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658, 00, 00,000+ industrial search per day

4.5 billion People search in Google per day

Globally 94.95% searches are based on organic search results

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combined effort to improve the quality of a website through implementing various analytics and techniques to strengthen its online presence. The primary aim of any company in today’s scenario is to hold a strong position in the web browser search (especially in Google) when compared to their rivalries. So, SEO not just paves the way on contributing to a company’s business growth but it also determines how a company presents itself amongst its rivalries in the market? As the leading SEO service providing company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies helps you to out beat your business competitors through providing seamless SEO service.

Our SEO Services

When it comes to providing SEO service we cover all the areas of SEO in order to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients. As the best SEO Company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologiestakes all the measures to position your website in the top ranking of Google’s first page. We have experienced SEO analysts who are deeply expertized in providing the most custom Seo work for a website.

1. Technical SEO

a) Code efficiency

It is highly important to access the code of a website from SEO perspective as the code used in a website highly affects its position in the search engine. One of the key, as well as a hidden factor with website optimization highly, relies on code efficiency from which the website is been developed. Hypothetically if an inefficient code is implemented in a specific web page it automatically gets slow down and the website’s loading time gets increased. Once the on-page web content is optimized then it becomes easier for Google to read the page as the code is minimized. Since Google can easily understand only the semantic meaning of a web page when less code is used there. This eventually helps in improving ranking.

b) Website Speed

In order to enhance the user experience, Google used to continuously update with its ranking algorithm by continuously studying user requirements. This induces Google to deliver accurate results through keep addressing the queries that arise through customer requirements. Therefore faster loading website is highly important here according to Google’s perspective. As the leading SEO service provider in Chennai, iStudio Technologieshelps your site to get load faster by providing optimized solutions. As per Google’s perspective, a site must not consume more than 2.5 seconds to get displayed



Google as a lead search engine approaches some stringent, effective, and result-oriented methods to make sure that its end users experience some outstanding benefits while entering a website in its page. Security is one among those factors that matters a lot or the end user and obviously for Google as well. So, this search engine adopts some serious measures to ensure the safety range of a website is upto the mark and it meets the required standards. According to today’s scenario, Google confirms where the website is protected through embedding HTTPS into it. The inclusion of a secured socket layer will be the key here to bring in the required level of security. We at iStudio Technologies take all preventive measures to bring out a secure website for our clients.

2. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO literally depicts about the optimizing activities carried out within the website page which about to be displayed in the browser’s search field. On-page Seo optimization includes several activities like incorporating an exact set of keywords at the right amount, insertion of internal links, meta tags, meta description, framing a customized URL structure, inserting alt attributes, maintaining image SEO and providing quality content. As the best SEO marketing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies carries out the most structured approach in practicing on-page SEO in the industry.

a) Backlinking

A Backlink is referred as the process of inserting source of a particular site as a reference into your site that gives a scope to add value to the information you deliver and obviously improves your site ranking in Google’s search page. This is a highly suggested method by Google’s algorithm and SEO Yoast WordPress. Moreover, if you give a number of backlinks there is a high possibility that those reference sites will use your URL as backlink as a part of the reciprocative process which highly improves your site’s traffic and increases Google’s first-page ranking.

b) Inserting proper keywords

Keywords play the most crucial role in determining the position of a website in a browser especially when it comes to Google. Based upon the more number of a search and the competency among businesses for a specific keyword determines its place in the website. Keywords are the combination of search term that acts as a marketing element inside the web page as well as in the search page of a browser where it got displayed.

To get well recognized by Google it is necessary to follow certain procedures in implying keywords into the website. The primary keyword must occur at least 15 times within a web page content of 2500 words. At the same time, the secondary keyword must also be included in the specific web page content at least once. This, in turn, enables the Google spider to have a better crawl over the web page and rank accordingly. As the leading SEO servicing company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies involves in better infusing process of keywords in the right blend to provide enhance result to their clients.

c) Meta Tag, Meta Description, alt attributes

Meta Tag

As the carrier of keywords Meta tag is displayed as a title in the search page of a browser, holding relevant keywords for the services or product, and about the company. This Meta tag holds secondary keywords in it that highly assists Google to carry out a better crawl over the content and to allow the search engine understand the exact context of the content.

Alt Attributes

If you are publishing an article or blog in your website, you must have come across the term called alt attribute and alt image which describes the content to be explained inside it. This necessarily must be of a catchy phrase that includes the keywords and must give a fair idea to the readers about the content. As the best SEO service provider in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies sculpts the most customized and efficient tags and attributes for your website content.

