Get Your Hospital Mobified Now For Better Operability

93% of doctors believe that healthcare app usage can highly contribute to patients’ health


Getting your multi-speciality hospital or a general clinic appified is not a big deal, but embedding all the functionalities into it and providing it in a well-structured way is a quite challenging task.

The mobile app developed for hospitals needs to be user-friendly both when it comes to patient and hospital admin or staff usage. Maintaining a perfect balance between these two players is the key to the success of any mobile app framed for hospitals.

We at iStudio Technologies provide end-end mobile app development services in Chennai, India, for hospitals to enhance their inner operability and provide better treatment to the patients.

Already, 80% of doctors are using mobile app to communicate with their patients

Why Healthcare Industry needs a Mobile App?

  • Implementation of a mobile app into your hospital system helps doctors especially to treat better, where they can use the digital platform to send the prescription for normal health issues like fever and it avoids the patient’s unnecessary commute to the hospital (unless they need to get injected).
  • Mobile app is a boon for patients who resides in remote localities, the suggestive healthcare measures provided by the concerned healthcare expert can be followed by people in remote areas during epidemic seasons to avoid the disease getting spreaded.
  • Test results and other results can now be verified by the concerned physician via mobile app, the healthcare mobile app we deliver helps the patients to send their test results to the doctor and get proper advice at the right time.
  • The chances of error occurrence during report diagnosation also gets reduced, where we implement smart prediciton methodology in our mobile app that verifies whether the healthcare expert have given the right suggestions.
  • Testing the possibility of blood pressure and sugar level in ones body is now made easy with the healthcare mobile app, the mobile app we provide delivers to the core benefit to the patients and self-checking your BP and sugar level is one amongst them.
  • Cross-verifying whether the entire hospital is operating in a proper way is a tedious task, our enthralled mobile app services for hospitals helps the concerned management to monitor the workability in a better way.

Healthcare mobile app industry would reach the landmark of USD 60 billion dollar by the end of this 2020

Hospital App Functionalities


Easy Appointment

Getting appointment in hospitals is still a tiresome process, where a patient needs to make 5-6 calls to get the desired appointment or their caretakers need to wait in a long queue to get the appointment of the doctor for any diagnosis even it is for fever.

When it comes to approaching a specialist things get even complicated, iStudio Technologies offer best mobile app solution that precisely serves both multi-speciality hospitals and general purpose clinics in efficiently managing their out-patients.

Easy Appointment
By utilizing our Hospital Management Mobile App, patients can now easily book appointments with their nearby clinic or even to the multi-speciality hospital to get diagonised at the right time.

No Missing Out

Being the best mobile app development company in Chennai, India, we provide end-end solutions to hospitals and patients as well where they cannot miss out even a single appointment or medication. We have installed pre-mediated alerts into our mobile app that instantly remind the patients regarding their fixed appointments with their doctor and also regarding their medication needed to be taken at the right time.

There are more than 3.18 Lakhs of healthcare mobile apps available in the market

Need for Ambulance

Need for Ambulance

Need for ambulance is a red alert that needs to be immediately taken care of at any cost, now the concerned gaurdian of the patient can just send a request for ambulance by uploading the medical condition of the patient, where our mobile app finds the suitable hospital which gives required treatment and notifies the management regarding the need for ambulance to the concerned patient’s residence.

The hospital mobile app we develop will instantly extract your pinned address and location and share it with the concerned hospital. Moreover the mobile app will look out for availability of ambulance in 2-3 hospitals who can provide swift service.

Real-time Push Notification

This particular functionality works completely in the back-end of the mobile app, where it will send alerts and notifications to the concerned patient when their scheduled meeting or appointment or any other medication related activity needs to be carried out. Being a renowned hospital app development company in Chennai, India, we make sure that all the back-end functionalities work properly to carry out the entire process in a seamless way.

