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A Definite Guide About ECommerce Mobile App


Smartphone usage has always been in peak since its inception, and its user base is getting widespread every second.

According to a recent study, 79% of the global population make their online purchase every six months this stats shows the intensity level of mobile app penetration amongst the users and this blog post will reveal all the areas of mobile app and the way it disrupts the ecommerce industry, sale and business.

Without wasting much time on the introduction let us get into the blog, that reveals you everything about the need of the mobile app for ecommerce.

To know why you need a mobile app for your ecommerce business?

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Mobile App vs Mobile site: Which is better for ecommerce?

You might ask I can create a mobile-friendly ecommerce website and capture all the smartphone users to drive-in more traffic to my online store, but a personalized mobile app for your ecommerce business certainly has several striking perks when compared with mobile website and here are they:

Mobile apps can push 3X more customers into purchase funnel leading to more number of conversion rate as compared with mobile sites.

No-internet Access

When compared with mobile websites, mobile apps has the greatest advantage of providing similar user experience without the help of the internet they need the internet accessibility only when it comes to making a purchase, apart from that you can access all the details without internet.

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Statista states that the global mobile app industry is expected to generate USD 189 billion revenue by 2020.

Better User-experience

When it comes to user experience, mobile apps used to be at top-notch when compared with its mobile site peer.

The users are finding the mobile application of any business as highly engaging when compared to their mobile website experience which keeps them engaged for a long time, and creates better scope for making a purchase.

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More than 21% of Millenials Globally uses 50+ mobile apps a day.

Increased Speed

The zero dependability on the internet makes a mobile app more efficient and faster when compared with mobile websites, and this creates a huge scope for mobile apps to capture number of users as compared with mobile websites, as you know everyone is looking out for best solutions at a faster rate, and mobile app does it for ecommerce.

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Mobile apps occupy 57% of digital media market space.

More Features

The mobile app intended to deliver several features when compared to mobile websites and obviously, it is the key driving force for its success over mobile websites.

Most importantly, mobile apps used to store customer purchase and on-store accessibility information which founds to be missing with mobile websites.

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An avergae smartphone user access 30 mobile apps a month.


The mobile app used to capture the customer’s purchase history and store in a separate database as a part of the customer retention activity and display their prefered products similar to their previous store visit and also get them notified with freebies, offers and discounts on their favourites.

All the functionalities mentioned above are unavailable with a mobile website and hence make it as a depriving one when compared with the mobile app.

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Mobile apps engages 4.2 times more a customer in a particular section when compared with mobile websites.

A Ecommerce Mobile App like Amazon

Any upcoming and startup ecommerce company are looking to build an online presence exactly like Amazon, but their mammoth growth doesn’t happen overnight, and it took them more than two decades to become an undisputed player of ecommerce worldwide by out beating other promising players like eBay.

Today Amazon has more than 700 million dedicated users worldwide, and it is almost 4.4 times more than all of its ecommerce competitors.

Amazon’s perks highly rely on unbeatable UI, unimaginable deals, highly diversified products and their on-time delivery. Apart from all these key features, their timely and proactive adoption to the mobile app made them an undisputed player.

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Types of Ecommerce


  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)
  • Business-to-Government (B2G)
  • Government-to-Business (G2B)
  • Government-to- Consumer (G2C)

Business Model

  • Drop Shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Private Labelling
  • White Labelling
  • Manufacturing


  • Physical Goods
  • Digital Goods
  • Services

Indian Ecommerce Industry registers an annual growth of 51% from 2017.

Factors Contributing Towards Building of Ecommerce Mobile App

a) Market Research

Doing market research is vital to decide whether you need a mobile app or not for your ecommerce business, several contributing factors like business and industry nature, customer demand, market pressure decides the need for mobile app.

Say for example, if your customers’ needs undisruptive product tracking facility then it is wise to opt-out for mobile app, factors like your company size startup, also do matters to decide whether you need a mobile app for your business at this stage.

