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10 Amazing features of successful e-commerce websites


One of the fast-growing businesses all over the world is e-commerce. In this era of Technology at its peak surviving in this platform is a tough one and without any doubt, the fittest stay. Hence, it is essential for an e-commerce website to have all the latest features to stay competitive in the market.

Following are the 10 amazing features an e-commerce website should have

1. Domain name

Naming an e-commerce website as important as naming a baby. It has been perfect and loved by all. A good domain name should fetch your website enormous familiarity among people. Doing a lot of research and discussion would help you to find a catchy domain name. Most importantly, choose a domain name that is relevant to your field and business.

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2. Logo

More than naming an e-commerce website, designing a —- logo is felt challenging. Your business logo is the most captivating way of seeking people’s attention and consumes immense effort. The logo for your e-commerce website must be unique, plagiarism free and stunning in a way such that it connects you to people regardless of all differences and boundaries.

3. Reviews and Comments

One fine way to transform visitors into customers is through the reviews /testimonials and the comments. New visitors try to find how the already using customers have felt about your service. So, a comments session would be very useful for both the customers and the retailers of the products and this step will help you build visitors, attention through media, and finally trustworthy feel to the customers. Reviews and comments are one of the best features the ecommerce websites must have to gain customer credibility.
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4. Contact Information

Place your contact information on the top right corner of the main menu. This would bridge the gap between the customers and the e-commerce website. ‘About us’ remain the most searched site on all websites as new visitors are always keen to know about your journey and you. Adding contact information will make customers feel more comfortable and thus removes their hesitation towards reaching the team.

5. Privacy

100% safety and privacy would be one of the most important promises every new and regular customer would wish and look for. A secure privacy policy makes people trust your website and refer to others. This would make your website trustworthy and customer-friendly.

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6. Multiple Payment Options

Using a variety of convenient and customer-friendly payment methods attracts customers effortlessly. Some people might prefer card payment an easier one and some might be able to do Cash On Delivery only. So, using different payment methods would satisfy customers and reduce the possibility of customers moving to other websites just because of their inconvenience with payment methods.
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7. Order- Managing Crew

A separate and dedicated team to work on managing the order of a customer right from the time the order was placed to the parcel has been delivered. Serious responsibility should be felt by every person on the team in making the delivery a problem-free pleasant one. The ecommerce websites with amazing features like Tracking Id or address should be sent to customers for their reference. Stock inspection, packaging, and safe delivery should be ensured by the Order Managing Team.

8. Share icon

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly in a way such that it ensures fast loading on any device and from any browser. Nowadays, people started giving priority to smartphones than any other electronic gadget or even computer. So, having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is mandatory for all kinds of e-commerce websites.

9. Mobile Responsive Site

Mutual benefits can be achieved by both the customer and the retailer through the ‘Share Feature’ on your website. It is an easy way to bring more customers and visitors to your website. This feature would rapidly increase people’s engagement with your work. Encourage people to share your content through different platforms and any Social media apps like Instagram/ Facebook/Twitter/e-mail or any other modes to see your business growing monstrously.

10. Offers, Coupons, Discounts

Gifts and offers are one indispensable feature of a successful e-commerce website as it is one of the powerful management tactics to bring more traffic to your website. Vibrant and attractive advertisements add more value to the ongoing offers /sales and also make people checkout the websites then and there to grab their needs exciting offers.
Coupons, discounts, and cashback offers keep people always in touch with your e-commerce website and your business. Conclusion: Keep your e-commerce website updated frequently with latest features as per the need to know about people’s needs in the present. Trust your customers, analyse their needs and provide them high-quality service and products.

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