Blockchain as the most innovative technology has the sheer potential to change any industry which it comes across and completely re-transform it into a decentralized one. Its applications are really wide-spread and can be adopted by any industrial player provided if they know the method to handle it. Similarly, the marketing field is also not an exceptional one where it is also prone to the changes made by blockchain over it. As the best blockchain development company, iStudio Technologies caters proper blockchain development based service.

In today’s scenario, digital marketing plays the most responsible role in the uplift as well as the downfall of a business. The power of digital marketing is that immense which makes it highly unavoidable one in the industry. Digital marketing as a complete package has equal setbacks bundled in it which give a high range of trouble sometimes. Blockchain as a technology can be very helpful in fixing the issues faced by digital marketing industry and this article will be focusing on some of the drastic changes that will take place post the blockchain wave on digital marketing. As a custom blockchain development company, iStudio Technologies provides end-to-end blockchain development service to various industries.

Targeting- peak of accuracy

So, digital marketing strategy starts here through tracking the browsing history of a user and displaying relevant ads accordingly when they are active on the internet. Online giants like Facebook and Google follow this strategy for years to display the relevant ads to users and earn more money. If you think this is a high level of accuracy then you will get shell-shocked with the approach of blockchain where more relevant ads will be displayed in front of the users without facing any privacy-related issues that were earlier witnessed by Facebook and Google.


The approach of blockchain will be very simple yet powerful in displaying the most précised ads for every single user. Blockchain technology provides ultimate control in the hands of users where they are the deciders in providing the content related to them. With available content, blockchain will enable digital marketing services to provide the best ad display in front of the users. As the top blockchain development company, iStudio Technologies offers the most customized and accurate solutions to the varied benefices.


As a continuation of ad display, the method of data collection and handling is completely re-defined by blockchain. Blockchain technology gives top priority to user’s confidentiality and privacy-related concerns hence it will carry out the same in digital marketing as well. Instead, of indirectly collecting the data blockchain directly provides a form and ask the user to provide the essential data as per their wish.
This is more of providing company access to the user which generates a great level of confidence and trust in their mind. This in order stimulates them to provide more personal information than expected, provided if the legal and proper permission is taken first. This is a new method of data collection that will definitely revolutionize the digital marketing world. As the leading blockchain development company, iStudio Technologies delivers the most advanced solutions to their clients.

Confiscating third parties

This is one of the most important and striking features of the blockchain, which is highly capable of eliminating the middleman no matter in what kind of contract you were into. This is described as one of the mind-blowing features through which the real peer-to-peer interaction gets established and both the parties will get highly benefited. Using smart contract is considered to be the best example here as it allows to access only the two trading parties through its platform and that too if their reliability is been proved and this completely eliminates the middleman. As the best blockchain consulting company, iStudio Technologies provides you with a proper consultation for your project.

Execution of Fraudulence

Fraudulence and fake advertisers can no more be a part of this digital marketing game as the blockchain simply denies their activities. In today’s digital world it is highly challenging to differentiate between real and a fraud advertiser. The chances are still high that a user can get distracted or even lose their money through clicking on a misguiding advertisement. Blockchain denies these activities to take place through its very basic nature of beingdistributed, transparent, and encrypted at the same time.

This will create a win-win situation both for the companies and users as well. When looking from company’s perspective it can get total information onwho is watching their ads? How many users have watched their ads? Most importantly, when they have watched their ads?This helps an organization to customize its ad and display to specifically targeted users. Looking from the user point of view, it helps them by guarding against malicious ads and ad-posters.

Complete Tracking

Virtual tracking is another most important aspect which needs to be considered in the blockchain technology. Here it is highly possible to track any products, services or even smart contract like application. In today’s digital marketing world fraudulence is not just held up with fake ads and promotions instead, it also continuous with selling fake products. Tracking any products or services through blockchain technology gives further confidence to users and helps them to move forward without any fear. As the best blockchain technology application company, iStudio Technologies caters the most diversified feature of decentralized service to their potential clients.


Blockchain has grown out to be the most massive and powerful technology which is highly capable of revolutionizing any industry. Since there are a lot of benefits can be delivered through blockchain it all need to do proper adoption for implementing the undisputed technology. Since marketing is the most evolutionary field adopting blockchain will be a part of its evolution and it will elevate the digital marketing totally to the next level. We at iStudio Technologies provides proper and efficient blockchain solution to the varied client base irrespective of their industry. Since iStudio Technologies is deeply experienced in handling the core and relevant technologies for blockchain we are highly capable of delivering both the required services and consultation for the organization who are highly involved to adopt this technology into their system.

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