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Your mobile app requires great maintenance and good care to sustain long and strong in this competing business world.Maintaining a mobile app requires enormous dedication and deep involvement to take care of all it needs, the endeavor of mobile app is blessed with the presence of iStudio Technologies as the significant players can now adopt our service in order to establish a commanding competence.Providing the best mobile app maintenance services is our goal, and we achieve it by practicing some stringent principles and deploying unique methodology in maintenance.


Mobile App Maintenance Service – We Deliver

End-to-end Mobile app Maintenance

In order to deliver top-quality mobile app support services, we used to segregate the complete maintenance solutions we provide and deliver the same one by one to establish uniqueness and set high standards. Enriched technological knowledge assisted with huge experience and industrial exposures are the key driving factors for us to provide astonishing mobile app maintenance solutions.

Your mobile app is a hybrid or native one; it doesn’t bother us since we follow well-proven and successful standards in delivering the desired app maintenance service to our clients. There is no restriction for us to provide you with the desired mobile app maintenance service and we are highly capable of facing any complicated task right ahead.

Mobile App Monitoring

Maintaining a mobile app in the same state from which it got developed is really a challenging task, it requires a lot of dedicated efforts in order to pursue the complete benefit. This demands the performance of mobile app to be tracked frequently in different stages.We deliver quality mobile app support services, by providing the performance report of your mobile application using updated tools. This helps your team to get the exact insight on user experience. Adopting our mobile app monitoring service helps you to know more details about its performance like:

Effect of services on the app

Here you can sort out the internal backend service and third-party API performance issues.

Discovering specific regions affected by poor app performance

Here we learn and fix the setbacks in response time, data transfer and network failure that highly affects your mobile app performance across any geographical region.

Analyze performance using operating systems

We track and monitor the performance of your mobile app using the operating system, device in which it is used, and also the exact version of app.

App performance across carrier network

We prepare a detailed study report on your app performance working across various networks like wireless carrier or WiFi network in which your apps are running.

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Mobile App Upgrades

Upgrading is a part of mobile app maintenance process, and we carry out the same with a proper flow by ensuring all the relevant practices are carried out in an organized way. Our mobile app upgrading process includes:

Mobile app performance optimization

We adopt various practices like caching information, using local storage API, leveraging cloud-based mobile set up and using HTTP persistent are the activities which yields immediate beneficiaries in optimizing the performance of your mobile app.

Improving app interface and interaction

The range of mobile app interface and its intractability plays a highly significant role in acquiring and expanding your customer base. As a part of mobile app maintenance we completely analyze the entire structure of your mobile app and find ways to make it better.

Migrating data models

To sustain in the world of mobile app, your respective version needs to get updated regularly, and during the update data models needs to be migrated every time. This is really a hectic task to be carried out single-handedly without any technical support.

Controlling App Function

We impose complete control over your mobile app by monitoring, updating and editing the functionality every day to ensure better app performance.

Major additions

Your app may require to add some major add-ons or functionalities at times to maintain its sustainability, we understand that it is part of the maintenance process.

Mobile App Enhancement

Creating and maintaining a mobile app is not an easy task which requires frequent updates. At iStudio Technologies, we provide the most enhanced mobile app support services, by practicing all the enhancement activities. Right from simplifying the required design to integrating the impending features of augment reality we provide complete maintenance support by taking great care of your app.

Performance Enhancement

The performance of mobile app keeps swigging back and forth at times and it is mandatory to carry out required changes like image caching, image resizing and re-using data templates.

Usability Enhancement

Similar to performance enhancement, usability enhancement supports the front-end process. Our experienced team of developers takes good care of enhancing your mobile app usability.

Feature Extension

Feature extension is a part of mobile app maintenance process, and the number of features gets added up to it frequently. In iStudio Technologies, we provide complete mobile app support.

Security Enhancement

Security for mobile app is one of the major concerns during the maintenance phase, security risks are keeping increasing for mobile applications now days, and it is found to be highly mandatory for these mobile apps to stay away from any kind of vulnerabilities. We assure complete security to your mobile app in our maintenance process.


Mobile App Porting

Clients requirement keep changing with time, and we are always ready to meet and provide the most satisfied mobile app support services for our valuable clients. We have witnessed several clients who have changed up their mind to opt out for cross-platform service later when they are not highly satisfied in adopting Android or IOS based mobile app exclusively.

Why to go for Mobile App Maintenance?

Enhanced maintenance for long lasting survival

It is smarter to prevent the unexpected downfall instead of repairing it later; this is the key driving factor for our mobile app maintenance service. As a renowned mobile app developer, iStudio Technologies implement pre-planned strategies in its mobile app maintenance service to avoid unnecessary chaos in its working. To ensure sustainability and maintain high competency it is necessary to adopt for mobile app support from technocrats like us, to stand and deliver quality service to your end users for a long time.


Why choose iStudio for Mobile App Maintenance?

Your need is fulfilled here

Upgrading is a part of mobile app maintenance process, and we carry out the same with a proper flow by ensuring all the relevant practices are carried out in an organized way. Our mobile app upgrading process includes:

Our Uniqueness in Providing Mobile App Maintenance Services

We are unique for a reason


We have extremely talented and highly experienced team of experts, who can handle any kind of mobile app maintenance project.

Meticulous Scrutinizing

We provide top mobile app support service, with a strong research base in our setup. We dwell deep into your mobile application.

Flexible Models

We have the most flexible plans of app maintenance in our kitty, to cater the most exclusive services to our clients in a flawless way.

Cost-centric service

We provide quality app maintenance service in a cost-effective way that drives more number of clients towards us.

Timely response

We provide a timely response to our client queries and sort them out in a proactive way.

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