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Rummy Game

Rummy games are gaining back its popularity ever since pandemic lockdown all over the world and they have made it legal in India. Who wouldn’t like to earn money while playing one of their favourite games, rummy cards in their leisure time? This is how online rummy games generated popularity and liked by all age groups. With the help of technology, now there are advanced rummy games that captivate the audience with its unique and advanced features. There are cross platform rummy game apps where they can be played on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, etc.

Features of online rummy games

Online rummy games website not only used for entertainment purpose but it is also a basic skill development medium that enhances one’s memory and decision making. Today there are lot of websites provide excusive online rummy games along with cross platform rummy game mobile apps. A good rummy app should have following features for a good gaming experience.

Features of online rummy games-IStudio Technologies

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User Interface

Without a great user interface, it is really difficult to make the gamer engage in the rummy app and get top rates in the play store and apple store. The app must be mobile responsive and easily accessible on different platforms. The user design is another factor that an attractive design always pulls the crowd. Most of the online rummy apps are either lacking many features that satisfy a gamer or it is loaded with or drives user away with so many things that are confusing. There should be right balance in presenting features apart from essential elements of the online rummy game. This helps in easy navigation and learning of the card games.

Easy to download

Maximum number of users get turned down if the downloading of the game apps takes longer. The rummy games are need to be easily downloadable regardless of the network and should not consume much space or data. This ensures an effortless game play of the rummy seamlessly. Unnecessary features make the app bulky, late to load and takes up a lot of data and space without entertaining the users. This immediately results in removing the app from the device and poor rates resulting in less downloads. Hence, the online rummy game websites and app must be light and consumes less data.

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Advertisements-iStudio Technologies


If you think you can stuff your online rummy games with lot of banners, ads forget making profit out of your games. Rummy game is something that needs lot of attention and advertisements spoil that eventually leading the user leave the website. It is a skill-oriented game and ads are the most bothering and the users are notified to subscribe to avoid certain ads. But not all the gamers subscribe to newsletters and sms as they are even more annoying. The rummy games can gain more revenue by providing a cleaning game platform that is equally enjoyable and worth downloading.

Game Variants

A good rummy game app provides numerous variants because the user doesn’t usually visit the online rummy website to play just one game and leave. Multiple games increase the user experience and their engagement in your website and apps. Result is you can more revenue. Hence, it is important to have online rummy game variants to maintain a good website or mobile app. It should offer that the games are easily picked from a drop-down menu or side bar or in some place that it can be easily located by the user. The more the number of games on your online rummy website the more chances that users don’t get bored.

Online rummy games offer many possibilities to have high end gaming experience for the users with exciting rewards, bonuses and game variants. People hardly play rummy card game with physical card deck these days as their hands are tied to their mobile phones and also not all the friends in the same place to play the game together. Thanks to the online rummy game no matter where the opponents are located you can play the game anytime you want. There are millions of players play the card game online and winning on a daily basis. With online rummy games it is fun as well as you can earn huge cash prizes anywhere and anytime.

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