCommerce is undoubtedly the future of retail, especially as social purchasing thrives. Customers nowadays like to purchase in more places than ever before. As a result, brands must appear in their feeds across all touchpoints.
However, many businesses frequently confront difficulties while selling their items through several platforms. This might apply to the administration of items from various categories and on various IT platforms. Without a centralized system, order and inventory management may become cumbersome, diminishing business productivity, increasing the likelihood of error, delaying order delivery, and eventually pushing consumers away from the competition.

A multichannel eCommerce management system might be a game changer in this situation. Continue reading to learn about our eCommerce management software development skills and how you can use them to increase sales and satisfy consumers.

Why is a Multichannel eCommerce Management System Required?

For starters, it enables shops to give customers a unified experience. This is all while keeping track of inventory, sales, support issues, and customer contacts. Furthermore, using technologies created expressly for multisource sellers saves time, money, and human expenditures.


  • Diversify risk and provide many streams of income.
  • A customized consumer experience.
  • There is no danger of overselling or overstocking.
  • Remove human mistakes and gain access to data at any time and from any location.
Why is a Multichannel eCommerce Management System Required - IStudio Technologies

A Multichannel eCommerce Management System Must-Have Modules and Features

iStudio Technologies can assist with the development of a feature-rich SaaS-based retail management system. It unifies inventory, order, vendor, and customer administration into a unified system that can be accessed at any time and from any location. Let’s have a look at the key modules and features that may be included in such a platform.x

1. Inventory Management

Your inventory is effectively managed online by the module.
Its main characteristics are as follows:

Inventory management for multi-channel eCommerce.

  • Create and manage seller profiles across several platforms.
  • From a single dashboard, you can manage stocks across all marketplaces and create inventory re-order criteria for warehouses.
  • List your merchandise on numerous seller portals with the automated, correct product, bundled item, and other component synchronization.

Manufactured Item Tracking

  • Create work orders to track the progress and costs of manufactured items.
  • Get real-time inventory updates from platforms like Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce.
  • With a single click, you can download and import product data from all sales channels.

2. Order Management

Using this module of the eCommerce order management system, you may effectively handle client orders from connected sales channels.

Consolidate Orders from Various Sales Channels.

  • Without login onto each sales channel, a centralized system is used to view/edit orders, and print shipping labels, packing slips, and lists.
  • Create rules to automatically route requests to suppliers or third-party fulfillment partners.
  • Set up automated order status and tracking notifications.

Simplify Order Fulfillment for Multiple Warehouses.

  • Import order details by leveraging APIs to create an automated feed.
  • Create a procedure to automatically move orders from one warehouse to another when products are sold out.
  • Create invoices, labels, and tracking numbers with all of your order information.

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3. Vendor Management

The multichannel eCommerce software’s specialized dashboard enables merchants to register fast and manage their product catalog with quick data upkeep.
It is also beneficial to,

Profile Administration

  • Upload/manage vendor profiles, including personal information, product specialty, and other information.
  • Custom priorities may be set up to sell things from different providers based on location, price, and availability.
  • Connect with freight carriers, virtual marketplaces, POS systems, and other platforms with ease.

Update the product price and quantity in the Marketplace.

  • Add/modify your selling price for individual items while keeping vendor prices up to date.
  • Complete product catalogs may be published, processes can be defined, and inventories can be tracked.
  • Set notifications to receive updates if the price or quantity on any marketplace changes.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The technology provides critical enterprise-level analytics for brand activation and memorable consumer experiences.

Customer Management

  • Enter, save, and manage prospect and customer information.
  • Allow multilingual and multicurrency support on the eCommerce website and app.
  • Track prior conversations and reply to consumer questions and feedback using built-in chat, email, or phone options.
  • To manage marketing campaigns, create business-specific processes and employ connected technologies.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - IStudio Technologies

Managing Logistics and Returns

  • Manage a pool of shipping providers by prioritizing shipments and selecting courier partners based on the location of the customer.
  • To improve the vendor-customer relationship, set guidelines for customer-initiated returns and direct courier returns.

Product Administration

Aids in the real-time management and monitoring of items across all sales and distribution platforms. Among the key capabilities are:
  • Catalogs that allow users to filter goods based on many qualities.
  • Archetypes that may be used to add and manage versions of comparable items.
  • Customize retail, wholesale, sale price, and other product price changes via promo codes, discount offers, BOGO deals, and other pricing systems.
  • Assign goods to multiple sale categories, each with a set % off.

Warehouse Management

Using technologies such as barcode scanning, batch & bin picking, and automated routing, you can organize, select, pack, and transport goods across warehouses for speedier order fulfillment.
It aids in reducing shipping mistakes and streamlining operations that enable:
  • Inventory levels are being checked throughout warehouses.
  • Choosing which products should be moved.
  • Tagging items to multiple warehouses so you may select one to verify stock availability in real-time.
  • Choosing shipping locations and routing orders to the closest distribution point
  • Send shipments in batches based on address type, carrier, sales channel, priority, fulfillment method, and other factors.

Analytics & Reporting

With reliable reports and a single-view dashboard, you can gain detailed insights into company data, find shopping patterns, and make smarter business decisions.
  • Inventory and order analytics, product analytics, and accounting analytics are all examples of analytics.
  • Set up notifications for various parameters including inventory replenishment, order dispatch, returns, refunds, and more.
  • Keep track of overall sales, cost of products sold, earnings, discounts, taxes, and business success across all sales channels.


Retail business owners will continue to benefit from multisource selling since it allows them to sell more and earn more. However, development might be hampered when extending into new channels in the lack of a competent eCommerce management system.
Furthermore, if purchases are delayed or consumer inquiries go unaddressed for an extended period, the market’s image may suffer. It may eventually harm your exposure in the web marketplace.
Prepare for the problems of multisource selling by investing in technologies tailored to your company ecosystem. iStudio Technologies can assist in the development of a unique multichannel eCommerce management system that will provide enterprises with the highest chance of success.

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