As cryptocurrency has become the most happening things in today’s world and everyone is finding or digging out some opportunities to get them involved in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first and foremost cryptocurrency introduced into the global economy and its consistency narrates the remaining story of its success.

There are several other digital currencies and coins have been introduced, but nothing is successful like bitcoin which makes a lot of investors and stockers to approach Bitcoin for their business. The abundant existence of Bitcoin has made its security questionable and preventive measures were taken by few renowned users, and still most of them were searching here for better options.

This article will be highly helpful for Bitcoin users to know more about its safety. The smartphone is really a boon for a lot of users and this will also be helping them in safeguarding their Bitcoin usage. We introduce you towards 10 useful apps that protect your Bitcoin from any harmful happenings.

1) Coinbase

Similar to Bitcoin coinbase was started in the initial stage of cryptocurrency to play a prominent role of mediator between two parties or peers using any kind of cryptocurrency for their monetary transactions. Using coinbase one can store any kind of cryptocurrency in the wallet; theypossesstrade with the help of coinbase and also track its prices.

This cryptocurrency app covers a huge base of iOS and Android users by enabling the feature of providing the list of merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments. Till date this app is considered to be the no. 1 due to its compatibility and flexibility. Even though it is said by a few users that it is charging higher prices, still coinbase manage to drive-in more number of customers.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency

2) CryptoTrax

This particular cryptocurrency application acts as a coin portfolio, which carries out entirely new functions alike coinbase. Irrespective of the coin possessed by the user it helps them in every single aspect of their business they got involved in with cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of implementing cryptotrax is to track the trading done using a specific coin; it also forecasts the value of the coin which the user would like to purchase. This tracking methodology will be highly helpful for the users to know whether they will end up in profit or loss.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency

3) Enjin Wallet

Found by the same discoverer of Enjin Coin the first cryptocurrency designed for gaming, Enjin wallet always supports Enjin coin. The main aim of Enjin wallet is to provide a highly secured app for cryptocurrency transaction irrespective of the coin used other Enjin coin. This smart app comes out with a smart idea of implementing its own keyboard and also with an option to choose with randomized keys in it. Even if you lose your phone there is no worry of losing your digitized money, instead you can write the secret 12 letter word and scan the same in your new handset. Right now it is applicable only in Android devices and the IOS version is yet to arrive.

enjin cryptocurrency

4) Investing.Com Cryptocurrency is an experienced player in the field of investment for the past 10 years; this application provides advice from experts regarding investing over any kind of portfolios. This app doesn’t provide usual functionalities like wallet features instead; it has a huge database for tracking the price of 1300 altcoins. Basically this app helps you in fixing the rate of altcoins in the process of buying or selling.

btc cryptocurrency app

5) BTC.Com

Another major player in the Bitcoin filed providing some extraordinary app experience for the users using any kind of cryptocurrency. It is composed of simple design, peak of security and minimal transaction fees. This is highly advised for Bitcoin beginners to use and also supports the experienced users very well. This application has some very useful features like the ability to transfer Bitcoin through QR code.

btc cryptocurrency app

6) Bitworth

The primary and unique feature of this wallet app is its three tiered security offering to the users. Irrespective of the coin type it provides a strong security to its users. This smart app is also well known for providing satisfied service to each and every customer being its top priority. It has all the essential features of a wallet app in it.

bitworth cryptocurrency app

7) Xapo wallet

This particular cryptocurrency app is developed by a small team and has created a big effect over the target audience. This app is easy to use; possess a clear user interface and unscrambled setup as well.
This app will track you the present value of your cryptocoin and also gives proper suggestion regarding investment. Right now this is present only in iOS and expected in android soon. One major drawback of this app is it cannot provide you price updates of various cryptocurrency as expected by the majority of the users.

xapo cryptocurrency app

8) Delta Portfolio Tracker

Another promising app exclusively designed to handle multiple cryptocurrency related functionalities well known as “perfect tracker of cryptocurrency portfolio” capable of tracking and providing details about 2000 more cryptocurrencies. This gives you entire information about its price alerts, custom details and guidance to manage these coins.

delta cryptocurrency app

9) Cryptonaut Portfolio Tracker

This smart app designed by cryptocurrency is meant to track each and every movement of a cryptocoin and provide the user with detailed report. This is tailor made for, the expertise and professional users, which deliver a separate suite with in-depth options like high-end support for various altcoins and also provides the facility to trade between different crypto coins.

cryptonaut cryptocurrency

10) Crypto Tracker

This app goes straight into your face by just providing the current price range of cryptocurrencies. If you think that it is not a worthwhile, this app disappoints you as it is designed using Google’s Material Design which tells you the whole story. Predictions are not up to date, but they are up to second driven from Coin Market Cap. This app works only for Android providing price details to its accuracy.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency


With the introduction of more number of cryptocurrencies and its supporting apps as well there is a huge scope for implementing these technologies in mere future. And there is no doubt that these technologies will simplify our work and boost the trading to next level.