Looking for a cms based on node.js?

The best open source framework for developing web applications, Web APIs and databse driven applications in Node.js based on Mango DB & Express. KeystoneJS and advance framework to built amazing database driven web applications, web APIs and web applications in Node.js

Express.js and MangoDB implementation in keystone framework

Keystone can be configured with MongoDB database using Mongoose, the leading ODM package.

Database fields

Keystone build on powerful realtime data types like name, email, password, address, image and other relationship fields based on IDs, strings, Booleans, Dates and numbers as they are the building blocks of your database.

Auto-generated administrator UI in keystone framework

Automatic generation of admin UI for your application based on your database. This save your time and you can manage your database easily.

Clean & Simple Code

Coding is not at all a complicated in keystone. Coding in keystone is as simple as other popular frameworks.

Managed Updates in Keystone framework

Managed updates for keystone will helps you to maintain your site with latest updates, hassle free updates while your website in production

Finally, if you are looking for a Node.js based framework to built your CMS, do you need a cms built with Node.js then, Keystone is your best choice. iStudio Technologies Web Design Company Chennai having experienced professionals for Node.js based web application solutions.