Top 7 Link Building Strategies For 2020

Top 7 Link Building Strategies For 2020


Looking back on how SEO has grown up all these years will give goosebumps to the new players, and it has registered a promising and significant growth since inception.

Link building has always been a primary integral part of SEO’s success and it has transformed similarly when compared with SEO.

Just like SEO, which worked based on quantity and got transformed to quality, link building also follows the same footpath in making the techies strive hard for better results.

We are the best SEO Company in Chennai who deploy the successful link building techniques to rank your website on top of Google search and help you to attain valuable leads.

In this blog, we will be discussing about the important link building techniques to be practiced mandatorily in 2020.

1. Outreach

The excellence of external link building relies on its outreach, and that’s how its result is measured as well. It is not about imposing the content or any other SEO related factor here, instead, it is all about connecting with your target client base and meeting their specific needs.

External link building requires the addition of one particular link that directly connects with your service/product, business approach, brand, and other aspects related to business

External link building

Being a No.1 SEO Company in Chennai, we offer end-to-end link building services that involves dedicated efforts in creating strong external links.

2. Guest Blogging

guest blogging

Guest blogging is another longlasting SEO technique that helps to generate quality traffic, being a part of link building activities digital marketers write specialisation based blogs on other renowned websites and make it get circulated amongst the target space. The created content keeps getting distributed around, and it reaches the maximum number of people to get a decent amount of traffic inflow.

Being a renowned SEO Agency in Chennai, we practiice customised link-building techniques according to our clients business to achieve success.

3. Opt for a longlasting keyword or topic

Whatever may be the content you choose to frame and brief it out, it is essential to behold a longlasting topic or keyword. Mentioning both the terms “topic” as well as “keyword” here denotes that the given title must be a highly convincing one for both the users and the search engine. Even though the search engine works for the end users, still, certain parameters get varied with it and hence it is found to be essential to make sure that the topic needs to be catchy as well as keyword oriented. Let’s take the example of creating a dedicated software for hospitals and you have a ready to go PoC (Proof of Concept) with you, so you will be using the term “Software for Hospital” or “Customized Hospital Software”.
Opt for a longlasting keyword or topic

We are the promising SEO Service Provider in Chennai, helps you with providing longlasting keyword oriented topics that gives a initial drive to your end user or customers or clients to visit your website.

4. Transform the Longlasting Topic into a Longlasting Content

So now you have created the best topic ever for the service or product or any other stream that you have chosen, and now its time for briefing. The content that you deliver needs to be as simple and detailed as possible to reach the peak in Google search.

We deliver splendid SEO Services in Chennai, that incoporates delivering quality and updated content based on your niche and we make it sure by clarifying these points:

  • The developed content is briefer than the remaining ones in the first page of Google.
  • The design framed for the content is highly promising and can easily outbeat the competitors in first page.
  • The provided content is up-to-date.
  • Actionable CTA (Call To Action) buttons are placed in the right spot in the entire content.
  • Making sure that the content will provide enough information and clarifies all the doubts of the end user.
  • The framed content is simple and easy to read by any user.
  • The content is completely unique and better than your competitors.

Above all, after satisfying the given points the content needs to be shared in the right space by giving external links and also providing valuable internal links to ensure seamless navigability.

5. Stealing is legal

Closely watching your competitors link building technique and following the same might also help you in achieving success, it is not about exactly copying the links and pasting it in your site, No! You have completely misunderstood we are intended to follow only the method but not the entire process. Doing so you will promote your competitors and also might get penalized from Google.

Our experienced SEO Experts in Chennai, will do a detailed competitor analysis of your field and perform even better link buildding approach to outbeat your rivalries.

6. Listing Sites

Listing Sites

There are n number of listing websites prevailing out there according to the industry, and it ranks the best websites or service or product caterers in it. Creating external link with these websites are as equally as important when compared with the guest blogging sites.

It is essential to figure out the listing websites that are directly related to your business and then provide the accurate external link to it for generating more traffic. A decent amount of 40% of your clients (irrespective of the industry you belong to) relies on these type of websites to select the best one for them.

We are a reputed SEO Consultancy in Chennai, who delivers speculative link building services by connecting your site with quality listing websites.

7. Link Roundups

Link Roundups are the best way that any website can generate a huge amount of traffic and convert quality leads to loyal customers. First you must know about Link Round ups.

Link Round ups is similar to listing websites, where in listing websites you can find the best performing companies’ website links and here you can find the most informative and effective top 10 links of blogs, articles and other writeups belong to a specific stream of specialization.

Creating a compelling content about your niche products or services or embedding with these links can bring in a great impact into your website and eventually the business.

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