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b) Analyzing Target Customers

Post carrying out a detailed study on your market conditions its time now to move on with analyzing your target customers to create the exact mobile app strategy for your ecommerce store.

For instance, if you are running apparel business online, then you need to finalize with your customer base and their accurate demography to market your store and product better.

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c) Choosing the right platform

Platform selection is a highly crucial one when it comes to creating a mobile app for ecommerce business, especially if you are a startup then you need to choose anyone platform, i.e. either android or iOS to introduce your business in the mobile app.

Both android and iOS have their own set of merits, where android has a larger userbase and easy access and iOS, on the other hand, iOS is highly secured and well-suited for established and developer markets.

If cost is not a concern for you, then you can go for multi-platform mobile app development, and we have talented Android App Developers and Ios App Developers in our team who help you to give the best omni-channel approach.

d) Look and Feel

Design and navigability are the two eyes of an ecommerce mobile app which drives the buyer inside and stick them engaged till the checkout section.

It is highly important to implement proper colour schemes, visual effects and transitions to bring out the best designs for your mobile app.

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e) Competitor Analysis

It is equally important to conduct competitor analysis as you carry out detailed market research, doing a perfect competitor analysis helps you to learn from your rivals mistake and also figure out some new aspects or strategies they have implemented in their business where you can find a way to enhance the same.

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f) Business Analysis

Similar to competitor analysis, it is equally important to carry out business analysis as well that helps you to determine your Key Performing Index like Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to know them better and plan a better strategy to acquire the right set of convertible customers.

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The current market value of mobile ecommerce is 67.2% and it will raise upto 72.9% by 2021

Essential Features for your Ecommerce Mobile App

Easy Registeration

Today’s customers who prefer online purchase have zero patience limit, and they can’t wait to experience your functionalities hence displaying n number of check-in forms in the registration process is unfair and you need to integrate the primary social media platforms to ease up the registration or login process of your valuable customers.

Multi-payment options

Supporting your valuable customers with multi-payment options in your online cart is highly essential to hold them back and make them purchase your products at their feasible mode of payment. Integrating payment options like credit card, debit card, payment wallet and Cash on Delivery are the basic functionalities of payment integration.

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the key sales-driving factor for an ecommerce mobile app, and they keep intimating the customers regarding offers, discounts, new arrivals, and freebies ensuring the revisiting and high sales happen for sure.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration not just ensures easy and neat registration or login process instead it also keep the target customers engaged with your ecommerce store and be the best marketing tool to inform the new customer base about the shopping experience had by our existing customers.

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Avoiding Store Abandoning

Ecommerce store visitors’ abandon a search when they can’t find the exact product or facing difficulties with navigation, a high rate of ecommerce store abandoning leads to the downfall of business and it needs rectification at any cost. Mobile app enabled ecommerce store can bring back those customers by handling retargeting technique and send message notifications stating discounts for the concerned or similar product.

QR Search

Searching a product using QR code is the new trend of product search, and you need to place a proper QR code search that helps the customers to find the right product using QR search ID.

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Total Synchronisation

Synchronising your ecommerce mobile app with your existing ecommerce website is the most tactical business approach to satisfy your customers and outbeat your competitors at the same time. A complete synchronising process will not just help you to outbeat your competitors instead, it also helps you to save plenty of development time and attain exponential sales.

25% of Ecommerce Expenditure is laid on Mobile Devices

Google Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics is mandatory to measure the performance of your ecommerce mobile app in real-time, Google Analytics scales all your KPIs and suggest you the right measures to be taken to meet and satisfy the client needs. Adopt our Ecommerce Mobile App Development Services in Chennai, India to get a detailed analytical report.

Review and Rating

You have won half the battle in satisfying the customer needs and attain the niche in the market when you decide to be transparent to your buyers. The process of Ranking and Review system insertion highly endorsed to showcase the quality of the products you provide in your platform.

