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Four Elements that decides the success of Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital marketing is the super power of current market trends and utilizing it properly. The strategies change from time to time depending on the business model, time of the year and many such things. Only a well-versed digital marketer can enable a digital marketing successful while carefully eliminating the non-performing strategies from the whole plan.

Smart Phones

Smart phones are used by everyone and every year there is a sharp increase in new smart phone users all over the world. People rely on their mobile phones 24×7 for shopping and other activities. Pandemic also put the stress on people use their mobile phones more than ever and spend more hours on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Hence, the main focal point of any digital marketer has been smartphones and social media. Although social media marketing (SMM) is nothing new and have been practised since a long time it has gained the momentum during the lockdown and will continue to be under the spot light for many years to come.
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Podcasts are short live/recorded videos explaining your products or just showing of your products /service in a meaningful manner. This is again done on social media like You Tube, Instagram, etc to attract customers and active conversion takes place. Scheduling live videos and posting information and ad campaigns about the video itself gains people attention and bring more of them to actually watch the videos. Shorts, stories, IG TV are the best places for the business to promote their new products/services and the start-ups to introduce themselves to the audience in innovative ways so that they gain popularity in the beginning itself that reaching the right audience will takes place from there. Webinars are another live video which is interactive way to reach people who relate and like to watch videos and comeback for more such sessions.

Technology like AI

Digital marketing has adopted to artificial intelligence. AI has made digital marketing handy and save mor time while implemented in a right way. Application of AI in 2021 has become vast in digital marketing which can facilitate many things like detecting the organic and inorganic traffic and their sources. You can get data from all your strategies with graphs and statistics and can make changes and improvements as per the results. It tells about the customer behaviour and from the history of purchase it shows the likely products that customer wish to buy during their next visit taking digital marketing to a whole new level. Digital marketing is made 24×7 with the help of AI as automation is in place. No matter the staff is working or off hours AI creates the marketing elements and send them on the right portal as per the schedule. And not to forget about Chatbot marketing as it is implemented in websites and social media.

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Voice and image search

What else could get better than this? Now customers can do voice and image search on google which means the best digital marketing agency through the dart right in the centre spot by optimizing your site images. Voice search is done over the mobile phones. People who feel lazy to type or people who don’t know to type can efficiently do the voice search and get the product links and images on the search engine page.
This means the content must be contextual and you should know what people normally speak when they talk about the product and include in your content. Such interactive contents are done by the best digital marketing companies who are up-to-date with Google’s technology advancements.


2021 have been difficult year for the businesses just like 2020 due to the pandemic Covid 19 and reduced man power in the working scenario. Many businesses have lost their identity they gained so far without a proper digital marketing strategy. But the ones that followed a successful digital marketing strategy apt for their business model have gained more even in this unpredictable time!

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