74% of users are satisfied with virtual healthcare assistance in the world

Dial Directly

We deliver seamless mobile app development services to hospitals where the patients can directly dial to their treating hospital without refering to the contact card or even the internet. Even if the hospital changes its number or inward calling accessibility it will get automatically updated within the mobile app. Since the hospital too uses the mobile app all its contact details like:

  • Pharmacy number
  • Management number
  • Physician number
  • Inward causuality number

First aid Corner

Mobile app we develop for hospitals consists of a separate first aid assisting column that includes general description of self-defence against any medical emergency. The patients’ can now undergo self-treatment and do basic aids to safegaurd themselves until they get proper medical treatment.

The first aid instruction will get displayed for all level of emergencies and the patients’ can even search and find those tips in a dedicated search column allocated in the mobile app.

60% of smartphone users are utilising a healthcare mobile app

Ensures Data Security

Data security is found to be the primary and most alarming concern for industries today to adopt to any technological changes, even the adoption of IoT is still being a dialematic situation due to data security issues. We deliver highly secured mobile application for healthcare that helps the hospital management to maintain data securely and also brings in the basic trust amongst the user regarding app security

Digital Reports

The patient’s no need to waste their time by walking to the hospitals to get their medical reports and same as for the healthcare experts. As a part of digitization, the mobile app we develop for hospitals helps to upload the medical report either it is a scan or x-ray into the concerned patient’s profile (on demand) to avoid unnecessary commute and paper work.

Get clarified your medical doubts

Visitng a doctor or healthcare expert whenever you get a doubt is impractical and waste of time and money, the hospital mobile app we developed in Chennai, India delivers sheer benefit to the patients’ by helping them to get rectified with their queries through uploading their basic details and health reports and images as well (if required), the doctor on the other hand will verify the details provided by the patients and clarify their queries recevied from their side whenever they get free.

Stay Connected

This particular mobile app feature is for the hospital management where they can stay connected with their patients every 24*7 by creating relevant promotional and PR activities regarding health tips and other health related aspects.


Once the patient gets installed and subscribed with our healthcare app for hospitals, they will start receiving relevant healthcare tips from the concerned department, say if a particular patient getting treated for Epilepsy then they will receive dietary suggestion regarding do’s and dnt’s of food and also exceecise tips.

Easy to claim insurance

Claiming insurance is no more a tedious task post adopting our mobile app services for hospitals, the insuree (patient) needs to provide the proper insurance number and a image copy of the insurance bond to the agent who got tied up with the hospital where the image will be processed to the insurance agent corner, the same copy will also be shared with the hospital to bring in required transparency in processing the insurance clearance to the concerned patient.

Stay updated

Staying updated with the operation of hospital management with regards to patients’ appointment is the key factor in today’s medical world. A visit of the concerned healthcare expert might get postponed or delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances, the hospital can overcome this issue by checking out the presence of healthcare expert at regular intervals and make the patient stay updated with the schedule and keep informed, our efficacious hospital mobile app developed in Chennai, India carries out this functionality flawlessly.

Add Family Members

Being the leading healthcare mobile app development company in Chennai, India, our complete mobile app solutions helps to add all the family members under one roof by holding multiple accounts, we have brought on-board the facility of treating multiple patients digitally by properly adding their details in the concerned section under single account.

On the other hand, we also make sure that either the hospital management or analyzing doctor wont get confused with more than one patient details, where we display separately.

Health Tracking

The hospital mobile app we develop consists of a health monitoring tool that keeps measuring your heart rate, Blood Pressure, Cholestrol and sugar level with the help of smart wearable device. By retrieving your health conditions it creates a pedictive system that shows whether you are moving in the right path or not, the same report will also be shared by the concerned healthcare expert and also their inputs will be added into patient’s health tip and suggestions.

Easy to avail medical certificates

Availing medical certificate to authenticate their sick leave and submitting the proof of same to either to their school or college or office to avail the relevant claimings. The patient needs to undergo just a few clicks in the mobile app to avail the certificate where they need to mandatorily provide all the related medical documents provided during the treatment.

