You may run any WordPress website of high or low range no matter what, an RSS aggregated plugin is always considered as an added advantage for your website. By using RSS plugin you can get great values and improve the worthiness of your website. RSS feeds basically perform the operation of gathering information, news feeds and content for your website to sty updated in the industry and help you to grab more number of targeted customers through generating more traffic inflows, so that you don’t want to worry about updating content anymore and your time will be save.
This blog post will take you to a tour on explaining the nature and characteristics of RSS aggregator plug-in and gives you a binocular view on them depicting their usability. Moreover, this blog post will run over the rule on RSS aggregator plugins and tells you about the 5 best preferable one for your WordPress site. After reading this post you would probably end up with using one or two of this plug-ins in your WordPress site.
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RSS aggregator and its beneficiaries

Expanded as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) this web feed helps your website to keep updated on the news articles, blog posts and online content in a précised way in order to maintain the traffic inflow through delivering a standardized format over these posts. This is similar to getting subscribed to a news articles or to your favorite YouTube channels, through which you get constant notifications based on the updates.
Another important feature of the RSS feed is it gives the personalized service to the user as per their requirement or interest. For example if you are demanding a desktop based feed then you will be getting it through the app which you have installed, same as if you need the update through a specific browser then it can be obtained through the option Browser Built-in Feed Readers. When the RSS feed finds an update about any new technology or concept happening relevant to your industry then, it will immediately update in your website.
RSS feed eases up the pressure on your shoulders in terms of updating any new happenings taking place in your industry, as a website holder you don’t have to search for striking trends and keep updating it frequently. At the other end, the user who have subscribed to the website will also be getting continuous inflow of information through RSS feed. RSS is the most flexible feed found ever, and it can be used in any format like for mobile device, desktop or website. RSS aggregator plugin is capable of delivering lot of values to the site and here we have listed few among them.

Delivering Curated Content

RSS feed is highly capable of collecting relevant and potential information for your website and helps in posting them regularly. If suppose say for example your website is about providing architectural designs then, RSS feed will display the online contents related to architectural design and keep posting them in the allotted blog section.

Email newsletters

Framing a unique and exclusive content for your email newsletter related to your website is highly complicated for the new players and starters; RSS aggregator plugin plays a major role here by collecting relevant articles from different web source and analyzing all of them to present the best before your viewers.

Job Listings

RSS aggregator highly helps you in listing the job availability in your organization on a specific field or for multiple positions. The uniqueness of using RSS aggregator is it automatically keeps updating with the field and removes the listings once it has been fulfilled.
Now we have seen some of the striking features of RSS aggregator which will be highly useful for your website in keeping your website visitors engaged, and also to increase their numbers. Now, we will be getting into the main concept which explains about the five most important RSS plug-ins which will be highly useful for your WordPress site.
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Five impressive RSS aggregate plug-ins for Word Press

When it comes to the game of functionality these 5 RSS plugins are real masters in catering varieties to your WordPress website. All these five plugins are easy to access and some of them also deliver a premium service to their users.


WP RSS AGGREGATOR assists you in importing, merging, and displaying RSS and Atom based feeds into your WordPress websites. This plugin is known for its spontaneity and quickly adopt with the environment of your WordPress website. The core version of this plugin is available for free of cost and helps you to aggregate various RSS feeds from different web resources.
Post the implementation of this plugin setup, you can start posting the feeds and content in your website with the help of RSS text editor toolbar and also by using shortcodes or parameters. The plugin settings are highly configurable where you can connect the title and the source names of imported posts.

  • Complete control over the feed which gets updated in the process.
  • Configure the plugins in order to import the feeds using exclusive titles.
  • Only few feed items were stored.
  • Works well with YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo.


This specific RSS feed plugin, helps in displaying the visitors with a list of menu holding multiple RSS feeds in it to get subscribed apart from the pre-existing subscription options. If your website contains wide range of information in it, and the visitors viewing those information are not interested or aware about it then it could be a misleading one.
This is the situation in which the RSS plugin plays a vital role by displaying only the specific category of feeds according to the customer segment. The user can customize upto 8 different categories under this RSS feeds. Just by implementing a simple short code the user can bring in the required RSS feed into the WordPress RSS plugin with the help of relevant tags. Article specific RSS feeds can be created in a better way using this RSS feed plugin through adding this plugin into the sidebar from widget menu.
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This plugin highly supports you in syndicating, curating, importing, merging, and displaying the entire text under RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress blog. This plugin works in a unique way that it receives the required RSS feeds and then publishes each article one by one as a separate post. This particular RSS feed helps the bloggers to get the feeds from other blogs to acquire the existing advantage. The website handlers can also implement this method in order to share the relevant data with the site visitors or followers. This acts as a supportive alternative in posting the blogs regularly in a website.
Similar to other plug-ins this one too has a pro as well as free version with it where, the free version itself has lot of perks in it. The free version of this plug-in is highly capable of importing feeds automatically using cron. Using this plug-in you can also import the full text RSS feed and display the content as well. This plug-in is also customized in a better way to display only the titles of your posts in your RSS feeds. This plugin provides the ultimate authority over the content published and you can also set the author name for the imported content.


This plug-in brings in fun and involvement by making the process of aggregating the feeds into the website. Here as a user you can compose and display the feeds in your posts or pages with the help of shortcodes and widgets. The key features of this plugin are:

  • Every data displayed under this plug-in will be of highly responsive including the images displayed. Since the caching is highly automated it reduces the pressure in the process of page loading time.
  • This plug-in generates all the shortcodes required from the user side for the post moreover; the user has the choice to display the feeds on their site with the option of editing the short code parameters.
  • The user has an option of making the plugin feeds more interesting through adding the image for the first content. Adding upto it the user can also include the required custom image wherever they want which needs to be featured in the feeds.
  • The user has the complete license to add as many as feeds into a single page as per their requirements and ideas. Further the same feed shortcodes can be used for other posts and pages as we

5) RSS with Images

The RSS feeds can be made more interesting through including relevant RSS images in proper place, this elevates the concept been narrated in the website and keeps the visitors more engaging on the concepts and information. These RSS images are even available in a customized sizing option.
This particular segment of RSS feed works very well with Mailchimp’s that coordinates well together with RSS-to-Email campaigns in order to get more relevant and updated newsletters. This RSS feed has the advantage of customizing the XML encoding in it. The minor setback with this RSS feed is it won’t be able to add the existing images into the feeds.
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