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Role Of Technical SEO In Website Loading Speed

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When it comes to creating a website, the role of SEO become immense here, not most of us know about the technical aspect or the technical SEO that performs all the related technical works to fulfill the SEO activity and chargeup the website to get ranked in first page or even in the snippet at quick time.

SEO activity involves monitoring various functionalities deployed in the website and optimizing the same, ranging from page speed to user-friendly aspect, technical seo has several elements to consider, monitor and optimize in its journey of dealing with the website to make it search engine friendly one and fit enough to be liked, visited and acquire service from the clients.

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This blog post will be addressing the approach of techncial SEO in handling the website’s speed and the elements it rectifies or optimize to enhance the speed of a website and make your visitors stay with you.

Server Response Time

Before knowing the reason behind how server response time affects the loading speed of a page? It is essential to know the basic concepts of server response time.

So, what exactly is server response time?

Whenever we visit a page, the server loads the HTML code and displays the page and its information in front of us by consuming certain amount of time. This time limit is called as server response time, and Google strongly recoomends that the server response time for any web page should not exceed 0.2 seconds.

Eventhough there are several factors responsible for downfall server response time, Google particularly specifies 3 key steps to be considered at any cost:

  • Analayze the existing scenario and figure out the setbacks that causes slow server response time.
  • Keep in mind the current setbacks, track the previous setbacks and then predict the future bottleneck situation which might happen and aid your website from those situations.
  • Keep monitoring your server response time quite often to avoid any lagging of bottleneck situations.
Server Response Time - iStudio Technologies

Most of the time a website’s loading speed gets delayed due to the misfunctioning of a server, where it might seem to be easy theoretically that moving entire database between the servers but practically there would occur several setbacks like file size compresion and PHP files getting missed out.

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Image Optimization Without Quality Decimation

We say that the loading speed of a website gets slower down mainly due to the lag of server response time, but what causes the slower down of server response time? The prime reason would be the images, images are not what you see, but they are entirely different on what they hold on a website or web page.

It is not about the size they acquire on the screen but it is exactly the size they conquer on the site’s server. Whenever a image is selected and uploaded in the website, it acquires a certain amount of space including the additional cache data, together they acquire a hefty space.

Image Optimization

More usage of images hence leads to more data acquirence that eventually causes slagging server response time leading to slow loading of the website.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Rendering Blocking Javascript and CSS

Have you ever noticed this command, when you run your website’s speed test using Google’s Page Speed Insights:

“Eliminate render blocking Javascript and CSS in above the fold content in case if you have some blocked resources that cause delay in page rendering”.

This indicates that your HTML usage needs to be in a structured way and they give some insights apart from chcecking your page speed by suggesting to:

  • Remove render-blocking Javascript
  • Optimize CSS delivery

Being a leading SEO service provider in Chennai, we follow some niche-based tactics according to Google guidelines which helps to completely eliminate or minimize the presence of blocking Javascripts:

  • Inlining Javascripts
  • Making Javascript Asynchronous
  • Defer with loading of Javascripts

Google detects and indicates the troublesome factors that causes page delay especially due to the presence of stylesheet used in the development, were it requires optimization of CSS delivery:

  • Small external CSS were recommended to inline them that helps the browser to render the page.
  • It becomes essential to prioritize the content while handling large CSS file, to reduce the size of the above the fold content, were it completely varies from inline rendering and also differentiate with the remaining loading style.

The minnifying technique in technical SEO helps in identifying and optimizing the pages that consumes more time to get loaded. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three major resources used in creating a web page and they require exclusive tool handling in optimization process if they are ones found to be the blocking elements.

Minimizing Resources and HTTP Requests

When a user enters into your website in search of a certain information, a call is actually requested from the website’s end to the server to access the required file.
So the actual reason behind slowdown of a website starts here, where it depend on the number of files which is been requested to get accessed.

Say accessing a single file of 1GB and multiple files of space acquiring 1GB is entirely different, where the server response requires the initiation of command for every single file until it reaches the 1GB mark which consumes a lot of time of course.

The enormous amount of file dumping matters here and retreiving it costs a lot of resource, effort and time as well.

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Creating a Browser Cache Policy

Browser Cache Policy - iStudio Technologies

Whenever a new visitor approaches your site, the cache files gets stored in their device that helps them to get redirected to their desired page in the website when they make a revisit, this is how cache plays a contributing role in reducing the loading time of a website and also directing the user to the right page.

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Avoid Unncessary Redirect and Redirect Loop

One need to know how to handle the redirects in their website, it might save you from troublesome links and broken pages, but at the same time it would also costs an added burden of giving slow loading website.

You certainly need the guidance of a SEO expert in Chennai to address the issues regarding redirects and get them sorted out.

We also give you an additional tip regarding redirect handling here, were you need to install only one for a page, implementing more than one redirect would lead to a confused state for search engine that can navigate the user to a wrong page as well.

Too much of anything is bad

Being a complete Seo service provider in Chennai, we strongly belive in the concept of “Less is More” where we certainly avoid stuffing unnecessary details in a web page irrespective of the format.

Lets take the very example of WordPress website here, WordPress developers would certainly use plug-ins in development and they go for a lot of testing before finalizing the preferred one. Eventhough the unwanted plug-in gets removed, their traces still remain in the website database that leads to slowdown of the website.

Another example is the usage of slider, where it not just eat up your conversion rate but also slow down the loading speed of your website. Sliders gets combined with images might result in great chaos where they might end up with poor loading speed consuming 2-3X more time to load.


Well, when it comes to technical seo there are several factors that certainly needs to be considered and the website loading speed plays a crucial role here.

Website loading speed can be handled in lot of better ways and the factors contributing towards it are briefed here, being a promising SEO company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies assures you to take care of the loading speed of your website by scrutnizing several bothering factors.

Stay tuned with our blog post where we will catch up next week with another influencing factors that plays a vital role in technical seo.