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CRM – Customer Relationship Management is an interaction between the customer and organization about the services, sales, products etc.. CRM is used to improve the customer service and an organization has to follow some principles and guidelines during the customer interaction. CRM is a one type of information business that manages customer in well organized way. A company needs to identify what type of information the customer need and to do some action like store and update. It will improve to make deeper customer experience and relationship

Benefits of CRM

  • The CRM software offers many benefits for marketing, sales, products, services and other team.
  • Save More Time
  • Faster Lead Generation
  • Secure
  • It is more convenient for customer use.
  • Save the company user network information.
  • Communication between the customer and Organization is strength.
  • Email Marketing actions are done in CRM
  • User can able to check customer order history

CRM Services

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility Analysis of your products
  • How to evaluate the analyzed information about the products
  • Reporting
  • System Audit
  • Architecture Review


  • Functionality Implementation
  • Design implementation
  • User training

Upgrades and Migration

  • Application and product upgrade
  • Data Migration
  • Database upgrade

Application Integration

  • Customer Data Integration
  • Multiple version Integration

QA and Testing

  • Testing Process Consulting
  • Load Testing
  • Manual and Automation Testing
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