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Why chatbots are important for retail and ecommerce website?

What is a chatbot? It is a programming that simulates the conversation between of a human being through text or voice interaction which are one of the important features on any retail and ecommerce website that can double the customer satisfaction. It is gaining popularity rapidly due to its features that makes all work convenient for the users. It enhances your website’s customer experience.

There are 2 types of chatbots :

Rule-based chatbots

Rule based chatbots are programmed to recognize certain terms and patterns for which they can respond with pre-set answers and this essentially works as an interactive FAQ. But these type of chatbots lacks of adaptability and analytics capabilities of a human being to well understand a person’s expectation and intention. These chatbots are very limited, it can response to only specific commands. If you say or type wrong, it will unable to know or understand what you said.

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AI-based chatbots Now we need to know specifically what the 2 types of chatbots do

AI based chatbots have an artificial intelligence (Al). you don’t have to be specific when you are taking or typing to it. It has understood capability. These chatbots continuously gets smarter as it learns from conversations it had with people. So, obviously, many retail and ecommerce websites go for AI based Chatbots. AI based Chatbots are – Alexa, Google home, apple’s Siri.

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Where can we use Chatbots?

Wecan use or implement chatbots in the many areas, example – – We can use chatbots for purchasing – ordering food – getting information – booking hotels rooms – booking air tickets – booking train tickets – ordering food – for problem resolving with companies – getting information about personal bank details – we can use chatbot for medical help – and a lot more.

Why chatbots are important for retail and ecommerce website?

Fast response and speed in today’s marketplace plays the most important role and the chatbots answers the questions quicker than a human agent and the chat bots are available 24/7 and 365 days. Hence, it has almost become a norm to have a chatbot integrated into retail and ecommerce website for many reasons. The analytics generated from chatbots helps to improve the service.
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Customer satisfaction through Chatbot integration

Chatbots provide better customer experience to website visitor by making visitors feel they are being heard whenever they want to be heard making no delay. Mostly retail and ecommerce websites are not able to offer customers a response on live chat within the first second. Therefore, they should and must use chatbots. Well-designed chatbots can not only provide great customer support they can use the information about the visitor interest and preferences and provide advice offer and purchase suggestions. If a custumer tries to contact companies because you have got a problem generally it’s the contact centre, it can be very slow. The engagement with chatbot is easy and quick. The chatbot can engage quick and can find out a few questions about what’s wrong. Beauty of chatbot is its ability to sift through large amounts of information and provide relevant results. its more efficient than a human. Some chatbots can also translate many languages and can give answers to the questions asked by costumers.

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Chatbot integration in ecommerce and retail websites

Chatbots are exciting because in the future it will replace the search window. Chatbot have very powerful results and most people who engaged with the chatbot really enjoyed it. In comparison to live chat agents, chatbots responds much quicker. Using chatbots saves times and cuts cost as you don’t have to answer every questions repeatedly, only you need to answer is complex questions and you don’t have to keep extra live chat agents. Chatbots have some limitations. it can’t answer and deal with customers complex questions and can only answer to specific questions asked. Company can give the complex questions asked to live chat agents as it will save time and the website owners don’t have to appoint much live chat agents. and also using chatbot will improve the brand image. will differentiate the company through use of technology and will enhance self-service. Considering all written above, that’s why it’s is important for retail and ecommerce websites to use chatbots.

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