Social Media Trends To Watch Out In 2020

Social Media Trends To Watch Out In 2020


We have crossed 10% of this century, and this decade has seen a lot of technology evolution, good and bad happenings has now included social media as a part of it, and people also got adopted to know about daily happenings in their society through social media.

Social media has not just influenced people’s daily life, but its extensive wave has disrupted the way businesses operates too.

From the second decade of this century, people should not bound only with evolving market trends and customer preferences, they should also give equal priority to social media platforms that connect them with their clients.

Embracing social media marketing is the best way to get to know the pulse of our customers and also you need to stay with its frequent evolution.

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Here in this blog section, we will be looking at the top 5 social media trends to be noticed this 2020, where every organization must make sure that they adopt these services.

The core reason behind the success and reach of Instagram and Snapchat are the storytelling concept evolution, a highly engaging storytelling method has made the viewers addictive with your brand (someway) and induce them to adopt your service at any instance.

From 2020, we can see several storytelling concepts getting evolved and reaching out to the end-users.

The usage of infographics based storytelling will reach its peak and businesses adopting this method will get highlighted when compared with their competitors.

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Business Oriented Social Media Platform
From 2020, we will be witnessing the emergence of niche-based social media platforms that cater the required views, shares, and leads as well to businesses. Let us consider TikTok has emerged exponentially and despite its controversies businesses are trying to implement it for their online promotion as well, the tactic of promoting your brand in all the social media doesn’t work anymore, and you need to select your platform now to be safe in the competition. We can already see the corporate zone is utilizing LinkedIn to promote their brand, and the gaming industry is using Twitch to sell themselves online.

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3. No More Instagram Likes

Yes, you heard that right, compared with Facebook and Twitter the growth of Instagram is huge and quick and so as its influence amongst the teenagers as well. Instagram is a highly influential social media platform has taken this move stating that they believe the number of likes a user gain determines their social value and it indirectly affects their mental health. But the social media arena believes that introduction Instagram Ads is the primary reason behind the removal like element in it.

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Boundaries of Social Commerce
Online purchasing has acquired various dimensions and shapes in the latter part of this decade, and it will get more intense and enlighted in the upcoming years. Social media powered ecommerce marketing has registered a herculean boom since its inception, and so as the power of social media as well. When compared with its peers (ecommerce website and m-commerce apps), social commerce has been more successful in converting more sales and creating higher reach more any brands.

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Video-based content marketing has already been an established pathway to promote any brand, and it will be in its exponential growth path in the upcoming years.

CISCO predicts that by 2022, 82% of all the online content will be in video format. This statistics shows the seriousness of having video content aside, and if you think that it is unnecessary, then you will be the loser.

Going live and creating videos is another handy option that helps you gain more traffic to your business. Avail seamless social media marketing services from our SEO Experts in Chennai, who can build or rebuild any brand from scratch.

Things are radically changing in terms of social media perspective and it is the sheer responsibility of the industry and the concerned social media marketers to keep up their skill set and strategies according to the swiftly evolving social media trends.

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