Whishlist Button

Wishlist buttons are value-added features for an ecommerce store that helps a customer to buy their desired product at a convenient time, either if the customer is unable to afford the product at that moment or the expected product is out of stock, then they can opt for wishlist option that enables timely purchase for the customers.

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Simple Checkout

Simpler to login and registration process, the checkout process also need to be easy for a customer else they would get irritated and just abandon the entire shopping process. Make sure the payment and sign out process happens at faster rate with quick loading and simple steps like pre capturing their account details and processing the payment as soon as possible.

Seamless Product Navigation

Product navigation needs to be perfect and seamless to give a feel of ease to your customers when they access your site, the flow in viewing the products needs to be uninterrrupted and make them stay as long as possible and stimulate them to make a purchase.

79% of Ecommerce Purchase Happens via Mobile

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Live Chat

The integration of live chat support brings in a confidence amongst your customers and make them feel that you care for them and intend to deliver a quality product. Have a strong live chat team who rectify customer queries and setbacks.

Order Tracking

The customers have the sheer rights to know about their product and its related info, order tracking is one of the technology oriented facility that keeps your customers infomred 24*7 about the order they placed and notifies them with the exact loacality.

Ecommerce Mobile App Services we provide in Chennai, India we offer helps your customers to acquire complete details on their product’s logistic process.


An adavnced feature that projects personalized products to the customer according to their previous instore purchase or visit history, the analytical tool built in the ecommerce mobile app will analyze the entire set of products viewed and purchased by a customer in their previous visit and suggests them with the similar ones for further purchase or revisit.

Auto tax Calculator

A dedicated auto tax calculator is integrated with your ecommerce mobile app that estimate the tax amount to be included with total price of the product, this calculation will takes place once the customer places the order by providing all the details.

Price Comparison

A separate functionality to compare the price of two similar products is created in the ecommerce mobile app that helps your customers to choose the best and affordable one.

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40% Ecommerce Mega Sale Happens Via Mobile

Reporting and Analytics

A highly detailed and enlarged functionality that holds several sub features that analyses every action of the ecommerce sale and provide a detailed report to the concerned admin about the transaction, order placed, vendor and customer details, on stock details etc.

Cloud Storage

The entire database regarding customers, customer purchase history, product information and vendor details are sored in the cloud space and accessed securely when needed.

CRM Integration

To send timely mail and SMS notifications to regular customers regarding product update and other offers and discounts.

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10% of Retail Sale Relies on Ecommerce

Stake-holder wise Functionalities

For Customers

  • Signin/Signup
  • Find stores
  • View Offers
  • Product List
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Add to Cart
  • Product Details
  • View image and video gallery of products
  • Add product(s) to wishlist
  • Request for same day delivery
  • Multi-payment option
  • Voice Search
  • Image Search
  • Product Return
  • Product Cancel
  • Product Exchange
  • Product Rating
  • Discount Code Usage
  • Immediate Checkout
  • Exclusive Photo Gallery
  • Live Chat
  • Manage Profile
  • EMI Payment
  • Receive and Manage Notifications

For Vendor

  • Login and Registration
  • Subscription Plan
  • Manage Profile
  • Set up own store
  • Manage Catalogue
  • Manage Orders
  • Import Product
  • Automatic Inventory handling
  • Handling Payment Accounting
  • Handling User Review
  • Using Reporting Tools
  • Managing Notifications and Alerts

For Admin Panel

  • Dashboard Maintenance
  • Manage Customers and Vendors
  • Manage all Products
  • Manage Promotions, Offers, Discounts and Reward Points
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Invites

Emerging Technology Trends that Disrupts Ecommerce Mobile App in 2020

Voice-based Search

The emergence of voice-based products like Alexa and Siri are so immense that they have totally conquered the entire business arena and highly disrupted the way it operates. We can deny its effectiveness amongst the daily users and if you still have doubts, look at the case of “Rocco the bird ordering his favourite foods using Alexa” which sends a strong message to all the ecommerce players to integrate voice search into their platform.

