Advanced SEO and Digital Marketing practices 2021-IStudio Technologies

Advanced SEO and Digital Marketing practices 2021

Advanced SEO and Digital Marketing, in today’s recent technology, plays a crucial role to develop a business to grow. iStudio technologies, which has an excellent team, helps its customers in implementing latest digital marketing methods and advanced SEO techniques so that our clients can achieve more value creation and targeted ROI.

Why to implement the latest digital marketing practices in 2021?

The web development companies help to create brand awareness, promote the products and increase the sales using the various practices in Digital Marketing. It is not like a few years ago how marketing was seen or experienced. As the technology developed digital marketing is changing with enormous ways and means to enhance the whole process like increased social media activity, search engine marketing SEM and much more for the advanced SEO and digital marketing practices in 2021 which is promising for the websites and businesses looking to create their niche in the highly competitive market.

Why to implement the latest digital marketing practices in 2021-IStudio Technologies

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What are the winning Digital Marketing trends of 2021?

1. Building of website development

  • A website can be developed, buying a domain with hosting and create a webpage using WordPress or Wix Platform
  • Website development can be static and dynamic with pages and integration of social media also made available

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Social Media marketing where content can be posted on many different platforms, shared and promote using the advertisement. Examples are Facebook, Instagram and so on

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search engine optimization in short to be said to bring the website page to the number one page in a search engine, which is called Ranking

4. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Social Media platforms can be optimized using social media platform to promote products, by increasing awareness, services and connect with the customers

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Email Marketing-IStudio Technologies

5. Email Marketing

  • One of the most cost less efficient way to do marketing with higher ROI and has a good reach, keep on nurturing and build awareness using a promotion, newsletter etc

6. Video Marketing

  • The fast-growing marketing medium using YouTube and helps to promote videos, get good reach with many subscribers building

7. Voice Assistance

  • The upcoming feature was based on the voice medium; search can also be done. The best example is Siri and Alexa

8. Podcasting

  • The upcoming recent feature was one uses as voice record and later can be heard as audio and can be also promoted by using integration.
  • The audio recorded in a podcast can listen in Spotify where ever we are going either walking or going in a car etc

9. Messaging platforms

  • The messaging platform plays a vital role for a message to be passed on the promotion and based on message action taking place.
  • Whatsapp, messaging etc and so on can be used

10. Affiliate marketing

  • One of the most beautiful marketing platforms were given an affiliate link to someone to promote their products and if sales happen one can get a commission for the sales taken place

11. Webinars

  • The Upcoming feature to conduct webinars for promotion and sales to be taken place for the product. Zoom call and goto meeting the recent one used, and there are some more

12. Content Marketing

  • Content is also called a content king. Content plays the most major role in marketing where it should be perfect to attract the right audience.

13. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • AI helps in digital marketing by increasing efficiency and optimize the user experience

14. Augmented Reality

  • Uses a stimuli version, of that of the real world in today mobile computing and business computation

15. Virtual Reality

  • Uses a stimuli version where a person interacts with a 3d dimensional using an electronic device as sensors and so on

16. Paid Ads

  • Paid Ads can be done using google ads for the following ads to be run based on budget bidding
The Ads can be of
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
The ads here are at low cost and reaches the target audience, for promoting the product
Paid Ads-IStudio Technologies

17. Paid per click

  • Paid per click is done one someone clicks to Call to action button which mostly keeps to for promotion purpose and other things

18. Forms and Community

  • Forms and community also play a vital role in digital marketing where exchange of links of promotion brand and more will happen

19. Blogging

  • One of the easy ways to get a backlink which plays as an advanced technique in SEO to bring more traffic for the promotion of product and other things


Latest digital marketing techniques in another pandemic year 2021 allows to plan and implement strategies for building the brand awareness, promote the product, reach the audience who are having Trust and trust created on the brand, act according to the promotion, then try to convert the audience to make sales by giving some special offers and engage them by keeping in touch.

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