The inevitable and indelible social media marketing (SMM) to raise your ecommerce business as a permanent revenue generator-IStudio Technologies

The inevitable and indelible social media marketing (SMM) to raise your ecommerce business as a permanent revenue generator

There is a steep rise in the number of internet users every year and especially people using social media have been the number one reason for the total internet usage. The marketers, developers and every professional in the business of making the organizations and business better unanimously target social media marketing (SMM) for the right reasons. Social media is the place where almost all age group with buying ability is present and from a various background and is a vessel of potential customers practically for every business belong to every industry. Today, knowing the importance of this, social media marketers have emerged and help your business not only to find a place in the social media but also help your brand be visible to the apt audience.

Efficient social media marketing services through multiple social media platforms

Today, more than 80% of purchase happens online, Why? Social media shopping is not something new now and its been booming since Instagram, Facebook opened the buy option for the customers and traders. Lately Whatsapp joined the wagon and there is no online business today without Social media marketing (SMM) as a backbone, be it increasing the brand visibility in the current market or lead generation. Most of the businesses targets the millennials and Genz population who are the prominent and active users of all the social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Fackbook, Twitter, etc. However, SMM is tricky sometimes that you have to be careful what put out there as once you share something there is no going back and it is engraved in the users mind and shared vastly among the other users. So, it is wise to choose the best Social media marketing company if you are a bit hesitant about how you are going to brand your business.

Efficient social media marketing services through multiple social media platforms-IStudio Technologies

Years of experience and professional expertise in social media marketing (SMM) iStudio Technologies is the best digital marketing agency

Social media marketing for Start-ups, SMBs and Large Enterprises-IStudio Technologies

Social media marketing for Start-ups, SMBs and Large Enterprises

Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the effective techniques and a part of whole sea of digital marketing. There are various other methods like Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to develop your business in the digital space in all of which Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role. Any Start up or Small and Medium Businesses or Big enterprises need the help of these marketing techniques either to make a niche in the market in their sector or to stay competitive in the high-tech business mode and to fulfil digitally knowledgeable customer expectations. Hence, no matter your business size or scale it is better to choose a professional digital marketing company like us to build and implement the right social media marketing techniques to achieve the goals faster and efficient.

Result-oriented social media marketing service for your business growth

Top Social media platforms to boost your business growth and sales

1. Facebook

Facebook literally have millions of users and a heavy traffic in the shopping interface. Promoting your business products and service on FB is a great digital marketing practice that will gain you a large volume of visitors to your website.

2. Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms with well-read and digitally active users where the retailers can gain huge attention on their business while doing the right method of digital marketing techniques that are tested and proven. Branding is what a social media platform like Twitter is good for and majorly campaigns and promotions on intellectual stuff are well-taken on Twitter by the users.

3. Instagram

No going around the head to touch the nose when it comes to Instagram. You post the images; customers get attracted and engage. And click the buy button directly. You don’t need paragraphs of content to make the audience look at your brand. Just high-quality images are enough to grab the attention and drive the sales. And that’s how social media marketing works on Instagram making it a valuable platform for ecommerce business and start-ups.


There is no successful digital marketing without social media marketing and for the right reasons that has been discussed above. However, it is always a safe strategy to outsource your business’s digital marketing activities as it can yield you more benefits with systematic operations with regular and multiple Key Performance Indagators (KPIs). For the years to come it will be more vigorous as the competition of digital marketing is at the peak.

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