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5 Top web development trends of 2021

While the best website development is the key for good business growth it is not only the deciding factor. Whereas good site visibility and customer engagement happens when all the other factors like graphics, content, SEO, and marketing techniques relevant to the business type. A website developed with advanced coding techniques and best design quality usually wins the heart of the customers and make them stay for longer time. These web development trends for 2021 will keep your well-known and digitally knowledgeable clients and customers on the loop and increase your revenue even in the most challenging times.

Top Web development trends for 2021


Chatbots are the greatest invention that it takes half of your customer care related administrative burden. It gives quick customer care resolutions by instantly connecting with the customers and give appropriate answers for their queries. Any other mode of customer addressing technique like email, phone call takes some time to connect with the relevant team for the customers. But chatbots are instant in responding even the most technical problems with the AI machine learning capabilities which learns the data set of your business and can give more personalized solutions for the customers. By being the top web development trends of 2021, integrating chatbots not only give enhanced service to the customers but also save human resource costs for the organization.
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Motion UI

A captivating design is an important element of a website. Apart from visual excellence it creates a very good user interface. Animation and graphic transitions are the best features to capture audience attention and add visual value to a website. These days more than static designs businesses choose motion UI based web designs as it is more captivating and elegant. Some of the coolest web design trends in 2001 is motion UI that can take your website’s performance to next level. As the best web development trends of 2021, it enhances the level of user interaction in the website. The motion UI has numerous animations that the developers can use it as library to use any of it and change the website design whenever they want.

Single Page Applications

Yes! You heard it right. One of the emerging web development trends in 2021 is the usage of single page applications. It increases the website speed and also makes the website attractive contrary to the popular notion that website must have several pages. All the content in loaded on a single page and links are given in between to avoid crowding of the content. The links take the audience to the pages they want to visit and get information. SPAs provide a better experience for the users accessing your website. This will take the content from single existing page as there is no need for loading multiple pages.
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Voice Assistant

Voice assistant and voice technology has gained a lot of popularity in the later period of the earlier decade. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant are some of the examples that are used by millions of users around the world. It is definitely catching up as a hot web development trend in 2021 which is easier for the users to get the information, they need without typing but giving voice input. The speaker is integrated into the website so that the customer can give an audio input and get the information they need through voice output. It eliminates the need for typing the query and save a lot of time for the customers. The AI based voice assistant also gives reliable and accurate results for the customers which enhances their website browsing experience.

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Artificial intelligence

This gives a personalized experience to your website visitors. With awesome user behaviour interpretation abilities Artificial Intelligence has been the most opted web development trend in 2021 by most of the enterprises. The ability of learning user preferences through input data enables it to give a customized experience for each user. It gives maximum satisfaction to the users as the data it fetches and service it provides is completely knowledge-based and logical. AI can be integrated for various application on a website. Through supervised and unsupervised learning, it becomes easy to adapt to any business model specialising in any product/service offering to the customers.

Wrapping it

Web developers leverage advanced technology to implement and enhance website performance in many ways be it appearance or functionality. The above discussed topics are some of the best web development trends of 2021 that are used by website development companies to make their clients business goals achieved in innovative ways.

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