Meta Description

Meta Description follows with Meta tag which provides a short description of the company as well as the service rendered by the company according to the webpage displayed according to the specific search in the browser. The Meta description plays a crucial role as the decider in the minds of the user to take a decision regarding visiting the site or not.


d) Image SEO

There are various tactics involved when it comes to SEO, and enabling Image SEO is one of them. Incorporating a highly optimized image in the home page or landing page plays a crucial role in improving your website ranking. A highly optimized image will get displayed in the Google search and gets re-directed towards your site.

d) Image SEO

The sole purpose of fixing the internal link is to retain the user as long as possible on your site; this increases the feasibility towards client conversation rate. As the leading SEO Company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies inserts the internal links at the right spot in your website to keep your website visitors highly engaged.

f) H tags

Usage of H tags in the website content and blog content will be of a catalyst that boosts the traffic flow towards a website. The H tag usage brings in high visibility and empowers visitor’s engagement towards website content. This eventually improves your chance of visibility in Google SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page) for specific words. Implementation of primary keywords and secondary keywords are highly recommended when it comes to H tag usage.

g) URL structure

Adjusting your websites URL according to your primary and secondary keywords will be the smart move towards generating more traffic for your website. According to Google analytics, a website URL with any one of keyword type is sensed to have a higher possibility of climbing up the ladder of first page ranking than the normal URL structure. As the innovative SEO Company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies covers all the on-page SEO activities to deliver the desired result to their clients.

3. Off-Page SEO

If on-page Seo activities are the core contributors to a company’s website, Off-page activities are the one which gives the actual cutting-edge to a company among its competitors and affirms its position in the digital space. As per Google point of view, it used to consider around 200 diversified factors to rank a particular web page in its browser.
Marketing a particular company’s website in digital space is not just sticking with the creating a website in an optimized way, rather it also needs to prove itself in other social media sites and forums that it provides a solid service to its target audience. As the best SEO service provider in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies provides the most strong and valuable off-page SEO services to their clients.


3. Off-Page SEO Services

a) External Link Building

External link building is the highly efficient Off-page Seo technique adopted by various businesses. The core objective behind creating an external link is to intimate Google that your site is being referred by various webmasters in the online space. In this external linking, the main aspect that needs to be considered is the quality and ability possessed by the website to which your web page is externally linked. The quality of the linked website can be easily checked through analyzing the trust flow, citation, page authority and domain authority with the help of various tools.

b) Social bookmarking activities

Social bookmarking is another effective and established off-page SEO activity that brings in a high range of traffic to your website. Regular and timely updating of your websites pages and blog posts in the popular social bookmarking sites will help you to cover a number of target audiences and also to extend the customer base. As the best SEO marketing company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologiespositions your web page content and blog page content in the exact social bookmarking sites which will trigger up your business.


c) Blog directory submission

Blog directory submission is one of the smart moves towards reaching your industrial clients beyond a normal reach. Apart from circling within the blog community, submitting your blog updates in these directories will increase the chance of getting viewed by a huge number of crowd and highly contribute towards expanding your business. Submitting your blog links in various directories that accept your content is the key towards refined approach. An orderly approach is also necessary to get submitted according to the efficiency of directories this is a long-term approach which will yield better results over the period of time.

d) Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is considered to be the production method in increasing the backlinks and traffic towards a website. You need to provide some valuable comments and suggestions to the blog post reading from the user perspective. The primary and key aspect that needs to be maintained is blog sections that we select must be relevant to the industry you belong. As the best SEO servicing company in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies provides result oriented off-page SEO support to their varied industrial clients.

e) Directory submissions

Directory submission of your website’s URL to a specific web directory that is relevant to your industry is highly essential for self-evaluation and also promotes your position in the search engine page results. The selection of directory must be based on PR following for that specific website.

f) Article submission

Sharing article which is created from your own hands always do possess a unique quality, these articles can be shared in specific article sharing websites will enhance your website’s visibility among specific industries and also reach out players who are highly active in online space. Uniqueness and keyword utilization are the two different aspects that need to be considered when posting your article, as a leading SEO service provider in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies supports you with quality content for your article update to empower your Off-page SEO activities.


g) Forum Submission

Forum submission is one of the most productive and efficient methods of indirect off-page SEO activity where you actually get involved in a specific discussion community in which industrial experts communicate and share their knowledge on the concerned topic. In this discussion, you can also post threads describing updating trends and the way your services get embraced with it.

