Design outcome of your ecommerce product page plays a crucial role in its success and reaching the targeted customers. Before creating a product page for your ecommerce site make sure that the following criteria’s in terms of customer landing where fulfilled:

An ecommerce store needs to follow a lot of strategies to make their customers stay on the website and convert them to buy the products. A step by step approach in these methods will definitely yield a favorable result or your ecommerce store and every single step to make your product page worthwhile has been explained here.

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  • Make sure the customer directly lands from a search engine.
  • Make sure the customer lands on the product page immediately after browsing the store.
  • Ensure the customer has landed once after clicking the target advertisement.

Product page of any kind of ecommerce website must have these essential features like:

  • Well optimized to make sure it is search friendly.
  • Provide valid and detailed information to hold the customer.
  • The store must be designed well to provide a rich online shopping experience to customers.

An ecommerce store needs to follow a lot of strategies to make their customers stay on the website and convert them to buy the products. A step by step approach in these methods will definitely yield a favorable result or your ecommerce store and every single step to make your product page worthwhile has been explained here.

As a leading Ecommerce Web Design Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the best ecommerce website development service to the clients who belong to different industries.

Get To Know About The Components For Good Product Page

Before heading straight up into the topic of product page optimization of your ecommerce store it is better to analyze about few examples of renowned ecommerce players and to study the methods they have used to create a product page.

If we look at the product page of any established ecommerce player we can notice that they would have utilized maximum space of the page as best as they can. This clearly states their intention of providing valid as well as detailed information to their target group in a précised way. Let’s dig deep into it in order to analyze each and every section of a product page and how they have framed it in a better way?

  • It is very easy to position the product title and its overview so; it does not consume much effort and time as well.
  • Image gallery must be crystal clear and attractive enough and it must be fixed to be viewed from different angles
  • Product imagesmust be placed in the front and center. The background plays a crucial role to project the product image in a better way and it is also a deciding factor sometimes for a final purchase.
  • A unique and précised description for the product is highly mandatory to help the visitors to take an informed decision over purchase.
  • The details you provide in the description will keep reflecting in the customer review.
  • Inserting the feature of previously viewed products on the customer account helps them to take a quick decision and also benefits from the sale of your product.
  • Providing lot of options on a single page makes the job of customer quite easy in selecting the product.
  • Having the “Add to cart”, acts as a reminder for the customer who wishes to buy the product later.
  • Providing details about shipping charges and return policy will give much clarity to the customer and makes them take a rigid decision.
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A successful ecommerce store will definitely show variations in these following features

  • Detailed and unique descriptions
  • Displaying a better picture of the product
  • Positive reviews which act as a catalyst for the purchase decision
  • Customization to the core
  • Availability of “Add to cart” button
  • Providing clear details on shipping charges and return policies

Self-Analysis On Product Page Creation

Before creating a direct product page for your ecommerce site it is highly mandatory to create a product copy and analyze it before going for the final take. This will be more of an FAQ type in order to carry out a self-analysis for your product page.

What Is The Product

As a seller, you must have a detailed clarity on the product only then you can explain it to the customer. This attention to detail must be carried out much perfectly when it comes to a new product.


Make sure that you are explaining the product well according to its nature whether it is a normal one or it satisfies the demanding need of a customer so that you can highlight those points as well in the product description.

Why Choose

Here comes the main aspect which details about the USP of the product, and explains the viewers through providing a reason for the necessity to buy it.

Key Features

The last but not the least every product must carry out the details regarding its key features or characteristics to provide complete information to the website visitor. This is the most suitable aspect when it comes to the sale of food product which needs to talk about their ingredients.

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Creating A Splendid Product Image

Images are the one which most of the ecommerce website visitors look for while landing up in the product page, a better-framed product image conveys the description of a product easily and effectively when compared to a textual description. Make sure you post the best quality image of the product to be sold in that specific category and it needs the assistance of the following features or supportive elements like:

  • High quality professional camera or smartphone
  • A good lighting
  • White backdrop is necessary
  • Finally, a steady surface to hold the product

Keep updating with multiple images so that it gives a feeling to the customer that you are an active player in the industry. Edit the photos of your product in a best possible way to grab the attention of maximum customers. There are various image formats like GIF, SVG, PNG and JPG available out there pick out the most suitable format according to your product type.

Maintain A Consistent Photographic Image

There are lots of advantages in using a white background for a product to be displayed on the ecommerce site irrespective of its category and here I have listed some of the major advantages.

Internet shopping
  • A white background is highly capable of providing great consistency for every product category.
  • Improve certain aspects of the product.
  • Editing the product image becomes easy.
  • Has a perk of selling it on the marketplaces like Google shopping and Amazon which explicitly look out for white background.

Maintain The Same Dimension

In an ecommerce store products need to be displayed in different angles with varied sizes and moreover, they undergo frequent changes. In this situation, maintaining the same dimension for the product image is necessary and it won’t be disturbing the view of a customer.

Good Utilization Of Product Templates

Proper and effective use of product templates is required to showcase any kind of product image in a best possible way.

Upgrade The Level Of Your Photos To The Next Level

As a displayer of product image, you need to keep few things in mind to speed up the entire process like:

  • 40% of the ecommerce visitors leave the store if the image takes more than 3 seconds to get loaded so make sure your ecommerce product page loads quicker as possible.
  • Using CSS to create borders around image and button elements will speed up the process.
  • Try avoiding external libraries which load plugins or images that can slow down the loading process.
  • Utilizing Google Page Speed Insightshelps you to identify the image which pulls back the process and most importantly it suggests you for betterment of comprising the image.

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Mobile Optimization

Optimizing the store according to mobile view is highly mandatory as it is viewed by the majority of the visitors.  Here are the few tips to be followed

  • Position the image in front and center and make sure the information is displayed only when it is required, and it is not supposed to be in front of the image.
  • Reduce the size of the images as much as you can but, at the same time, it must be clearly visible. This helps to improve the loading time of the mobile site.
  • Menu bar must be fixed in order to ease the customer while shopping the product.

Search Engine Optimize

SEO plays an important role in boosting the visibility of your product page to the target group, in most of the ecommerce website product page is not well SEO optimized and hence disabling the chance of attaining the required value. A unique and well-optimized content for your product page places your e-store in higher search rank and moreover, the product page acts as a front face for your customer to view.

  • Draft a crystal clear product description that details in a précised way about the product you sell and also in a right way that it matches the customer search terms
  • Optimization of image metadata is important on your product page, include the necessary ALT tags by describing images, relevant title tags, and file names.
  • Adding product related video is another way to increase the customer inflow into your ecommerce website. Even though it is considered as an option still it is a potential bet which can really improve the conversion rate.

Zoom Based Image Optimization

Look and feel of a product is considered to be an important aspect and customers in geography like India gives higher preference to it. In order to ensure that this quality won’t be a missing factor, most of the ecommerce website has integrated the zoom in and zoom out option for each and every product. This gives the customer a greater confidence in choosing the right product and also satisfies them in analyzing every single detail of the product before buying it. Here are few important points need to be taken into consideration while enabling the Zoom functionality for a product.

  • Thumbnail template needs to be at 50px*50px
  • A collection image template that is 100px*100px
  • Related image template which needs to be at 150px*150px
  • Main photo template at 500px*5oopx


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