Mobile app marketing and its related strategy remains an unnoticed and untouched area of exposure for most of the clients who even owns a mobile app, comparing with a website or web application, marketing a mobile app is still a challenging task.

Mobile app marketing involves a dedicated strategy in it and it highly varies according to the nature of the app and its user base. Hundreds of mobile applications are emerging out everyday and the one which caters eternal benefit to its targeted user only can able to reach out the audience and stand still by residing in their smartphones.

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What are the Various level of Mobile App Marketing/Promotion?

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is a continuous process of improving your service to customers via mobile app and the perks you got included in your mobile app as well. Knowing them better and enhancing your app is the key to success and it gets carried on in every stage of mobile app development.

Mobile app marketing involves typical follow through of new product/service launching which incorporates the stages like market and customer analysis, planning, competitor analysis and execution as well. Travelling with the customers right from app launching to making them avail your service at a paid cost is the eternal success of any mobile app marketing.

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Various Phases of Mobile App Marketing and Promotion

Phase1: Awareness

This is the initial level of marketing the mobile app where we create a general awareness regarding the app during its time of launch by practsing favourable App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

Being a renowned mobile app development company in Chennai, India, iStudio Technologies follow certain key metrics to create awareness regarding your app amongst target audience.

Cost Per Mile/Thousand (CPM)

We select a suitable website to post the ad regarding your mobile app and the “cost per mile” term denotes that you need to pay a certain amount everytime when the ad reaches thousand count in a specific website, we make sure by selecting the right website and the right time to get more impression during the time of display.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click-thorugh rate denotes the percentage on total number of clicks obtained by an app through external links, pages and other locations as well.

let us take social media for an example and its ad point towards a section where the app can be downloaded.

Traffic Source

As its name suggests this particular measuring tool tells the exact source from which the traffic gets generated or where does your app gets viewed the most, we at iStudio Technologies implement this method as a trial and error one to know the hotspot of getting more traffic or viewers and based upon that we frame your mobile app marketing strategy.

All the above three methods are a form of trail and it might or might not work, if it is not working then we need to change the approach as well.

Phase2: Acquisition

Your targeted users now gets familiarized with the app and you can find more number of your app downloading process.

Similar to awareness stage, it is also required to follow a dedicated approach in the stage of acquisition and we at iStudio Technolgies being a promising mobile app development agency in Chennai, India implement highly personalised customer acquisition approach by following these metrics:

User Demography

Categorizing targwet clients in terms of demography perfectly is the first step to success and being an experienced app development team in Chennai, India, we have experts in-house to frame the exact demography of clients who can download your mobile application. Their demography profile includes age, gender, income, and lifestyle.

Number of Downloads

This helps to know about the exact number of downloads made in account of your app and also helps you to figure out the reach of your application amongst target group based on your initial level of promotion.

Cost per Download

Calculating the total cost incurred in developing the app and dividing it by the total number of installation gives you the exact cut on cost per download. Knowing the cost per download is key to finalize the profit or loss of your app development process.

Devices Involved

If you have created a hybrid app (most cases) then you need to know the downloads and installations happened exactly on Android, iOS and tablets to know who loves your app more?

Being a innovative app development company in Chennai, India we follow step by step approach in helping our clients by guiding the right marketing strategies.

Phase3: Activation

First the user viewing your app launch, and then the user getting to know about your app and at this stage the user starts interacting with your app. If you think that downloading/installing your app is your eternal success then you are completely wrong.

Thinking that app installation will yield you the required benefit, then I would say that your into the pitfall, you must find whether your target users are interacting with the app by using them.

Adopting our mobile app development services in Chennai, India helps to get more number of interactable clients who install and continuously use your app.

We follow the below given approaches in making things happen in terms of user activation:

Onboard happening

Evaluating the success of app in the activation stage by monitoring the account creation or add a friend or making first purchase as a part of user interactability with the app.

Activation Percentage

Activation percentage plays a key role in determining the success of the app where it calculates the ratio between the number of downloads and the number of interaction.

Activation is the exact stage where you will get to know whether you are travelling in the path of success and being a leading mobile application development company in Chennai, India we help you to reach success in the stage of activation.

Phase4: Retention

Now you have got a handful of customers and its time to retain them and slowly increase their count as well. Customer retention is an approach used for any product or service hence app development has its own methods of retaining their customers.

So what are the steps to retain your customers? Here you go

To retain your customers you need to know few user approach with your app and they are:

Active Users

Know about your users’ usage rate with your app by measuring their daily, weekly or monthly usage, this helps you to go for nich based target on specific set of users who quite often engaged with your app.

Session Duration

It is equally important to know the total duration of usage implied by a app user which shows the engagability and the interest of your user. Analyzing the session duration of every single user is even beneficial and hence it will help to frame a better retention strategy.


Knowing only the perks doesn’t makes any sense and won’t provide complete contribution to the success of your mobile app. Your app need to face uninstallers in its journey and hence counting their heads really do matters.

Getting mobile app developed from iStudio Technologies helps you to easily surpass the retention phase and have a long-lasting existence in the app market.

Phase5: Time to make money

Your app got introduced, acquired a few set of clients, interacted with them and also retained a decent numbers, now its time to make money. You can introduce few extra features or added options and count it under premium package or subscription. The loyal users who are in travel with you since the launch will definitely go for purchase and while doing so you need to focus on few things here:

Free to Paid

Must monitor the conversion rate on the number of users getting converted as paid users from free users.

Wait time

The wait time indicates the app getting the subacription enrolled by the maximum number of users, the time certainly vary for every single user and this time count will be highly helpful and a supporitng key marketing performance metric.

Phase6: Referral

The final stage to commit your user to be your brand ambassador and help your app to reach the maximum. The users at this stage will certainly be happy and satisfied with the experience redered by your app functionalities.
This is how it can be achieved:


The overall experience incurred by any user is reflected in terms of numbers a handy number of ratings say from 500 users with an average of 4, will create a positive impact on fresh users. Note the fresh user always look upon the ratings and then go for reviews if he/she is certain about app subscription.


Asking the existing user to review about your app where the user needs to share their experience in th entire journey of usage. The user gets licensed here to provide their feedbacks on areas of improvement and the corners that provided best functionalities ever.

Social share

Going an extra mile and embedding the social media icons caters several favours and it enables the persisting user community to know that the app is used and induce 10% of them to use the app (if the existing user has a good follower rate).


Mobile app marketing or promoting a mobile app requires dedicated strategy framing, and hence it demands the knowledge of expert app developers and extended experience for proper guidance. Both the knowledge and experience can be attained under the single roof of iStudio Technologies, we are a team of passionate app developers intended to uplift the business of our clients by creating beneficial app.