If you ask for a successful SEO strategy for a business, many of them simply say, “Keyword Analysis and about quality back-links”. But there is a crucial element that makes everything possible at initial time of web-page development. I.e. HTML Coding (HTML Tags), helps you to develop optimized web-pages which plays a major part in providing organic results. HTML plays its main role on On-page SEO Factors for any successful SEO Strategy. iStudio Technologies SEO Company listed some of the HTML Tags that show a direct impact on your website while doing On-page SEO activities to improve ranking and web presence.

Necessary HTML Tags recommended for Better SEO Strategies

  • Few unique SEO-friendly HTML tags recommended for Better SEO Strategies are HTML Title Tag / Meta Title Tag
  • Title is essential element in web-page development. To provide Title, the most important tag used on any web-page is HTML Title Tag.The Title of the web-page is to describe about the content of the web-page to both user and search engines.

Note: Make use of targeted keywords and phrases in title of the web-page, helps to improve your search engine ranking.

Meta Description Tag

Meta description Tag is an HTML attribute, used to provide short description of the content of web page. It helps user to know about the web-page in Search Engine Result Pages without clicking on the link. Meta description Tag is very important HTML tag to ensure SEO success and the description would be in between 150-170 characters.

Example:< meta name=”description” content=”iStudio Technologies SEO Company in Chennai providing SEO and web designing services at affordable prices”>

Heading Tags

HTML H1 Heading Tag is one of the major On-page SEO factors in optimizing the content of the web-page. H1 tag is used to provide the main heading or headline of the content which search engine crawlers understand. Our SEO Company recommend you to use targeted keyword within this tag to get better ranking on search engines.

Example: < h1> iStudio Technologies SEO Company in Chennai, offering best SEO Strategies< / h1>
HTML H2 Heading tag is used for subheadings on the targeted web-pages, helps to organize the content well. Providing targeted keywords in long-tail phrases within h2 tag is a good practice to drive more web traffic to the website.

Example:< h2> iStudio Technologies On-page SEO Factors< / h2>

HTML < link> rel Attribute

The HTML rel attribute specifies the connection between the current document and the linked resource. Only used if href attribute available. This is one of the most important HTML attribute used to specify author of the web page, provide restrictions to search engines to determine which web-pages determine which web-pages are relevant to the search by using Canonical Tag, etc.

  • < link rel=”author” href=”″>
  • < link rel=”canonical” href=” ” />
  • < a rel=”nofollow” href=” “>SEO Services in Chennai

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