SEO Checklist For Upcoming E-Commerce Site


A matchstick can be used to lit a lamp or also to burn a huge forest, it all depends upon its usage, the same thing happens with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO has to be framed well in order to reach the proper targeted customer, else there is no use of spending time with creating SEO optimized website.

Since SEO strategy is a highly fluctuating approach particular analyst needs to be highly aware of its trends and changes happening very often. Moreover, this strategy varies from one search engine to another

This is the reason why SEO is considered to be the most sensitive and effective online marketing strategy without spending any amount. One thing that every company and analyst needs to keep in mind is that their SEO approach will affect the progress of their competitor either way.

Framing an effective SEO strategy will result in increased website traffic and at the same time boost your ROI(Return On Investment). Again applying SEO is an interlinked process where more than two or three processes are interdependent to one another.

For this a search engine bot needs to find your page out there and access the robot files, then these booted files need to be crawled and indexed. Based upon proper indexing a website is ranked in any search engine.

Similar to other industries e-commerce too has its own set of a checklist in optimizing its site in a better position in search engine ranking. This blog highly suggests some useful and effective SEO checklist for your e-commerce website which is highly applicable for both on and off page SEO. As the leading SEO service providing company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies helps you to out beat your business competitors through providing seamless SEO service.

On Page SEO Checklist

1.Search Volume

As the best SEO Company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies takes all the measures to position your website in the top ranking of Google’s first page. We have experienced SEO analysts who are deeply expertized in providing the most custom Seo work for a website. While designing your website you would have definitely been implementing the required keywords according to SEO, under Search Volume you can get to know how many users have searched for a specific keyword and make good use of those words and also to avoid further problems with similar words. Google Keyword Planner highly helps you in knowing about the search volume of a specific keyword.


Every visitor won’t has the intention to purchase a product while visiting your online store or any other stores. Different users will have different intentions while getting into the online store even if the visitor has not witnessed required keyword still, the site will be fruitful by giving them required product knowledge.


Now you got to know about the intention of your visitors and the total amount of search over a specific keyword. It’s now the time for looking at the relevance of keywords used on your site. One big trap set in SEO is their numbers, falling as a prey to these numbers will always be a hurting factor. Instead one needs to find the relevance and necessity of using every single keyword in order to avoid unnecessary chaos.

We have got everything with keywords and now its time to consider other supporting factors like Title tag, Meta Descriptions, and Sub-Headings.

Title Tag

Title-tag is the one which reflects the outcome of product search or any other relevant search which is mentioned in the searching space of any browser. The primary and the most important keyword acts as a title tag when it is searched under any browser.


Even though it is not considered to be a contributing factor towards SEO ranking, still it creates a great impact on click-through rate for your website. Meta descriptions give a little hint about the product you deliver under the title tag of every website.


This can be categorized according to priority as H1, H2, and H3. It includes product categories, features and other supporting systems available on the website.

Measurement Tools

Implementing effective measurement tools like Google Analytics, Google search console, and Bing webmaster tools will highly help your e-commerce to get a great spot in Google first page. These tools will be a great support in monitoring your website engagement and traffic generated towards your website.As the best provider of SEO services in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies gives top priority towards accessing the impact of SEO in technical aspects.

Unique Title

Despite the number of pages, you have each and every one of them needs to be mentioned with a unique name. This title must be constrained with 70 characters in order to make it catchy is that you need to give the name of the product type.

Avoiding Unnecessary Pages

Whether it is an e-commerce site or any other website unnecessary landing pages which is not a contributor towards organic search can be and has to be removed, this can be done by sending a message to stop crawling and indexing by using the Robot.txt file.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is one of the most SEO approaches to navigating the user towards your website. This highly works both on the web as well as mobile applications in categories like the home page, product category, and specific category. Since this navigation highly helps in improving click-through rate and site mapping and it is the most widely used method especially in Google.

Product Reviews

Including ratings and reviews for the products in your e-commerce will definitely create awareness among customers in their purchase decision. Moreover, it acts as a contributing factor towards your website content in encouraging the organic search of your website and products in the browser.

Handling Stock Deficiency

Maintaining an e-commerce site successfully is a big responsibility which needs high attention and greater dedication. SEO checklist is also concerned about handling the inventories and gives you proper suggestion. Since the availability of SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) is still a mysterious factor which is not possible for any e-commerce company to give an accurate prediction.
Therefore if a scenario occurs on stock deficiency then automatically the respective page will end up showing, this need to be avoided in order to maintain a healthier and long-lasting relationship with end customers. There are two safe bets available for this where you can show a notification as “temporary out of stock” or to redirect the search to another page link.

URL Keywords

Keywords are the most flexible and easy to use, weapon which creates some greater impact for your website by generating higher profit. These keywords can be used in your URL links in the main page as well as in product category and product sub-category pages. Including keywords in your website pages will boost the search rate towards the website and makes the crawling job much easier.

Sufficient Content

Content is the one X-factor which elevates your website presence to the next level, especially through its keyword presence. Content posted must be highly accurate when it comes to an e-commerce site where it should very close to 250 words per page. This content must be of high quality, unique and free from content duplication. Separate content needs to be framed for category page and product page in a unique way according to the requirement.As the leading SEO service provider in Chennai, iStudio Technologies helps your site to get load faster by providing optimized solutions.

Speed And Responsiveness

Loading time of a website is a great concern in today’s world where the tolerance rate of end users are very low, due to the drastic improvement in technology and internet speed the average loading time for any website is only 3 seconds. Therefore loading time of a website needs to be your top priority.
Next comes the responsiveness of the website, today PC is not the only device to which the customer look out for where they have various other options. Creating a highly flexible website which can be accessed through any devices is highly mandatory to stay alive in the huge e-commerce industry.


Internal Site Search

Creating an internal site search for your website is highly important like optimizing the same for the search engine. This highly helps you in reading the mindset of the customers and fix your site accordingly. Moreover, it also helps in fixing all kind of errors occurring on your website.

Adding Canonical Tags

Adding a canonical tag to your e-commerce pages will be the best method to avoid duplication and similarity of your website pages and subpages. This, in turn, makes your site highly unique and helps in generating some organic search for your e-commerce website.As the best SEO marketing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies carries out the most structured approach in practicing on-page SEO in the industry.