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Image-based Search

No more miscommunication due to mis-spelled product name in voice search or wrong keyword usage in the normal type based search, image search has already established its own trademark in the ecommerce space and all you need to have a proper technology partner to carry forward your ecommerce sales without disruption to reach out the audience. For your kind information Google Lens has already started linking the images of products to carry out real time ecommerce sale. Get the best Mobile App Services in Chennai, India, with the help of our Ecommerce App Developers more steamed up to create Customized Mobile Applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT as a collective technology will completely transform the face of ecommerce and the way it operates, when it comes to customers it provides a far more enhanced user experience by digging deep into personalization and suggest the most accurate product to be purchased in reduced time, on the other hand, it also escalates vendor wellness by creating greater brand loyalty. Hence IoT brings in the perfect win-win situation for both customers and the ecommerce players.

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AI-Power bots

AI-power bots play a crucial role in understanding a customer’s contextual need and help them with sorting out their queries. Personalized and individual experience is what today’s ecommerce visitors are looking out and this power bot is capable of doing it.

To embrace advanced technologies and deliver efficacious ecommerce services to your buyers

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Recommendation Engines

Recommendation engines are another form of AI implementation into ecommerce, where they completely analyze customer purchase or e-shopping behaviour to suggest them with preferred product or product category that synchronizes with their taste.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Introduction of Augmented Reality is a new revolution to the ecommerce industry, which helps the buyers to select the right product for their place without even making any calculative risks in choosing the products, for example say you need to buy a sofa for your living room and it needs to get fit into the right side corner, you can’t able to take the exact measurement and order a best model with suitable colour at an affordable price for you.

Now AR comes into the action by making things feasible in reality and all you need to do is to select the place where you have planned to fix your sofa and select the product (sofa) as well from the ecommerce store, now with the help of AR you can actually position the sofa and judge whether it is the suitable one.

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Micro UX

A new face of ecommerce deisgn that has emerged as a promising trend for 2020 and it includes three main categories, Microcopies, Micrographics and Micro-interactions that projects text, images and animations or visual effects in an impressive way to keep the customers engaged even when they are out of internet connectivity.

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Diversified Product Category Sold in Ecommerce

  • Apparels
  • Mobile Phones
  • Books
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Footwear
  • Jewellery
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Beauty Products
  • Computer Hardwares
  • Toys
  • Home Decor
  • Kitchenware
  • Household Appliance
  • Sports Goods and Fitness Equipments
  • Baby care Products
  • Food Products and Supplements
  • Groceries
  • Handmade Items
  • Subscriptions

How Mobile App Improves Ecommerce Sales?

Deep-rooted Analytics

Mobile app is way ahead in sensing the purchase behaviour and buying decisions of a incoming customer for any ecommerce store and it generates a highly descriptive report eatimating the likes and dislikes of your target customers.

Exceptional Features

Complete personalization is what we can expect from a ecommerce mobile app in customer perspective, it ensures high customer engagement and better interactiveness in the time they spent in the e-store and make it count valuable for every second.

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To get the best ecommerce mobile app for your business

Multi-level security assured

Customers expect security when it comes to handling their personal data that includes their purchase history and most importantly their payment details that includes their credit/debit card information etc. Mobile app provides multi-layer security to their users in shielding their personal information.

Reduced Cart Abandoning

Cart abandoning is highly minimized when you introduce mobile app for your existing ecommerce site, it is found to be highly evidential that the cart abandoning rate for ecommerce website is 68% and the same drops down to 28% for mobile apps.

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Customer Retention

Mobile App has been a successful platform for ecommerce industry when it comes to customer retention, when compared with website, mobile app has brought in 38% customers back to purchase and it has increased upto 10X through timely notifications.


Mobile Apps and its allied technologies like AR, AI and IoT will be the future of ecommerce, are you ready to embrace these disruptive changes for your retail? Don’t hesitate to join us and be a part of technology revolution that delivers profitable business.

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