Seo Do’S And Dont’S For 2020

SEO Do’S And Dont’S For 2020

If you think SEO and organic ranking was tough last year, please be strong it is going to be even harder this 2020, with its ever-changing dimensions SEO is getting remodelled ever with at least a couple of drastic changes.

Video and voice search will be highly influencing the browsers and thanks to devices like Alexa and Google talk device.

To cope up with drastic SEO changes, survive in the industry, and to outbeat the competitors, it is essential for any organisation to adopt a profound SEO service provider around their locality that helps them to stay up front in the web world.

Here you certainly need to have a look at the Do’s and Dont’s of SEO in this 2020 to execute a well-planned strategy to become no.1 in Google amongst your industry.

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SEO Do’s to be followed

a) Long-tail Keyword

When it comes to keyword specifically, 2020 will be the year of long-term keywords, industry experts like Rand Fishkin also believe that long-term keywords will dominate the search bars and user minds that every online player needs to give focus.

The key driving force behind the long-term keywords are its compatibility where it easily synchronises with the way voice search operates, and moreover, it feeds 70% of user search queries under its belt.


We deliver affluent SEO services in Chennai, India by tactically implementing proper long-term keyword into your content phrases. A long tail keyword must have minimum of 3 words with it, and it helps your content to get a unique focus and stand out of the box right from the begining.

b) Keyword Evaluation Before Content Curation

It is always advised to dwell into a deep-rooted keyword analysis and research before curating the content this would help you in two different ways, firstly you can create the entire content by implementing the right set of keywords inbetween instead of inserting it later, and it helps to ease up the developers’ job in adding relevant functionalities.

Being the most experienced SEO company in Chennai, India we get into detailed keyword research that aptly fits your products and services and deploys the same to improve your online presence and ranking.

c) Smart Link Building

You have to very careful while creating the link for your website, either it might be internal or external placing the right linking method at the right spot is found to be highly crucial here.

Make sure the internal links that you provide must have clear navigability, and the external one must redirect to a genuine web page that delivers valid information and has high credibility.


We are renowned SEO experts who got great exposure with the concepts and implacability of link building.

d) Use Static URLs

There has always been a neck-to-neck situation between the usage of static and dynamic URL, and most of the companies find it dilemmatic in choosing the right one for them.

When compared with dynamic URLs static are highly-user friendly which gives them a perk over them and hence it is found to be the most useable one.

Apart from user-friendly character there are other certain qualities that drives the organizational users to adopt Static URL over dynamic.

  • High level of navigation rate in SERP, messages, and web pages
  • High level of navigation rate in SERP, messages, and web pages
  • The web search tools like Google Chrome finds it easier to handle static URLs

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e) Image Optimization

Image Optimization

Images are real assets to web pages by portraying any information in an innovative and likeable way. These high-end merits would easily get turned down into a spoiler when it undergoes improper handling.

The optimisation is all we are talking about here in this section, which is found to be the key element in displaying any images.

A well-optimised image would certainly do the favour whereas improper image optimisation would result in slow loading of a website which is found to be a great setback. We deliver quality SEO services in Chennai, India who deploys well-optimised images into the website.

How do we use images

  • Inserting meaningful and innovative images
  • Using ALT text and ALT tag
  • Focusing on image size

f) Building Sitemap

Experts in the SEO world would certainly know about sitemap, but it is equally important to educate the newbies to about the importance of sitemap. The sitemap is the one that maintains your website hierarchy in a proper way and navigates the visiting user in the right direction.

It is mandatory for any website to have a sitemap to convey the Google crawler and the user as well that you maintain a well-structured website and delivering value to a certain range of target audience. We are proficient SEO company in Chennai, India who give great focus on sitemap and update it with our site frequently.

g) Mobile Optimization

There is no wonder that mobile devices are the hot topic and steamy ones in the tech world, having more than 90% of website traffic through mobile devices any organisation must give top priority to these handy ones in creating a friendly website for them.

Users irrespective of their demographic profile tend to prefer mobile devices to access any service or product oriented website. We deliver quality high-in standards of responsive web design services in Chennai, India for diversified client base to cover the majority of their target audiences.

h) Focus on Social Media

Social Media

In today’s digitised business era having a sound social media presence is vital for any business to move on for further growth and expand its customer base as well. Most importantly you cannot find a better spot where you can casually interact and sell your service/product to the targeted customers that easily.

Either you are a startup or developing company, it is essential to spend more time in social media to promote your brand. Being a handy SEO servicing company in Chennai, India we help you out by framing a suitable social media marketing strategy and identifies the best platform to promote your product/services.

i) Blogging

Blogging delivers two-way benefit to any concern who uses it properly and make the most of it, initially it would be focused on driving more traffic into the website by inserting suitable keywords inbetween, and at the same time it also opens the gate of mutual discussion between any two peers regarding a similar topic and helps towards bilateral promotion. We provide impeccable SEO support in Chennai, India to grow your business through and spread your exposure to the entire world of digitisation.

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SEO Dont’s to Follow

a) Avoid Heavy Focus on Backlinks

Creating and inserting backlinks are of course a better move to rank your website but too much of anything would end up with the chaos and backlinks also do the same.

Overstuffing of backlinks would even cause huge damage due to the low-quality ones inserted with the crew. Being a highly reputed SEO agency in Chennai, India we follow some standard practices in adopting backlinks like:

  • Focusing only on backlinks having domain authority above 30
  • Won’t opt for numerous backlinks for a single page at an instance
  • Do not agree for terms and conditions in using backlinks for simple purpose

b) Never Buy Links

It is never encouraged in the arena of SEO to buy links as it would end up with being spam, including a spammy backlink would result in complete website decimation.

c) Make Measured use of external links

Being the best SEO agency, we would suggest focussing less on external links when compared to internal links, since external links are meant to represent other websites and their information even they were found to be highly genuine and valuable, on the other hand, internal links would connect different pages of a website together and explains the user about their query and also depicts the way they got interlinked.
External link building

d) Don’t rely only on Content

Yes, content is still the key driving force behind ranking any web page or a blog post but, the fact is it is not just about the text present over there it also includes images and videos which are a part of the content. iStudio Technologies an established SEO service provider in Chennai, India we deliver content with the right proportion of images, text, and video as well.

e) Prohibit Duplicate Content

Copying the entire content of a page and including it as it is in your page by just altering the company name is not a wise idea at any cost and this is certainly a black hat SEO technique which needs to be forbidden as it would lead to the stage of penalising from Google side. At the same time talking about certain concept several times say “how to create a web design” and “essential elements of web design” are abruptly similar terms which needs to be avoided under repetitive circumstances.

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