h) Image submission

Image sharing is another engaging and impressive approach made by various industrial players according to today’s trends. Sharing images regarding your services and products in the post established and popular sites will definitely attract the attention of viewers and highly contribute towards your site’s traffic. This eventually leads to an increased number of visitors towards your website. As the top SEO servicing company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies provides huge support for your off-page SEO activity by bringing in creative and meaningful images.

h) Image submission

Submission of video content will highly contribute towards your site traffic if your focused customers were today’s millennials. As it easily engages your target audience and induces them to visit your site.

j) Infographics submission

Infographics are quickly attaining fame among web users as it is a part of the visual representation of content, graphical structures are highly preferred by users when compared to textual content. Posting Infographics messages or content in exclusive sites referring to your web page or blog will generate more amount of traffic towards your website. As the best SEO servicing agency in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies provides complete Infographics support for your off-page SEO activity.

4. Local SEO

According to today’s scenario, around 3 billion companies have involved in local business across the globe as they highly competitive with each other to take a lead in the Google’s first page ranking. In this tough competition, only a few players manage to rise out of the pool and shine in the industrial space. When it comes to Local SEO all the businesses try to reflect back the search terms and keywords entered by their target customers in Google with high quality. As the best SEO service provider in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies caters the most optimized local SEO service to their clients.
Today millions and millions of customers are looking out for local service provider who is very nearby to them capable of delivering quality services. This creates a huge scope for a local business to take advantage of this approach and acquire the maximum number of local clients. The approach of Local SEO will be highly exclusive and extremely targeted towards the local audience. We at iStudio Technologies,helps you to hold a strong position in the local search to acquire an irreplaceable position in your target client’s mind.

Local Seo services by iStudio

a) Website Localization

Localization basically involves the name of the city, region or state to which the particular company belongs too. This approach will be more suitable for companies which are placed in multiple localities, through incorporating the behavior and trends of the local community the website is optimized according to localization approach. As the top Seo servicing company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies brings in best methods to enable localization for your website.


b) Adopting Google my Business listing

Initial embracement of online directories like Google My Business (GMB) page and its equivalent player like Microsoft Bing is the real directories that act as front-face when it comes to local search. It is highly important to get listed in these directories especially in Google businesses like Google’s local search, Maps, and Google+ pages.

c) Handling reviews and ratings

Handling and displaying honest reviews and ratings plays the most crucial role in deciding your website position in local siting. These will not just create trust among your clients, but it also helps to send a strong message to Google that your services are valued much.

d) Citation Building

Positioning your website URL in well-established citations and business directories will bring in some expected changes for your business. This won’t get restricted with attaining customer’s attention but also improves your overall search rankings. As the leading SEO service provider in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies involve end-to-end SEO activities in the highly efficient way.

SEO Workflow – ISTUDIO

We at iStudio Technologies, follow some unique and proven methods as a workflow to carry out the best SEO practices for your business. Through providing best SEO services in Chennai, India for a decade we are highly aware of its trends and adopt the most effective method that would yield desired results to you.

Finding profitable target keywords

In the first step, we collect all the relevant keywords for your business and perform the action of arranging and isolating few of them according to their profitability rate.

Detecting and fixing on-site issues

Here we undergo complete website scanning to figure out the weak areas in order to fix them. We use some specific tools to carry out the process in order to find out all the prevailing issues.

Removing malicious links

Evaluation of your website’s backlinks is highly mandatory as there may present some malicious links that would create some serious damage to your website at any moment.

Cross-checking with website rankings

Post segregating the useful keywords, we then carry out the process incorporating them and cross verify the results through checking the website ranking.

Landing page optimization

Landing page plays a crucial role in generating online traffic and it is the most important factor of a website. We carry out the most productive methods to optimize your landing page better.

Constructing quality links

We carry out the most stringent and customized approach in segregating quality links to position the backlinks for your website, by measuring quality players in the industry.

Why iStudio?

  • A decade of experience
  • Diversified client base
  • Experienced team of experts
  • solutions surpassing client expectations

As the best SEO service provider in Chennai, India iStudio Technologies has immense experience and possess a highly talented set of team who are expertized in solving your business complexities through providing fantabulous SEO services. In this decade of experience in SEO, we have walked through all the business verticals and industries and hold a proper knowledge to unbox your requirements. We provide end-to-end SEO services to our clients that would definitely generate more leads and expand their business market.