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Top android framework for mobile app buildout in 2022


An Android app is a piece of software that runs on the Android operating system. A typical Android app is created for a smart phone or tablet PC running the Android OS because we can make the Android platform for mobile devices. iStudio, a leading mobile app development company in Chennai, can help you create an android app for your business based on your specifications.

Android Framework

A software toolkit called an Android application framework helps app developers to put together a finished product that satisfies the demands of its owner. A framework gives an application its basic structure, which the framework can then fill out with visuals, animation, unique features, and functionality. Application frameworks are created to streamline the creation of apps and make it simple to manage, edit, and resolve faults in the future. It’s important to distinguish between frameworks, software development kits, or SDKs. Frameworks are among the software development tools included in SDK.

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List of Best Android Frameworks for App Development platform

Sencha Touch for Android

Sencha Touch is a framework for development that specializes in producing native applications. The community at large frequently names it the greatest Android development framework.

Sencha Touch leverages HTML5 and JavaScript to create dynamic, all-encompassing apps. Sencha Touch, an open-source platform, enables high-performance Android application development framework by integrating hardware acceleration techniques.

Key features

  • This new Android framework aids in the creation of engaging and visually appealing mobile cross-platform applications with more than 50 UI components and native code themes.
  • It also gives the apps unique features like rich, fluid animations and scrolling.
  • Sencha Touch has received recognition from numerous large companies for its high level of interoperability, responsive touch features, and quick execution.
Sencha Touch for Android - IStudio Technologies

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The Apps Builder

The Apps Builder is a novel new android framework that enables a codeless user native interface and is built on HTML. It means anyone may use this framework to create Android mobile apps without learning how to code.
Particularly for creating Android hybrid applications that rely on information, The App Builder is highly suited. The drag-and-drop functionality of the framework makes it simple and quick to put the application together.

Key features

  • The App Builder has building blocks with features like polls, push alerts, content updates, feedback, and much more.
  • The ease with which this new Android framework connects with Google Play while flaunting a social network presence is possibly its best feature.


Microsoft’s open-source Xamarin framework is used to create Android apps using “.NET.” Compared to most other cross-platform frameworks, it is comparatively older. After partnering with the Visual Studio IDE, Xamarin android grabbed the interest of numerous reputable companies.

Key features

  • With the help of the Xamarin android sophisticated toolkit, programmers may work with shared C# or XAML code.
  • Developers' coding time and the number of errors found during the cross-platform development process are reduced by this code-sharing functionality.
  • This friendly development environment framework makes use of Microsoft's cloud testing service to make it simple to test apps across a wide range of devices.

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NativeScript is an open-source framework that the Telerik software firm in Bulgaria supports. NativeScript is a top SDK for developing hybrid apps and being one of the best frameworks for developing Android responsive applications.
Nativescript - IStudio Technologies

Key features

  • NativeScript functions differently from the majority of other Android frameworks, which results in time and money savings during the creation of third-party apps.
  • The framework gives app developers complete access to all iOS and Android APIs.
  • Additionally, it allows you to quickly reuse Android and CocoaPods SDKs and search for free templates, plugins, and custom app examples.


Specifications vary depending on the project or application. There isn’t a single Android framework that works best for building responsive applications for mobile devices. Each Android framework is capable of different things; to match them to the functionality that your project demands, you must compare them. You may get a superior Android app from the iStudio mobile app development company in chennai employing the best Android development framework.

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