Servicing the demanding product to the customer, updating your products and services, framing the web framework according to the industry and service you provide, marketing your website in a proper way in digital media altogether contributes towards the success of an organization in reaching their customer.

Every contributing factor, every contributing person need to get updated accordingly in a proper to satisfy their targeted audience. Developers adapting the latest trends and technologies of web development and delivering an forecasting based website will lessen the burden of marketers. Here are some trending frameworks which will be creating a great impact in the web development industry for 2018.



Angular JS is a Java Script enabled open source web framework which used for developing web pages. If you are effective user or a follower of trending web frameworks then you must be knowing about this framework. This framework operation basically depends on MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern, it is not full stack but a front end development application used in your webpages.This Google product is getting updated in its every version, the second version is much better than the first one by including lot of features. Now Google has released its fourth version in-built with all latest and required features.


If Angular JS is a well recommended framework for developing front end application then Laravel is known for its best back-end application development. This framework is similar to Angular as it follows MVC architectural concept in its operations. This back-end framework is developed in 2011 by possessing all the required and demanding features in it like high-end dependency manager, latest utilities used in application deployment and maintenance, varied methods of approaching relational database and most importantly orientation towards syntatic sugar. Most importantly this back-end framework keeps on updating since its evolution, which makes it as the most important PHP framework.



This web framework is created in order to maintain user interface based web applications. This is running based on Java Script library and maintained by Facebook, this framework also works as a convertible one for many web application. This framework can easily handle large applications in running, maintaining and updating it over time inclusive of data included. React.js is really implemented with the intention of developing some challenging and real time applications by implementing complex algorithm.

Node. Js

Another java script framework which is light weight and highly efficient, this is not just a framework but a complete environment which provides all the tools and required functionalities for the developers. This framework is highly performing, scalable and securing application provider with fast and complete connectivity of varied network applications. The very existence of this framework is due to is approach of ideology behind blocking and event driven input and output from the application.


Ruby on Rails (RoR)

This web framework is one among the few web development framework which keeps developers highly engaging and moves them interesting towards application development. Some of the well established brands like Airbnb, Hulu and Basecamp are developed using RoR. This framework is an open source available in free of cost and runs based on Linux. This will carry out your developing work in a much smoother way in entire process cycle.


Symfony is basically developed on PHP framework in order to create complex applications in a highly scalable and more flexible manner. This framework is exclusively used for developing large projects based applications. The recent version of Symfony (version 3.1) is highly flexible so that it create any kind of application. This framework works with various established open source platforms like PHPBB, Piwik and Drupal. Symfony is the bundled pack of PHP components, application framework, community and philosophy.



This web framework tool is developed by Microsoft in 2002, where it is run by Common Language Runtime (CLR) which helps coders to write programs of ASP.NET under .NET framework. This framework is well known for handling dynamic website and creating complex applications. Since this is the most preferred framework among web developers it solely possess 15% of market share in the web framework industry.


Yii framework possess most of its functionalities similar to that of ASP.NET in providing web based applications. It is well known for working with applications performing repetitive tasks. This framework features built-in component model, database abstraction layers, event driven programming and modular application architecture. One of the notable feature of Yii framework is that it runs the application in shorter period, with high efficiency and in a more customized way according to market demand. Moving one step ahead this framework gives you the advantage of upgrading or downgrading its versions according to the requirement during installations.


It is an out and out java script featured framework developed in both front as well as back-end. The primary purpose of this framework is to make things easy and in a more convenient way, so that the output can also be efficient and scalable.The number of codes used by this framework is comparatively less in numbers which helps the developers to complete quickly. This is the bundle of java script frameworks, library collections and its packages. Meterojs has also derived concepts from peer framework in order to develop a strong application.

Cake PHP

This is the best and highly demanding open source framework developed by PHP, this framework utilizes the concept of MVC associated with data mapping concepts. The most important reason behind this framework’s fame is that the developers feel highly comfortable while using this framework for application creation and it have a highly structural and simple guide to help the developer in using cake PHP for web page creation.


Final Note

At the end of the day it is not about the features present in the framework rather the functionalities of a web framework decides its place in a project. Understand your requirements and study about the demands for functionalities to your project and then select the fittest one.