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IStudio Tech is a Chennai based company whose main aim is to provide the services pertaining to technology such as Web-based, App based and many. It is in the market since from many years and now its business is growing day by day across the country as well as globally. They are providing the services in many fields but their main is to offer the best service as compared to others. You may explore the information by visiting each link and can know how it is working and how it is different from others.

Istudio is working in many areas such web designing, application development; Web portal designing and enterprise solutions. We are very efficient in these fields as we provide very interactive, simple and user-friendly designing. Before start to work on any type of aforementioned fields, we first understand the need of the customers, what are their needs, what are their expectation, and many more. After a complete analysis, we try to implement these ideas in order to yield the expected results of the users. This analysis is much needed for a web designing if they want to progress in this competitive world and intend to stand out among others.

One of the future technologies is feature.js that Istudio is being used in creating the website for their elite customers. Actually, they intend to keep their perspective users up to date or want to provide advance feature via the latest technology. It is also an endeavor of the Istudio to bring awareness about the latest technology.

Let’s see how we can explore the information in a better way in order to provide you best information about feature.js. we also see the latest technology, the features as well as many other methods pertaining to them

Feature.js is simple, fast and lightweight browser feature detection library. There is no reliance and has only 1 kb of weighs which is gzipped and minified. It automatically triggers on loading of the page, there is no need to do it. While initializing, it does not run any test. It runs only when you ask to do it. Owing this, it makes its performance fast. It uses the browser feature to detect the code which is executed automatically. IStudio has now used this technology in websites owing such kind of features. We shall explore one by one in order to make you aware about the technology.

The main aim of using feature.js is to provide the latest technology and serving their elite customers in the best way so that they are being updated with the latest technology. Feature.js has all the latest tools or trends which the users feels they should need to have if they have their own website or if they visiting other websites. One of the best things of the Feature.js is that it is very light, fast and easy to use. Many things are still pending which need to explore for you so that you could become aware of this technology.

IStudio has been implementing in many websites owing the powerful features of Feature.js. It uses javascript that is based on event means when an event occurs, it automatically trigger the actions which need to perform by clicking on it. It detects the code which needs to be executed on occurring of event. But before any event occurring, it asks for to do so. This kind of behavior makes it very fast. Many website designing firms have still not started to work on this latest technology. Istudio is one of them who have entered the name on the list. Istudio has now made many websites using the Feature.js technology and many users have now become aware of the technology features.

Some of the characteristics of the Feature.js are given below. There are several gotchas pertaining to the feature detection of the browser and these needs to keep in mind while using the Feature.js.

  • Touch – if touch events are supported, feature.js tries to detect it. But it does not really means that it is touch screen device. In some ways, you may get a false response of having a touch screen device even if you have the simple device.
  • CSS 3D Transforms – In older android web kits, it might give false positive which is a rare case. Currently, it is being tackled and will be addressed for future references.
  • The orientation of Device – several desktop browsers supports it so the device will definitely respond to it even though they did not sensors regarding this.
  • Placeholders – It provides a negative response in case iOS but it did not have many users, so it is not an issue in this instance.

The primary point of utilizing feature.js is to give the most recent innovation and serving their first class clients in the most ideal way with the goal that they are being upgraded about the most recent innovation. Feature.js has all the most recent apparatuses or patterns which the clients feels they ought to need on the off chance that they have their own particular site or on the off chance that they going by to different sites. One of the best things of the Feature.js is that it is light, quick and simple to utilize. Numerous things are as yet pending which need to investigate for you with the goal that you could get to be mindful about this innovation.

Istudio has presented all the features in the web designing and using the latest tools and trends for providing the latest trends in the websites. Feature.js is very different from other technology as it provides all the latest trends in the android devices as well as desktop browser and through you may enable to know what kind of event is occurring and how it can be tackled if some errors or bugs we see in the website. You may learn the stepwise manner website designing features but first you need to know the technology that Feature.js in very well manner.