Know better about your hospital

The hospital that a patient visits might get shifted or relocated or open a new branch, the patient needs to get updatd with these information to avoid unnecessary wastage of time. The end-end mobile app services delivered in Chennai, India helps hospitals to create better connection with their patients and vice versa. Moreover this feature helps the patient to go for a hospital branch if they get one close to their residence.

Emergency Alerts

If the patient is in an emergency and they are in danger of no attendant then they can just click their emergency alert button in the mobile app we provide which sends red alert notifications to the concerned or nearby hospital to reachout to the patient’s place.


Sample Feature

This is more of a guest feature brought in to the mobile app where a generic user can view all the functionalities related to hospital like doctors’ panel, social media section and other gallery profiles. Here the viewer cannot able to access any functionality related to patient and if required they need to sign up with a fresh user account.

Healthy Tweets

A professional twiter account will be created for the hospital admin and they can share health tips for various patients in their respective sub category and also announce some common information in the general twitter page of the hospital. Adopting our mobile app development services in Chennai, India helps hospitals to efficiently manage their social media accounts and promote their service to the public.

Video corner

Uploading various happenings of hospitals can be inserted into the respective YouTube page that helps hospital to connect better with their patients. The hospital can also upload the video testimonials of their patients that creates a strong bounded trust amongst in-visitors.

GPS Navigation

We provide customised mobile app development services in Chennai, India for hsopitals that involves incorporation of that exact location map pinning helping any patient to reach out your hospital, clinic or even diagnostic centre in a hassle free way.

Privacy Do Matters

We highly value the privacy and its related concern of the patients and hence avail them with a completely customised app that displays them what they want. Unneccessary notifications and alerts can be avoided by turning them off.

Feedback based Improvement

Being an innovative app development company in Chennai, India, we offer unique service for hsopitals to collect feedbacks from their patient in a different way using the mobile app. Now the patients can share their views regarding the complete service availed by them during the treatment process and they can lesurely provide those feedbacks anytime using the mobile app, the completed feedback will be sent to the admin person.

Project your Perks

Digitization plays crucial role in every aspect of our app development process, the treatment you provide and the healthcare experts you have will be displayed in the front-end of the dashboard for patients’ view to opt out the required service.

Images Displayed

Displaying eye-catching images on the right spot of your hospital mobile app enables your patients to take right decision regarding treatment. Our mobile app designers will portray the healthcare service you provide as a story that impresses the viewers and creates required trust in their mind.

Social Media Integration

Today every business needs the help of social media, even if you ruuning a noble servicing hospital, still, you require the assistance of social media to reachout the patients stating that you are quality healthcare service provider. Our social media integrated mobile app will help you stay connected with your patients 24*7 and promote your healthcare services.

Report Analysis

All the medical report of a patient will also be shared with the concerned doctor where they can analyse it anywhere and suggest proper remedial measures to patient via mobile app.

Track your ambulance

Track your ambulance feature caters dual beneficiary to both the hsopital management staff and also the concerned patient. Where the patient can look out for the exact location of the ambulance arriving to them and at the same time the hospital management staff (admin) can also monitor the activities of the ambulance which are operating and non-operating.

Vaccination Reminders

Our proactive mobile app services for hospitals dont miss out even a single aspect that is being a part of healthcare service. The vaccination reminder functionality and the vaccination columns we embed into the mobile app will arrange things for hospitals to conduct vaccinating program successfully and also sends reminder alert to the moms of babies under 5 regarding the same.

Prevention is better than cure

A highly beneficial and truely deserving top spot that one would say for this functionality, the extremism of best healthcare service relies on providing useful tips to people on preventing any disease when there is a sign of its spread. A dedicated column is allocated for creating awareness amongst enrolled patients to avoid the occurrence of seasonal and any epidemic disease, where the concerned healthcare expert will upload all the relevant healthcare tips and even useful videos that navigates the viewers to get rid of upcoming disease of any kind. Availing our enhanced mobile app development services helps hospitals to keep their patients healthy and create a strong bond with them in their entire life journey.