Top features a corporate website should have for more credibility and lead generation? -IstudioTechnologies

Top features a corporate website should have for more credibility and lead generation?

It takes around weeks and even months to build a professional business website and for the right reasons. A corporate website is a credible source of information about the company and it is the main website that customers come to know about it. Hence, it is the sole responsibility of the corporates to have a professional and reliable website that it speaks of the classic nature of the business and the legacy of the company. A corporate website should be a responsive design which is a given and has as many features and utilities for the viewers to give the classic impression among the visitors.

How a corporate website should be?

A corporate website should provide more value to the customers than a normal website. The content in the corporate website is fact but nothing else like editorials and real events. Business websites is more personable and a visitor can gather almost all the information about the company, employees, business, products, news, events, programs, awards and much more. Today, corporates spend a huge amount of business cost to create excellent website with incredible user experience as they focus more on lead generation and customer engagement. Compiling a great corporate website from all the data available takes a lot of time if the project goes on for a longer time compared to small websites with minimal features. To stay sustainable in the competitive scenario it is important for any business to adapt to these conditions. Or else! All the efforts may go in vain!

What are the steps involved in building a corporate website?

Before building a corporate website there is a pre-requisite of research and planning. Company’s goals, target audience, existing popularity, brand awareness level among the customers are carefully considered.

Target Audience

It is important to define the target audience though you have ideas about who will buy products/service. Because we don’t want to fetch the wrong customers in which all the efforts will go in vain as the customers bounce back if there is mismatch between the products/service you offer and their requirement. A professional corporate web designing company discuss and analyse these factors among the designers, developers and the clients as per their business strategy and revenue targets.
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Website Goals

Set goals for your website- what it is going to do? How it will bring the leads? How it will engage the customers? What type of conversion possibilities within the website, etc. Thinking on these terms will enhance your ideas and expectations you have for your corporate website. The website should focus on the clients needs rather than how cool it is or your business is. It should add value to the customers by providing the right information about their business and how exactly it helps the customers to find a solution. Just like catering to the expectations of customers it is essential for a business website to fulfil the requirements of various groups of customers rather than just one particular type of customers.
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Design concept

Design thinking is a complicated as well as challenging process as this is where that your non-tangible corporate goals and values should be translated into a tangible series of web pages and create reputation. However, the design concept should not miss the essence of business goals and strategies anytime until it is developed into a fully completed corporate website. The story of these elements creates the design concept. A profession web designing company handles these things with utmost ease as they have expertise in this field.

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Website prototype

The success of a corporate website partly lies in how things are communicated to the customers through its design and content. Research and analysis in the first step of creating the website prototype. The data is generated through customer shopping behaviour and competitive businesses in the same industry. A through concept is developed for each and every element, feature and utility that will be present in the website. The concepts are tested for its popularity in the market and customer preference. Then, the website concept goes to the designers for them to create unique designs for each and every element of the website. the design is tested before implementation.


This is the most important element of any website and content must be proper in terms of font type, positioning, expression and the amount of content per web page. There shouldn’t be any contextual errors as this will cause even law suits for the owner company and the designing partner involved. No need to say that all the content should be unique and original. Copy contents have two major disastrous outcomes, one is facing law suits, another is to not show up in the search engine results as the Google bots mark it as duplicate and send deep down into the piles of millions of websites. Hence a corporate website should pay more attention when it comes to content

How to decide whether to choose a corporate website design and development?

Before opting for a corporate website, you should have clarity about your business and its scalability. Because if you don’t expect to grow in the financial basis you can’t spend to maintain a corporate website properly. So here goes your answer. If you have the financial back up and are more positive about the steady business growth you are more eligible to own a corporate website. Though corporate websites have many categories all of them are created with the objective of brand awareness and popularity. Hence, a corporate website should explain and promote your business and add value to the customers while they visit.

How to decide whether to choose a corporate website design and development?-IStudio Technologies

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