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The Anatomy of Digital Marketing Funnel


Traditional funnel models are linear, starting at the top and ending at the bottom, where your prospects convert.
The issue is that marketing funnels don’t always function as they should in real life. People don’t necessarily start at the top of a funnel, move through each stage, and then emerge as new clients at the bottom.
Before converting, a lot of people circle the funnel several times. Or they might reach the bottom of the funnel and exit, never to be heard from or seen again.
It’s important to comprehend the client journey from awareness to conversion because the marketing funnel is nonlinear, just like people’s real-life purchase behavior. Part of it understands the functions of each stage in the conventional marketing funnel model.

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There are many other types of digital marketing funnels, but the one I use has three basic stages:

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Stages of digital marketing funnels:

There are many other types of digital marketing funnels, but the one I use has three basic stages:
  • Top of the Funnel(TOFU)
  • Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)
  • Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)

Top Of The Funnel

Top-of-funnel marketing seeks to generate as many leads as possible by marketing strategy to many people. At this point, audiences are primarily interested in obtaining information. As a result, lead generation and awareness are the primary goals of marketing at the top of the funnel.
Marketing efforts are concentrated on spreading awareness of the product or service to many people as possible as potential customers are unaware.
Stages of digital marketing funnels - IStudio Technologies

iStudio digital marketing company can do it in various ways, such as through sponsored commercials, podcast appearances, and blog posts on subjects that the company’s target audience would find interesting. 

The main objective of the TOFU stage should be to inform, motivate, and entertain your audience.

Middle of the Funnel

You build long-term relationships and trust with the already-captured audience in the middle of the funnel. iStudio distribute content to buyers to align their products or features with their needs, understand their readiness to buy, and move them closer to the purchase journey. The funnel aims to identify the point at which the target audience transitions from awareness to interest in the brand. Because the company website pleased them at the top of the funnel, they will look at it.
The objective of the MOFU stage is to offer the audience enough value to encourage them to subscribe to a newsletter.
Send those case studies, ebooks, and other tailored materials that show the advantages that can materialize once people receive their emails. It piques a potential client’s interest in the business, which is necessary to advance them via the digital marketing funnel.

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Bottom of the funnel

Bottom-of-funnel marketing is a strategy that corresponds to the buyer’s journey’s most recent “decision” stage. Late-stage buyer validation is accomplished through decision-enabling content that assists late-stage buyers in confirming their choice and avoiding buyer’s remorse.
Bottom of the funnel - IStudio Technologies
At the bottom of the funnel, potential clients are prepared to pay for business services.
The objective is to sell the good or service by persuading the audience to buy it.
Limited-time offers and success stories might inspire prospective clients with enough confidence to make a buy. Whenever they do, you can convert the sale. A digital marketing funnel’s effectiveness is typically measured by the number of conversions it can generate.


You can use marketing funnels to lead prospects through each phase of the buying process. The traditional marketing funnel can be approached in various ways, but understanding your customers is the key to an efficient funnel.

Using the digital marketing tools and advice we’ve provided above, you can combine quantitative and qualitative data to create a better funnel that speaks to your customer’s specific requirements and, as a result, boosts conversion rates. For further information and answers to your questions, get in touch with the iStudio digital marketing company in chennai.

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