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How to get your eCommerce Site Ready for Black Friday and beyond!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and as an eCommerce site owner, you have a million things to accomplish. You’ve already planned your Christmas sale and prepared your inventory.
Don’t forget to prepare your website before you start generating your list and double-checking it!
You have to be sure your website can manage the traffic while everyone performs their Christmas shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, particularly if you’re hosting a major holiday deal. We all know that the minor things are sometimes ignored, so let’s just get started with some of the fundamentals!

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How to Get Your E-Commerce Website Ready for a Big Sale:

  • Examine your marketing strategy
  • Make changes to your website's content
  • Tighten up your security
  • Cooperate with your hosting provider

Examine Your Marketing Strategy

How are you informing people about your Black Friday sales? What is your plan for acquiring new consumers or maintaining existing ones? It’s critical to start thinking about how to enhance your conversion and retention rates now, especially with the increased traffic websites get over the Christmas season.
Examine Your Marketing Strategy- IStudio Technologies
Collecting contact information before purchase, for example, is an excellent approach for moving leads down the marketing funnel, bringing prior visitors back to your website, and eventually increasing sales. Consider asking your visitors to sign up for an exclusive ebook, your newsletter, the newest promotions, and so on to gather contact information.
Another example would be to include a callout where your visitors may sign up for an account to save things to their basket. This not only provides you with an email address, but also allows you to do additional marketing efforts to decrease cart abandonment, propose comparable things, and follow up with special deals.
Consider the most natural transition for your website’s visitors. What are they getting out of providing you with their email address or contact information? Do you wish to devise a unique Black Friday strategy? Is it integrated into your whole lead flow? These are critical considerations to consider when attempting to convert visitors into recurring eCommerce buyers. Based on the ideal target audience, you may create your marketing plan and collect more leads.

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Edit the Content of Your Website

Edit the Content of Your Website - IStudio Technologies
Greater sales necessitate more planning. You want your clients to be able to find your Black Friday bargains in a straightforward manner. Is the information on your product pricing and descriptions up to date? Is your coupon code working properly? How does your website react when an item is out of stock?
The better your user experience, the more sales you may expect on Black Friday!
There are only two basic steps to take here. First, make sure your website information is up to current when you begin to sell out. Second, you may still collect contact information from potential purchasers to email them when the item is back in stock.
You may uncover possibilities like these for a better user experience by thinking through your site content.

Secure Your Website's Access

With all of the talk about website security, your site needs to be prepared to deal with whatever comes your way. Having a strategy in place for both reactive and proactive actions might be the difference between success and failure. For instance, with a managed WordPress hosting firm like Flywheel, we handle a slew of security worries for you, so you can rest easy knowing your site is ready for anything.
But let’s take it a step farther. Encrypting everything from passwords to credit cards is very important in eCommerce. Here’s when your SSL certificate comes in handy.
Secure Your Website's Access - IStudio Technologies
It is critical to add an SSL certificate to your new site or to validate your current certificate.
There are several tools available to help you add an SSL certificate to your website. Let’sEncrypt, DigiCert, and VeriSign are all excellent choices with varying cost and difficulty levels. Flywheel has collaborated with Let’sEncrypt to give free SSL certificates to every site, and adding one is as simple as clicking a button!
You’ll want to ensure your site is secure, especially during peak periods!

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Cooperate With Your Hosting Provider

Don’t forget that you, too, are a holiday shopper. Did you purchase a domain name or a hosting package during the holiday season? Check to see whether you need to renew your site before it goes down unexpectedly shortly before the big sale.
You should also go through your eCommerce hosting package to ensure that you have appropriate resources. Is your website going to crash if you surpass your traffic limit? Don’t neglect this point since it might cost you a lot of money.

Summing Up

Are you feeling ready for the festive season? With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales quickly approaching, you can follow these steps to ensure your site is ready to manage the eCommerce and holiday demand! What is your online store’s plan for the Black Friday sale?

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